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[ profile] hp_sas recs:

Title: Experience the War
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Albus
Age Disparity: (42/16)
Summary: Albus wants to know more about the second wizarding war, and though Draco is reluctant they strike a bargain. But Albus is unprepared for the knowledge that sometimes it is our darkest desires that frighten and arouse us most.
Warning(s): Dark subject matter, infidelity, rough sex, teacher/student, masochism as a kink, mention of past sexual abuse/torture (during Voldemort's time), non-con, dub-con, manipulation, chan (16), drugging via potions, bloodplay, immobilization as a kink, impromptu bondage
Word Count: 11,286

This fic gives us an Albus that is a little enamored, and very much intrigued by the new potions professor, Draco Malfoy. Which does sound all that original but yet I found myself fascinated by the author's take on 'why' Albus is not only an ambitious wannabe journalist, desperate for an interview with the famous man, he is also a boy that is curious about the darker side of the war in a truly erotic sense. While I don't really share Albus's kinks, I still found myself breathless by his and Draco's interactions, my adrenaline pumping as their interviews became more and more intense. Interesting and complex read.

Title: Three Secrets of the Not-So-Secret Lotus Society
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Albus Severus, with appearances by Scorpius and Teddy Lupin
Age Disparity: (48/22)
Summary: In which Albus considers the job market, Scorpius hates baby corn and Draco keeps his boys in check.
Warning(s): Rent!boy (well, kinda-sorta :-P), dirty talk, humour, orgasm denial, first kisses, first-time sex, voyeurism, complicated relationships, happy/open ending and yes, even plot *G*
Word Count: 10,000 words thereabouts

This lovely fic has some hilarious moments. Scorpius is fantastic and utterly outrageous. He and Albus make wonderful rivals. The concept of the Secret Lotur Society is very clever, particularly how they keep the money streaming in by not actually giving their clients what they want. LOL. A hot and fun fic, and a great gift for the mods. :)
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Lalalala … am not here… am cleaning my house and nursing my cold…

From [ profile] hp_sas:

Title: Valentino’s
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: (I did not wish to give Scorpius an exact age; he is probably somewhere between 14 and 17. This would make Harry somewhere in his early forties.)
Summary: Harry’s a natural Dom looking desperately for a sub. He is directed to a delightful ‘restaurant,’ where anything you crave is in the offing. But Harry isn’t sure his order, when it arrives, is what he actually wants. It’s up to Scorpius to convince him he picked the right dish. Harry resists, but who could say no to such a treat?
Warning(s): D/s, semi-public sex, chan, dom!Harry, threesome (Harry/Scorpius/OC), cross-dressing, bondage, spanking, blow jobs, a little rimming, very brief mention of foodplay, partially-clothed sex. Yes, I know. It is filthy, isn’t it?
Word Count: 10,535
filthy, filthy, dirty. Dom!harry is delicious, but sub!Scorpius is wow… absolutely filty. The concept of Valentino's and the 'service' provided is PWP GOLD. A very hot little fic if you love D/s and boys on the young side.

Title: Harry Potter, Heartbreaker
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: (42/16) then (45/19)
Summary: Harry's teaching Defence Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts, so it's no wonder he meets Scorpius Malfoy, son of his school rival. It soon becomes clear though that Scorpius is as unlike his father as one can be, and Harry finds himself falling for the one person who is completely unattainable. Will fate find a way to throw them together, or is Harry doomed to obsess over a second Malfoy for the rest of his life?
Warning(s): Smut, angst, fluff, UST.
Word Count: 7,100
This fic is one of the very few romantic Harry/Scorpius out there. I quite liked the story and how it is told. It has a sweetness to it that we don't get a lot of in this pairing.

if you enjoy, please leave a comment for the author. (and er... I will get on that too. *headdesk*)

btw - only 2 more days of posting at [ profile] hp_sas. :D

And two more days until [ profile] hd_career_fair submissions are due!
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Am back! Am very hungover. *whimpers*
Am going to write a long post about how fantabulous my weekend was but I absolutely need to rec this first.

At [ profile] hp_sas:

Title: Memoria in Aeterna
Recipient: [ profile] melusinahp
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Al, mention of Harry/Ginny
Age Disparity: 45/19
Summary: At age fifteen, an incendiary political debate had made Albus Potter the victim of a hideous crime. Three years later, he was living a life of drugs and promiscuity in the rookery at Knockturn, the newly established Preservation District for the pure-blood families of Wizarding Britain.
Warning(s): This fic contains dark themes (highlight for details): violent gang rape committed to a minor, minor OC death, drug use, nonlinear timeline
Word Count: 32k

If you are someone who does not care about warnings and enjoys dark fic without a concern, then don't bother highlighting the spoilery warnings just read and devour.

For the rest of you: heed the warnings. This is a hard read. I don't want to sugarcoat it because I think everyone is entitled to understand what they are getting into when reading a fic like this.

