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This post is a rec list of Gen fic (fics with no specific pairing as the focus).

Other lists:

All Rare Pairs (except Peter pairings)
Peter/everyone recs

This rec list was updated August 1, 2013. All new additions are marked with NEW! This list will be updated once every few months based on the journal recs found under my Teen Wolf Rare Pair Recs tag

NEW!A Shot In The Dark by tsukinofaerii
Gen; Sheriff & Stiles| 20k | G
Summary: Sheriff Stilinski wanted it stated for the record that he wasn't an idiot. He knew Stiles was up to his ears in something. There were too many nights sneaking out or in, too many coincidences, too many fumbled silences for him not to realize something was up, and it was escalating.
It wasn't any of the usual things, but when whatever it was landed his son in the hospital with a bullet in his leg, it was the last straw.
Fantastic Sheriff-centric fic. It's a clever, plotty fic told through Sheriff's POV as he finally has too much of Stiles lies and just can't accept them any longer. Wonderful read and packed full of Stilinki Feels.

NEW!Arrest Record by zynnser
Gen; Stiles & Sheriff | 8k | G
Summary: He can't wait for a pattern to reveal itself; he needs to do something before the next body turns up. Even if he has to arrest Stiles. Especially if he has to arrest Stiles.

As Though the Air Protects You by the_ragnarok
Gen (featuring: Derek, Stiles, Deaton, Sheriff) G,
Summary: In which Deaton is still a mysterious magical vet, Kate Argent is still a criminal socipath, and Stiles is still a crime-solving magical kitten.
I had this in my ‘to read’ forever because it was recced to me (thanks [ profile] otta_ff) but that summary sounded too cracky. Then one day I read it. *_* it was really, surprisingly, great. And adorable. But yeah. very sweet tale and nice storytelling.

Beyond the Call of Duty and Family by Welfycat
Gen; Sheriff-centric | 24k | PG-13
Summary: When Sheriff Stilinski learns about his son's double life as a human member of the local werewolf pack, he also learns that families are made when they're least expected.

Coming Undone by KouriArashi
Gen, Stiles centric | 57k | Pg-13
Summary: Stiles deals with the aftermath of being abducted by Peter Hale and left for dead. It's harder than he would have thought to accept his place in the pack when he's convinced that he's the 'weak one' and can't protect himself. Fortunately, Scott and Sheriff Stilinski are there to help, and to nag Derek until he helps, too.
Could be read as sterek pre-slash, there was plenty of UST there. But mainly this is a gen fic. It deviates from canon S1, with Peter taking the nurse out of the trunk and putting Stiles in it and leaving the car abandoned in the woods. It’s a long while before it’s found. Stiles deals with post-kidnapping issues, while Peter is still alive and missing and Derek is not yet an Alpha. Well written and fascinating AU. The author has continued past this with a couple WIPs that are additions to the series, but I’m content with this first bit and consider the fic complete.

Fairytale by [ profile] cheesewithmy [Also on AO3] Gen, Stiles, Pack (could be read as Stiles/Derek pre-slash) [R] (20k)
Warning(s): Language, fairly brutal violence
Summary: Stiles had shifted around awkwardly by the dead animals, holding a sixty gallon trash bag, because his mom had loved cats, okay, and he wasn’t just going to leave those there to, like, rot, they were kitten sized for fuck’s sake. He’d been glad that he couldn’t smell whatever it was that was stressing his more lupine acquaintances out. And then Derek had growled, “Elves,” all fangs and red eyes.
First, a note of warning, the fic begins with disturbing imagery of animal cruelty and mutilated babies. NOT FUN THINGS OKAY. But suffice to say these bad guys are BAD. It's pretty much over after the first three little sectiony things, so if you need to skip it, do so but the remainder of the fic is not nearly so stomach turning. Onto the rec! This is a stunning fic. One of the best I've read in this fandom in terms of plot and characterisation. The tension is constantly high without being melodramatic. I wept (sobbed) at parts. I burst out laughing. I felt every moment of this fic. An amazing read. Stiles in this fic owns my heart now and forever.

i can't be no superman but for you i'd be superhuman by rollingwithimpunity
Jackson, Danny (gen) (1.6k)
summary: In which Jackson is a complete shit and Danny finds it unjustifiably endearing. (And Danny comes out with much less fanfare than anticipated.)
This was one of the first fanfic I read in TW fandom and it was the very first to hit me over the head with how great the characterisation was. I love both boys here in this critical moment of their friendship. A little slice of perfection.

NEW!Light and Paper Thin by cheesewithmy
Gen; Stiles&Derek | 5k | G
Summary: It’s funny, because when Derek contemplated being body-swapped growing up (after what happened to Aunt Julianne and Ms. Fuzzy Whiskers III, everyone thought about it at least once or twice) he’d always assumed he’d loathe it.
Or: the one where Derek and Stiles get bodyswapped and Derek doesn't hate it nearly as much as he thought he would and things go downhill from there in new and exciting ways.
Loved this unique look at a bodyswap. It's a great character piece on Derek and what Derek might feel suddenly given the opportunity to live Stiles life instead of his own.

Picking Up Strays by peroxidepest17
Gen (Stiles, Sheriff Stilinski, Isaac) [PG] (12k)
Summary: Stiles has an idea named Isaac and the Sheriff has to deal with it.
I adore this gen fic. I love Sheriff Stiliniski and this fic is just everything I love about him. So so well done, looking deeper into Sheriff and Stiles life together, but also Isaac and how much Isaac would benefit from a father figure like Sheriff. I kinda need this to be canon.

