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Kings of the World by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Modern AU] Arthur/Merlin [NWS, R]
Summary: Merlin and Arthur go on a cruise together, are ridiculous, and titanic-themed shenanigans ensue. :D

To The Lonely Sea And The Sky by [ profile] im_not_a_lizard Arthur/Merlin [NC-17]
Summary:: Merlin lives in St Ishmael's and has secret magic. Arthur lives in the sea and has not-so-secret tentacles.
Tentacles!!! And not just tentacles, but mythical creature!Arthur and modern day sceptic!Merlin. And yummy UST and a first time that was possibly one of the hottest tentacle scenes ever and passionate, pining!Arthur and confused, not sure what he wants!Merlin. It’s quite beautiful and plotty and romantic. Also did I mention tentacles, with not a smidgen on crack. Loved it.

and... [ profile] cinnatart is hosting her annual kissing meme again! \o/ (also, happy b-day tomorrow, Cole)

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Claiming for [ profile] hs_merlin is now open! YAY!

Can't Buy Me Love by [ profile] shes_gone Arthur/Merlin [Team Historical AU] [NC-17] (20k)
Summary: In which it's 1964, Camelot is an advertising agency with a budget problem, Merlin is a copywriter who loves to twist, and Arthur is a junior partner who loves to shout. More or less.
One of the best things about Historical AU’s is the ability to lose yourself in the setting and feel that moment in time. This fic does this with the politics of a large corporation in the mid-1960s. Merlin writes the copy for ads, and Arthur is fighting with his father’s old ways of doing business and the new customers demands for more modern approaches. The fic is filled with questionable morals, infidelity, ‘working your way through’ all the office secretaries as if it’s acceptable (expected) social behaviour. But Merlin stands in the place of the reader, seeing the ways of the ‘office boys’ for what they are. And yet that is just one aspect of this fic, there’s the controversy of tobacco advertising, the ‘magic’ of Merlin’s copy, and of course the incredible UST between Merlin and Arthur. Great read, all around.

Macho Boys With Swords Dice by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games Arthur/Merlin [Team Reincarnation] [PG-13] (2.4k)
Summary: Arthur wants Merlin to play a wizard. Merlin wants to play anything but. Everyone else wishes they'd get a room.
A fun fic. I don’t know anything about the gaming world the author depicted here, but I really enjoyed the interactions between the whole gang and Merlin’s absolutely pathetic luck at every player he chose.

Warlock by [ profile] scatterglory Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (2.6k)
Warnings: Bondage/restraints (consensual), D/s (consensual)
Summary: After a humiliating day at work, Merlin knows just how to unwind.
This is a a hot D/s fic written for Kinkspiration’s Roleplay theme. It has Merlin by day a lackey for a demanding boss (Arthur) and by night, a well known, well respected Dom in a BDSM club. Merlin has an unexpectedly good night when said boss ends up in the club and give Arthur everything he's asking for. I’m not above begging for more of this verse. This was delicious, but I would really love to see more.

Merlin Recs

Mar. 9th, 2012 10:41 am
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So many hot fics posted recently! :D \o/

Lots of porn for you... (except for the first art... but I didn't want to wait another day to post the rec for it)

The Barren Halls by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games Arthur/Merlin [WS] [Team Canon]
This art blew my mind. I love the originality of it, Merlin with branches for wings? Love. It. and it’s strikingly beautiful.

Break and Enter by [ profile] bamphigoury Merlin/Arthur [NWS!]
Contains: Arthur/Merlin, Roleplay, Submission, Dom!Merlin, Bondage(handcuffs), Deep throating, possible asphyxiation?, and uniform!!!
Summary: Arthur and Merlin roleplaying cops and robbers (well, mountie and robber)
Please read ‘contains’ list. THEN CLICK. jakdfjlfgdjklgfdjgldfjl


Tell me How by [ profile] fr333bird Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (8k)
Summary: Merlin and Arthur are roommates at a posh boarding school. That's all you need to know.
A hot modern AU that focuses on the boys first steps of sexual discovery together. With one ficlet focused on each ‘first time’, the tentative exploration of their sexuality hits all the right buttons for me.