That said, this fic is one of the best fics I have ever read. Any pairing. Any fandom. For a fic with a subject matter that I find disturbing, that is saying a lot. But the fic is more than a 'darkfic', it is not 'merely' about being disturbing (if that makes sense to anyone). It is rich in plot and imagery and history and characterisation. There is so much depth to this universe, it forms its own canon with how solid the post-war world is described. Unique and original and compelling. The author takes her time creating this depth. Be patient and just enjoy a wonderfully written tale.

Ok, there are those of that are ... hmmm... I'm tempted but I gotta know more if I am going to commit to 32k fic that has such a significant warning on it. So I will tell you more because it would be a shame for this great fic to be passed over because of the warning. But I'll put it under the fancy highlighty thingy:


So the warnings on this fic are:
violent gang rape committed to a minor, minor OC death, drug use, nonlinear timeline

Yikes! Sounds pretty nasty, yes?
first and foremost - neither Harry nor Draco nor any character that you know committed the rape. The rape was committed before the fic takes place, but the fic is about that particular tragedy and how the victim and the entire wizarding world has dealt with that tragedy. The details of it are horrifyingly well known.

The rape is in no way glorified or meant to be erotic. It serves as a terrifying example of the animosity that was created between the purebloods and the non-purebloods after the war and is just one 'symptom' of the many, many issues that the current political climate has created.

I'll be honest. I had to skim a few bits that were just too much for me. In no way did that detract from my adoring this fic. Some people can read about rape without issue. I cannot. But this fic has so much more to offer then a few hundred words that may rip your heart out. If you are interested in a complex, powerful 32k fic and that stuff is too much for you, skim the flash-backs if you need to. The fic is still well worth the read, IMO.

********that is all***********
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Title: Devil's Snare
Recipient: marguerite_26 (MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: ( 19/45 )
Summary: Harry had no idea how complicated things would get when he agreed to check on Malfoy's wayward son.
Warning(s): References to previous character death
Word Count: 10,700

Oh, yes. This fic is sooooooooooooooooo mine. MINE! Um, ok. This fic is…wow… I need to not be too spoilery but I gotta say something about why I love it. So, mystery author please forgive anything that I give away. ***********THE REST OF MY REC IS VERY SLIGHTLY SPOILERY FOR THE COUPLE SCENES********The fic starts with Draco worried about Scorpius's reaction to Astoria's death and who he is hanging around these days. I LOVE THAT. How simple and practical and real. Immediately we know that Scorpius is 'interesting' because any pretty rich boy who is 'hanging out with the wrong sort' after his mother's death is instantly interesting. And then OMG it's not just loitering about on street corners it's working in a tattoo parlour. At which point, I fainted from the nnnnnnnnnngh and woke on the floor with a nasty bruise to the head. But OMG! Tattoos. Yes, I listed it as a kink and sometimes it's meh and sometimes it's fucking-blow-my-mind-erotic and Yes. The author nailed it. The tattoos become a character of their own in the story and plot device to move things along, highly erotic and deeply metaphorical. Tattoos done WELL, people. Srsly. Now the best thing about all of this is that while you are reading, Harry is a wee bit off kilter. Harry is very much like Harry in a lot of H/Sc and yet I knew this was going to be different. I just felt it in my gut there was more and yes, I do love tropes turned on their head. If you read and start to think 'meh, same old, same old,' have faith. It is well written and tight and clever. Also MINE!!!!!!!!!

sas recs

Aug. 18th, 2009 01:12 pm
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More [ profile] hp_sas recs:

Title: Demons Unleashed
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Scorpius, Draco/Albus, Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: (47/21 for the sex and mention of some sexual content at 42/16)
Summary: All Draco can think is how Potter got to Scorpius first, how Scorpius called for him, how the firm slap of Potter's palm connected with the taut flesh of his son's ass…
Warning(s): incest, minor character death (Astoria), rough sex, infidelity, spanking, dirty talk, ADW warnings above
Word Count: 4,878
I really adored the Scorpius and Draco dynamic in this fic. Incredibly complex and disturbing, without being squicky...well still squicky but in squirm in your seat kinda way (rather than an 'I might vomit' kinda way). Their grief for Astoria is tangible, and their need for each other is so messed up. The author does a great job of capturing their loneliness and the confusion and desperation of it all. A very interesting read.

Title: The Apprentice
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Al
Age Disparity: ( 17/43 )
Summary:Draco Malfoy was not prepared for his new summer Potions apprentice.
Warning(s): cross-gen, mild drug use
Word Count: 3,300
This is a delightful Draco/Al with an Albus Potter who is smart and sassy and Slytherin. Draco makes a cool, well-put-together boss that takes not shit and yet… He had no idea what he was getting when he hired Al.

Am behind on comments and life. Please forgive.
♥ U.
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I have MIA with recs lately, my apologies! My Career Fair fic has eaten my brain and is devouring all my free time. I do have a few naughty nextgen recs for you today to make up for my silence.

