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Just realized I hadn't reposted this after [ profile] camelotremix reveals!

Title: Collars and Cuffs
Creator: [ profile] marguerite_26
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, (past Merlin/Gwaine)
Word Count 5k
Warnings: office romance, light bondage
Summary: When Morgana handed Arthur an impeccably wrapped package two weeks before Christmas, Arthur hadn’t thought much of it. But after Merlin takes an unexpected interest in the gift, Arthur’s world is turned upside down.
Author Notes: This is a modern AU remix of Collared by Venivincere. Thank you to my betas: [ profile] eleadore, [ profile] faithwood, and [ profile] xfortytwo.

Collars and Cuffs
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Doors Unlocked and Opened (the Revelation Remix) by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix [Merlin/Arthur, WS]
Summary: In which I remix Alby_Mangroves' drawble "Bradley Has a Revelation" by reversing the camera angle when Bradley walks in on Colin changing out of his Merlin costume.

Lie With Me (The Keep it Secret Remix) by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix [Merlin/Morgana, WS]

Remix of He is Your Destiny and He is Your Doom by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix [Merlin/Arthur, WS, Warning - Character Death]


The Other Half Of My Heart by Little Steps by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix
Merlin/Arthur | 16k | Nc-17
Summary: The Albion Pact demands that the Prince of Wales must take someone magic born as his soul-bonded consort by the time he is thirty or face death.
Prince Arthur Pendragon's thirtieth birthday has come and gone and he is getting sicker by the day. With little time left to act, Arthur knows what he must do to save himself: he has to call in a boyhood promise made by Merlin Emrys, his best friend and very talented Detective Inspector Warlock...the same best friend Arthur's been in love with for half his life.
But how can Arthur ask the man he loves more than anything to give up everything he's worked so hard for? Arthur is not sure that he can...and the indecision just might kill him.
An Arthur's POV remix of The Pact by Cori Lannam. LOVED the original, and the opportunity to explore Arthur’s POV is fascinating. The original is so heavily focused on Merlin, we really get little insight into Arthur and everything he went through during the course of the fic. The remix adds fantastic depth to Arthur’s choices and give us plenty of beautiful pining and a few hot, hot scenes. A wonderful companion to the original, and I will recommend reading both fics to truly appreciate what was done here.

Without You I Was Lost (The Third Wheel Remix) by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix
Merlin/Arthur/Mordred | 4k | Nc-17
Summary: Mordred comes to stay at Avalon Hall and disturbs the natural order of things
This is a remix of nu_breed’s Regency AU Yet The Man Would At Once Run Away With Your Heart which was strictly M/A (and actually an expansion on the universe created by Hermette in her wonderful Gwaine/Elena Regency AU). I’m a huge fan of this universe and seeing another addition to it makes me insanely happy. It was really interesting to see an alternate ending to nu_breed’s fic as well as giving the opportunity to see Mordred’s POV as he figures out what is really going on with Merlin and Arthur.

Turn the Light Out (the Just Sleeping remix) by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix
Merlin/Arthur | 5k | R
Summary: In the aftermath of a sorcerer's attack, Arthur has no choice but to face the reality of his feelings for Merlin.
This is a remix of When You're Not Watching by ingberry. Like the first one, it’s a beautiful, emotional read. I don’t want to say too much, in case you haven’t read the original, but they are wonderful mirror image fics. I really enjoyed the ‘matching set’ feel of them. The events of the fic are experienced very differently by both Merlin and Arthur so the POVs change the fic drastically. Though you do not need to read the original to appreciate the remix.
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The Long Way (Little Lionheart Remix) by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix
Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Mordred (minor) | 9k | Nc-17
Summary: Arthur and Merlin were on the verge of a magically kinky love affair--if only Merlin had known it. One misstep and Merlin must find a way back to what he should have had with Arthur.
This is a remix of I Would Find a Way by marguerite_26 (ie: my merlin_holidays 2012 fic for Amph). So, yes, remix of my fic, so my love of this is biased. Biased as the day is long. That doesn’t make it not perfectly valid, because this remix is amazing. Joining remix I thought maybe this fic might be chosen and a sex-ilogue written (the fic was crying out for it). But this, I hadn’t even considered this. The original was about an older version of Merlin travelling through time to fix a past mistake. That story was from the young Merlin’s pov, and how he was able to open his mind and make the changes needed. This is tale told from older version of Merlin living through that 'big mistake'. And it’s more heartwrenching, more romantic, more engaging than the original. What I love about this remix is that it takes one aspect of the story (something the original mentioned, but gave few details of) and explored it fully. While telling it’s own story, it helped the reader understand the motivations of Arthur’s actions mentioned in the original story. And it did so beautifully. While I fully believe that this fic stands on it’s own and there is no need to read the original, I think the story of the original is far more complete with the existence of this remix.

[FIC and ART]
Little Steps (The "It Started Out Like This..." Remix) by anon @ [ profile] camelotremix
Bradley/Colin | 2k | PG-13 [with naked-chested art]
Summary: Colin's an enigma, until he isn't. Bradley figures it out in steps.
This is a remix of [ profile] giselleslash’s completely adorable It Started Out Like This…. It feels like I haven’t read B/C in ages, and this was so, so delightful. I miss these two terribly. Loved this sweet story, and the fanart... Colin, sitting naked at a piano. This fanart is just stunning and a perfect compliment to both fics. So happy making. :D


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