Skin Deep by [ profile] planejane Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (3k)
Summary: From a kink meme prompt: Arthur helps Merlin put lotion on his back every day because Merlin has super-dry skin.
Theauthor captured Merlin’s vulnerability so well. He is suffering from something awkward and embarrassing, and his life revolves around keeping it all under control. and keeping it secret. Only Arthur makes him forget, makes him take risks. And in the end, the fic is about Arthur’s understanding and Merlin’s willingness to let him help. Just lovely.

So Are You to Me by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games Arthur/Merlin [R] [Team Modern AU] (9k)
Summary: American high school AU, the gang take a weekend trip up to Arthur’s lake house after graduation and amidst a weekend of booze and general debauchery, Arthur is forced to confront his feelings about his best friend.
Great UST in this fic. I loved Arthur's confusion. It rang very true for a teenager being overwhelmed with the realisation that he’s feeling things he didn’t expect, that his body is reacting in ways he doesn’t understand. The author did a great job showing us just how overwhelmed he was without dragging out the denial so far that there was no going back. And I loved the setting of all the boys having a 'last weekend together' before the all head off to college. It really added to the urgency for Arthur figuring things out.

In-Flight Entertainment by [ profile] magnolia822 Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine [NC-17] (3k)
Inspiring Kink: Role play
Summary: On a transatlantic flight, Gwaine has the good fortune to be seated next to two good-looking blokes. They're perfect strangers. Or are they?
Ahahaha... this is a fun, fun fic. And a clever idea.

The Glade of Delights by [ profile] emptysock Gwen/Tentacles, mild Gwen/Morgana [NC-17] (2k words)
Warning/Contents: Tentacle bestiality, (highlight other warnings at main post)
Summary: The woods around Camelot, despite King Uther's best efforts, are filled with magical creatures of all kinds, some kinder than others. Written for [ profile] oteap's Pink Trouble [NWS] for [ profile] merlin_ficart
TENTACLE LOVERS... THIS FIC!!! Hot damn. Seriously.

The Call of Avalon (take me home) by [ profile] emptysock Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (2k)
Warning/Contents: bestiality, knotting, magic healing tongue (so much hotter than it sounds).
Summary: Post-mortem, after Camlann. Take me back to the start.
This is a beautiful story. Gorgeous writing, and so epic in it’s own way... and wonderfully romantic. For as much as this is a very kinky fic (sofuckinghot) i love the confusion of both characters in this, both lost, looking for something and finding each other (at last).

Merlin Recs

Mar. 5th, 2012 10:11 am
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ugh... I'm pretty sure today is going to suck, so I'm cheering myself up by doing recs.

OH! and before I forget, Kinkspiration Round 5 posting on THURSDAY. (not sure why I told my betas Friday... /o\ Anyway! Last one so I hope we get... something. :P

A few [ profile] merlin_games recs:

Mae'r Defodol (The Ritual) by [ profile] bamphigoury [Team Canon] Arthur/Merlin [NWS]
Summary: A wounded Arthur spies in on a Druidic ritual featuring a painted, naked warlock.
Every time I click on this art (and it’s been a few times since it was posted) it never fails to get my heart racing and make my breath catch. Erotic and powerful.

The Room With A View by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Reincarnation] [G] Arthur/Merlin (2.5k)
Summary: "He's not like us, Arthur. They live on the other road, on the other side. You shouldn't mix with people like them."
Based on the summary I expected this to be a pretty ordinary Modern AU. It was not. This fic is heart wrenching and absolutely beautiful. It’s the slow, lonely journey of Arthur’s life as he grows up watching from his bedroom window as the boy next door grows up too, in a life Arthur doesn’t understand and isn't allowed to be a part of. It’s a soft and quiet fic, told like a fairytale, with a wonderful happily ever after.

