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No need to ask to Friend this journal. Everyone welcome. However, if you leave a comment or send a message telling me hi and maybe why you friended me, I'll be more likely to Friend you back.

Everything but my most private RL ramblings is public in this journal.

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Jan. 22nd, 2013 09:21 am
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Hello new people on my flist! (and you long-time ones too!) I just wanted to say a quick welcome and a little something about me and this journal.

I'm a multi-fandom, multi-shipper, kink-positive sort of person. Anything I rec or write, please read the warnings. :) If you aren't sure what something is, feel free to ask, but if I explain that watersports does not involve jet-skies please refrain from using the term Ewww in your reply. thx.

My on-going recs are tagged:
Merlin Recs
HP Recs
Teen Wolf Recs

I also have a few rec lists:
Teen Wolf Rare Pair rec list
Arthur/Merlin Canon and Canon AU Recs
A-J | K-R | S-Z
Arthur/Merlin Modern and Historical AU Recs
A-H | I-S | T-Z
All About Gwaine
others on my link list over there ------------------------->

I try to tag most posts. If there is a fandom you are not interested in, feel free to block those posts.
-- scroll over the little person beside my name: [ profile] marguerite_26
-- select remove friend <---- do not do this. ;)
-- select edit tags
-- click the arrow beside 'Modify entries feed'
-- click 'Exclude selected tags'
-- then list all the ones you don't want to hear me talking about. Like 'Teen Wolf Rec' for example.

I don't tend to talk a lot about myself in my LJ. Usually those posts are whiny and I suck at replying to comments on them, so best to be avoided. Stuff I really can't deal with in my LJ: character bashing or kink shaming. Please go do that somewhere else (hopefully where I will never see it).

My schedule means that I have lots of time one day and then often nothing for a few days. So I might spam and then disappear. Comment fests, episode discussions, meta... basically everything here is open to everyone. Don't be shy. Fandom's for fun! LJ's for interacting! Come say hi. :)

If you are looking for me elsewhere:
Marguerite_26 on AO3 | Marguerite26 on Tumblr | @MaggiePiez on Twitter | Marguerite_26 on Dreamwidth


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