From [ profile] hp_sas:
Title: Said The Irresistible Force To The Immovable Object
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius, minor implied Al/Scorpius
Age Disparity: 42/16
Summary: Meet Scorpius Malfoy: sixteen, blond, blue-eyed, and the bane of Harry Potter's entire existence.
Warning(s): Underage sexual activity, light bondage, silliness, a touch of fluff.
Word Count: 3,600
Very sexy and funny dialogue. Harry is adorable in his attempt at resisting an outrageous Scorpius.

Title: Scorpius Malfoy, Slut Schemer Extraordinaire
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Scorpius
Age Disparity: (42/16)
Summary: “Close the door, Father. You wouldn’t want the house-elves to get the wrong idea, would you?”
Warning(s): Incest, underage, coercion of a sort (some might see it as dub-con), cheap plot device, spanking, and a dirty in-your-face blow job.
Word Count: ~2,700
Dirrrrrrrty little incest fic. Not overly angsty but plenty smutty with a fun little twist

From [ profile] hp_summersmut:
Title: Every Good Boy Dreams Fine
Pairing: Pansy Parkinson/Scorpius Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3925
Warnings: Spanking, cropping, pegging; D/s dynamic, femdom.
Summary: In the new line of Daydream Charms a lady can take control. Scorpius gets clean and Pansy gets dirty.
This 'fantasy' fic is delish. Pansy makes as great of a femme!dom as Scorpius makes a pretty!bottom. Scorpius is 19 in this.

Title: Strung Along
Pairing: Albus Severus/Draco
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 3397
Warnings: crossgen, bondage, a bit of D/s
Summary: Albus wants a harsh lover, but isn't prepared for the one he gets.
I thought this was a great look at someone trying to dip their toes into BDMS, but being young and inexperienced and horny and really not knowing how to go about it. Draco plays a great experienced Dom that handles Albus very well. Albus is 17 in this.

If you see something you enjoy, please comment!

Now back to writing, writing, writing…
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Title: There are No Innocent Vampires
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: ( 48/22 )
Summary: Scorpius was the best of Auror Potter's new recruits, but a summer evening spent celebrating the end of training with friends around a magical fire in the woods changed Scorpius' destiny. Now Harry must fight Ministry protocol, Malfoy family secrets, and the carnal claims of a Dark creature in order to learn who he can trust – and who wants Scorpius dead.
Warning(s): Violence, bloodplay, dubcon
Word Count: ~30k
Yes, 30k. And absolutely worth every minute you will spend reading it. I think I've read it 3 times now. Oh! The joys of being a mod. ;) It is a vampire creature!fic and frankly the best I've read in HP fandom. I adore the depth of the plot. The author clearly researched and contemplated the different ways of approaching the topic of vampires. The result is an interesting take on vampire lore that is both erotic and fascinating. The supporting cast of Draco, Lucius and Al make for a well rounded, engaging fic. And regardless of pairings, it is one of the best fics I've ever read. Incredibly well done.
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[ profile] hp_sas has started posting. Woooooohooooooo!!!

We are kicking off with a delicious rentboy!fic. *beams*

Title: Money Can't Buy You Love
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius
Age Disparity: Scorpius is 16
Summary:If someone had told Harry Potter a year ago that he'd become obsessed with a rent-boy, he'd have laughed his head off. He's not laughing now, though.
Warnings - Highlight for warnings at the post
Word Count: 4,750
This is a classic rentboy fic with a confused Harry setting out to save his current obsession from his lot in life and going about it all wrong. Note that prior to the start of the fic, Scorpius is 15 and a rentboy, so, you know if that squicks you, be aware. There's also a great little back-story of how Scorpius ended up where he is. Well written, sexy, romantic fic.

In other news: H/D Art rec

So have you gushed over [ profile] pink_mint yet? If not, WHY not?
Last week she posted the incredible art for Calanathe's Mudhoney (Nc-17).
And today it's art for the sequel Spare the Rod (R)
Mind warnings for blood and bruises!
Personally, I found this particular part of the Mudhoney series almost impossible to read. It was just… God… HARD to read about Harry in this state, allowing himself to be so entirely vulnerable. And still when I think on it, I take that thought and shove it into a box in my mind marked "Do Not Open". This art just blows that box wide open again. If you haven't read Mudhoney, you can still enjoy the art. If you have read Mudhoney, the art will likely flood you with emotions. *whimpers*

Btw – Mudhoney is available on Cal's fic comm. [ profile] calanthe_fanfic if you are tempted, but it is not to be entered into lightly. Mind the warnings, seriously.

eta: I forgot to mention that [ profile] pink_mint is also LOVELY and likes Harry/Scorpius... so you know... welcome her into the nextgen crossgen hellinahandbasket crowd. ;)

ETA2: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (I think I've hardened myself enough to participate this year!)


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