Looking Glass (Darkly) by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Canon] [NC-17] Arthur/Merlin and various (1.5k)
Summary: Merlin's evil, lecherous doppelganger appears in Camelot and leaves a trail of broken knights behind him.
Another fic that fooled me by the summary (and title). While yes, this fic has evil!Merlin, this isn’t a dark fic. It’s pretty hilarious... if you like goateed not!Merlin seducing half the castle until they are all left both stunned and sated.

Soul Pieces by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Modern AU] [G] Arthur/Merlin (1.6k)
Summary: As a young boy, Merlin breaks an enchanted mirror and his soul is trapped inside the pieces, which then vanish. He has regained all but one piece- I'll give you three guesses about who has it, and the first two don't count.
To borrow [ profile] itzcoatl’s comment on this fic: It's like a slashy, romantic, adult Dr Seuss. ... YES! Exactly. Lots of fun and very original. And I do adore Dr. Seuss.
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Old shoes, new perspectives by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games Gen: Arthur and Merlin [Team Reincarnation] [pg-13] (2k)
Summary: It turns out to be a quiet moment amidst ruins which makes history come true.
Fascinating piece. I love the backstory told as Merlin stands with a boy-Arthur among the ‘old’ ruins of modern society and we see both a glimpse of the past, and the hint of the future they will make together.

Hopes Profoundby anon @ [ profile] merlin_games Arthur/Merlin [Team Historical] [pg] (3k)
Summary: On the eve of World War 1, two men from different walks of life meet under unusual circumstances.
This fic has a fun adventure and adrenaline high in the beginning and yet twists by the end to be a poignant ‘moment in time on the eve of war’ fic. Lovely read.

When Morning Comes by [ profile] starlingthefool Merlin/Arthur [R] (9k)
Summary: If life were fair, anyone who managed to survive the apocalypse would be given a fuzzy blanket, some tea, and a nice bed to hide under and weep. Life is not fair, obviously, and there's no actual end to the end of the world. Instead, there's grief and pain and mud and death, there are minor miracles, and there's the love that gets you out of bed in the morning, despite everything. Life goes on.
This was written for the Happy Ending Fest, and yet I had to be told 5 times that I need to read it because I was afraid of the angst. And yup, I basically cried the whole way through it. /wuss. But DAMN, it was really well done. and YES Happy Ending (as required). Definitely a great read for when you are in the mood for a clever apocalyptic/alien invasion/dystopian plot that is full of heartache and sprinkled liberally with romance, hope and laughter.

merlin rec

Feb. 23rd, 2012 07:38 pm
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Stamboul Train by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Reincarnation] Merlin/Arthur [PG] (8k)
Summary: In 1924, the Orient Express rolls across Europe. In the high places, something waits.
This was just posted a couple hours ago and NOM NOM NOM I devoured it. Clever and lovely plot, a wonderful reincarnation piece and the setting of the Orient Express was so well used. It played out as a mystery, Merlin just not quite right and you are left wondering how 'wrong' is he? Is he sick? Is he suffering PTSD from WWI? And one mystery leads to another, and you a left wondering who really knows what? Great fun. Spot on characterisations all around.
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From [ profile] merlin_games:
Looking for Solutions to the Impossible by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Canon] Gen: Merlin, Gaius [WS]
Summary: In which Gaius and Merlin do what they always do when they are presented with an impossible problem; they research it.