Pleased To Meet You by entanglednow
Gen (Peter, Stiles, Derek) PG-13 (4k)
"What were the possible symptoms again? Hallucinations, fever, mental impairment, disassociation, psychosis." Peter's ticking them off on his fingers, like they're in class.
Awesome fic. The sort you read through once, then immediately read again. Very well executed idea. Peter is Boss.

Signs of Affection by trilliath
Gen; Derek-centric | 2k | G
Summary: Or: Five Times Derek is a Born Wolf and Nobody Gets it, and One Time They Do.

The Adventures of Sourwolf and the Sheriff by ecarian
Gen (Derek, Sheriff, implied Derek/Stiles )[PG-13] (18k)
Summary: Derek gets kidnapped. He wakes up in the cave with the wrong Stilinski.
Derek gets kidnapped and Sheriff accidentally gets taken along with him. I love these two together, and Sheriff asks such great questions and Derek is so sincere in his respect of him. There is implied Derek/Stiles, but it’s mostly a charming gen piece about a crisis situation and two great characters playing off each other perfectly.

NEW!The Heart of the Father Lives in the Son by Anonymous @ TWHeatWave Fest
Gen; Stiles & Sheriff | 7k | PG-13
Summary:To say he'd been waiting for something like this to happen would be a lie, but Sheriff Stilinski had been waiting for something to bring everything that had happened over the last few months to a head. He just didn't expect to have to be chained up in his own basement in order to have a truthful conversation with his son.

The Son Was an Okay Guy by blue_fjords

Gen; Chris-centric (minor Stiles/Derek) | 15k | PG-13

Summary: Chris Argent is a Hunter. Gerard Argent is a monster. To catch Gerard, Chris will use whatever tools at his disposal -- namely, Derek Hale and his pack. Chris POV.
This is listed as sterek, but I'm listing it as Gen because I think it brings all the wonderful things that great gen fics bring. It's a fantastic ensemble fic told through Chris Argent's POV. Loved every character in this. And Stiles and Derek was a nice background story without dominating the fic, which was essentially Chris's story.

this is a warning sign, a battle cry by argle_fraster
Gen (Lydia centric) (9k) PG-13
Summary: It is a long journey towards being okay again. Lydia's winding road leads her to the pack, but only on her own terms.
Brilliant character study of Lydia post S2. It’s basically become my head canon. I have hope that canon will deal with Lydia’s trauma so beautifully, but even if it fails, I will have this to fall back on.

This Is Going To Be A Three 'Dude' Conversation by Dusk
(Gen, Danny & Jackson, Implied Danny/Stiles) 1800 words, PG-13
Summary: "Dude," Jackson said, and Danny stopped what he was doing, because when Jackson started sentences with 'dude', he was either about to share something deeply personal or about to try and get them expelled for excessive pussy jokes, and Danny had problems with both of those options.
This is a fun gen fic, that is simply a conversation between Danny and Jackson about Stiles. Very amusing. (even with the random * instead of italics)

NEW!trusting wolves by Anonymous @ TWHeatWave Fest
Gen; Stiles & Sheriff; implied future-Sterek | 7k | PG-13
Summary: In the midst of a werewolf war against the alphas, the Sheriff learns that in a pack, loyalty is earned. And his son works hard enough to earn trust for both him and Derek, and all of their friends. Especially when the pack won't even admit to liking each other most of the time. The kids are all a work in progress, and the Sheriff is lucky to be there for them. Werewolves and all.

que lastima pero adios by magneticwave
Gen, (Erica centric, Erica/Boyd) | 13k | R
Summary: Erica has gone from one kind of outcast to another; but once, where she was strung out in a galaxy on her own, light-years from everyone else, she’s now part of a solar system of outcasts, rotating around the sun of their Alpha. // “Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically—to those who hardly think about us in return.” – T. H. White, The Once and Future King
A really amazing character study of Erica, pre- and post-bite. Lots of thought put into her family and her relationships with her parents and brother. (summary quoted directly from [ profile] acadine11, and I’ll just add: I loved this exploration of Erica, who she might be, what kind of family life she had. It made me ache -- i had actually tears -- that canon will likely never show us this side of Erica, that in canon we won’t get a chance to see who she will grow into. I’ve never had a character ‘die’ completely outside of canon, with no real chance to mourn them. It’s a crappy feeling so I’m making this fic my forever headcanon)

Write Me a Beacon by lady_ragnell
Gen (Sheriff, Stiles, Derek, Melissa) (2k) [PG-13, warnings]
Summary: Stiles will keep his father alive by any means necessary.
This is a perfect example of how powerful gen fic can be. Sometimes we forget (or at least I forget) how wonderfully satisfying a story can be simply for the characters and the story itself without the need for x/y to get together. That said, this fic is gorgeous in the story it tells of Stiles faced with his father in the hospital and severely injured. Read the warning if you aren’t sure. They are in the notes at the end of the fic.

you are the moon by addandsubtract
Jackson, Gen [PG-13, kidfic] (3.4k)
Summary: It would be wrong to pretend that Jackson doesn’t plan. By the time he’s standing in front of the maternity ward, hood drawn up over his head, he’s got it as figured out as he can.
What can I say? Messed up Jackson stealing the baby of the woman Matt killed and running away... OMFG. My heart. I'm not much for kid fics in general. But there is something so wonderfully and achy in the idea of Jackson, totally messed up Jackson, seeing himself in this orphaned baby and stealing her and fucking up his own life even more to give her something better. This is beautifully done, touching and healing type of fic.

You Know What I Mean by stilinskisparkles
Gen; Allison-centric, background Stiles/Derek | 10k | Pg-13
Summary: where Allison and Stiles spend the summer catching the bus together and it's awkward as hell, until it's not.
This is a fantastic look at Allison post-S2. Her friendship with Stiles and with Lydia is so well done. Everyone is perfectly in character and true to canon. Loved everything about this.

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