The Reclaiming of Memory by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Reincarnation] Arthur/Merlin [PG] (2.6k)
Summary: Merlin watches Arthur remember.
I love the journey the author takes us through, and the idea that Merlin and Arthur repeat this journey of recovering their memories, each in different ways, time and time again. Merlin’s perspective sold me as he sat helpless each night. It is so beautiful and sad and full of hope, their lives and memories entwined together. This is how reincarnation fics are for me, bitter-sweet but always wrapped in the joy of yet another life together.

from [ profile] merlinreversebb:
As Falling Snow by [ profile] i_claudia Arthur/Merlin [PG] (5k)
Summary: [Mine] Arthur deals with his issues the only way he knows how: by going hunting in a snowstorm with Merlin and not talking about it.
First, this bit of artwork is stunning: Art Masterpost by [ profile] steam_pilot. Second, I adore this fic. While it’s a canon future!fic, it carries forward so many of my favourite things about canon. Arthur is stubborn and caught in his own thoughts. He’s frustrated and yet not putting words to what is going on inside his head, instead he broods and trudges through the snow and snaps at Merlin. Merlin snarks and waits it out. It’s very much the canon we know, but there a layer of complication with the years that have passed between them, many things revealed, and many things still left unsaid. A really lovely read.
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[ profile] merlinreversebb Recs:
I haven’t had a chance to read many of the fics in this fest, but the art... ah, man. The art has been really stunning. I don’t even know where to begin reccing the art other than to say, go through the entire fest and click everything.
Turning Page by [ profile] mightypretty Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (25k)
Summary: When Merlin, best loved singer/songwriter in the UK, tragically loses his parents in a car accident his life is turned upside down. Depressed and alone he's ready to give up and leave it all behind, but then he hears a voice.
This fic has warnings for: Mentions of depression, self-harm and suicide. The fic begins with Merlin already deep in depression over the death of his parents. I find grief hard to read, and this was no exception. There was no quick fix for Merlin’s issues, but healing does come with the help of Arthur – who has his own painful past to deal with. It was a beautiful story, heartbreaking but a good journey through it all and it left me happy and not wrung out. This fic was inspired by the beautiful graphic by [ profile] sallyna_smile

Art Prompt Title: # 2001 by [ profile] mangacat201
Characters/Pairings:Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, light Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Morgana discovers Merlin's magic in a dream and, in revealing him, changes the course for Camelot.

[ profile] merlin_games recs:
Note about my [ profile] merlin_games reccing: I am entirely neutral in the competition aspect of this fest. All the anon entries of this fest are anon to me as well. I was not involved in modding, writing, betaing or cheerleading any of the entries, if that matters to anyone reading.

Masquerade Ball anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Canon] Arthur/Merlin [WS]
Summary: Merlin needs something to wear to a masquerade ball. Gaius finds him a costume that Balinor once wore to a ball when he was still a member of Uther's Court.

Memorable Mustang by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Modern AU] Gwaine/Merlin [WS]
Summary: A comic page without words - Merlin and Gwaine's first date starts off poorly, but in the end they seem don't care.

Knowing by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Modern AU] Arthur/Merlin [Nc-17] (3.7k)
Summary: Merlin's had a funny feeling for weeks now. He's about to find out why.
I really enjoyed this little adventure with Merlin the thief, and his role slowly being revealed together with the mystery of Merlin’s magic acting up. Also a nice splash of porn (voyeurism and loo sex! Two of my favourite things) to make the whole thing delish.

The Seventh by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Historical] Percival/Merlin [PG] (4.5k)
Summary: Nobody ever knew how Percival felt about Merlin. But he made sure to show the sheriff in whatever ways he could.
A nice period piece, set in the old west. The fic is a character study of both Merlin and Percival far more than a fic that follows a plot. The author did a great job drawing both, but Percival especially so not only did he feel very real (more real than we get from canon, even) but also using the time period and setting as a way to understand the characters and the complexity of their feelings.

The Spirit of Familiarity by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Reincarnation] Arthur/Merlin [G] (5.8k)
Summary: In each of his incarnations Merlin has magic but untamed magic requires guidance and in Merlin's case that comes in the form of a more than Familiar Spirit.
Reincarnation fics never fail to break my heart. They are full of hope, naturally because there is always a second chance, yet it’s still hard ‘living through’ the ache of lives gone by. That said, I really liked this interesting look at Merlin and Arthur finding their way to each other time and again in so many different situations, both the form that they took and they reason for their lives.


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