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This post is a rec list of rare pairs that have Peter in the main pairing. My rare pair rec list was getting to big, so I separated out this chuck because it was a good size piece.

Other lists:

All Rare Pairs (except Peter pairings)
Gen Recs (fics with no specific pairing as the focus)

This rec list was updated August 1, 2013. All new additions are marked with NEW! This list will be updated once every few months based on the journal recs found under my Teen Wolf Rare Pair Recs tag


this adored body, swelling and trembling and Primal Moment by Cerberusia
Peter/Derek (4k) [NC-17, incest, underage]
summary: Derek gets his tattoo at sixteen, when Peter makes him a fake ID and takes him to San Francisco for the weekend. Derek's coming-of-age, including sex.
I wasn't sure if this pairing would do it for me without a third person in the mix but FUCK. Young!Derek learning ~the ways~ from Uncle Peter is HOT. As is the gratuitous self-lubrication ... idek how or why that is so hot. but yeah. This author works it to full advantage.

Without Mythologies by anon at tw_holidays
Derek/Peter (Derek/Kate Argent, Peter/Chris Argent) [R] 4k
Warnings: canon-appropriate violence, secondary character death, incest, Hale approximations of mental health
Summary: “He’s my alpha,” Peter tells Stiles, only slightly reproachful. “His mother was my alpha and it was my job to look after him. I’m not obsessed.”


he wants the colour of you to wear and feel alive by duskendales
Peter/Lydia (1.2k) [NC-17]
Summary: “Now darling, is that a way to welcome me back? I haven’t seen you in the flesh in such a long time.”
This fic comes with no warning but I would go with dub-con due to the obvious coercion and mental trauma that goes with this pairings' canon. Also blood and biting. An intense, erotic fucked up mess. Exactly what I like about this pairing.

It's Bad Enough We Get Along by FireEverything, MarieLikesToDraw (MarieLikeToDraw)
Chris/Peter (though more of Gen, Peter focused feel, minor Stiles/Derek subplot) [Nc-17] (13k)
Summary: “Why won’t you stop pushing?” Chris demands, chest almost flush with his.
“A fatal flaw in my character,” Peter forces out, reveling in the harsh pull of breath past Chris' grip.
This is a fascinating piece all done in Peter’s POV which I really love. It’s a complicated, unusual look at Peter being very very ambitious and ambiguous, playing all sides to every situation. In the end, I’m still not entirely sure what Peter is truly up to, and I think I like that best.

Lay Down Your Armour (and Let's End This War) by havent_got_a_clue
Chris/Peter [R] (17k)
summary: Chris Argent, college student, meets Peter Hale and his whole world changes.

Don't go home with the big bad wolf by olavina
Danny/Peter | 4k | NC-17
Summary:Danny wasn't always out. AU with age disparity, power dynamics, first time, and implied wolfishness.

NEW!Into the Fold by olavina
Peter/Isaac | 750 words| Nc-17
Summary: Isaac is neglected in Derek's pack, but Peter wants him for his own.

The house telling you to close your eyes by queerly_it_is
Derek/Stiles/Peter [NC-17] (10k)
Summary: With the alphas terrorising Beacon Hills, Stiles is drawn deeper into Derek’s pack as well as Peter’s influence. Stiles’ fears of not being good enough eventually drives Derek to heed Peter’s advice and results in an unexpected agreement between the three of them.
I love this Peter. He's just the right amount of sass and creepiness and moral ambiguity, enough that he pushed all my buttons, but never veered off into ~darkfic land. The fic has a nice balance with the varying points of views, helping the reader understand each characters take on what is slowly happening between them. The UST between Stiles and Peter was delish, and jealous, possessive Derek hit all my kinks. Peter plays both Stiles and Derek wonderfully in this fic. And Stiles is nicely BAMF. The three if them made quite a match. Damn. So hot.


NEW!A Drop of Novelty by Udunie
Peter/Stiles | 1.2k | Nc-17, WATERSPORTS
Summary:Stiles didn't think that Peter would do anything about the Thing.
He might have been a bit naive.

A Poverty Most Profound by synchronized_strangers
Stiles/Peter, Stiles/Derek | 11k | NC-17, underage (Stiles is 14), character death*
Summary: It’s much harder than he expected, though, to stand beside Stiles on the lawn as his house burns down. Hard to keep his hand on that too-thin shoulder, birdlike under Peter’s fingers. It’s strange trying to reconcile the fragility of a human boy with the predator he is underneath, but Stiles has always shown his true colors under adversity.
He doesn’t cry. He just asks, “Was it them?” Because he’s clever enough to understand what having enemies means but innocent enough not to recognize when one offers comfort.
Peter does what’s easy, and lies, “Yes.” Then he does what’s hard, and stays.

This isn’t a fic for everyone, first: Stiles is underage in this fic. The fic begins with Stiles at 13, nothing sexual occurs until he is 14. Still, he is heavily under Peter’s influence from a young age. Peter here is devious and cruel, completely focused on getting revenge on Kate for the fire. The canon divergence occurs because Stiles knows the Hales ahead of time. Peter doesn’t fall into a coma instead he sees Stiles as a perfect tool to facilitate his revenge. If I had one complaint it might be that Stiles is a bit too bad-ass for his age and to be completely in character (even with all the tragedy in his life) HOWEVER being able to suspend my disbelief of that actually made the fic better because... idek... it saved it from being too realistic? It let all the events that happened (Peter’s manipulation of Stiles and Stiles manipulation of Peter) become palatable in its insanity. Don’t get me wrong it’s not crack. It’s more the ott immorality of a gangster movie? Best comparison I can think of. Check your morals at the door with this fic.

The sex is brilliantly hot and wrong and hits all the right underage kink buttons, never dipping into my squicks. And the psychology behind Peter’s shaping of Stiles into a weapon is just fabulous, as is the fact that Peter is not infallible. Brilliant read if this is your type of fic.

Amends by AuntieClimactic
Stiles/Peter | 18k | NC-17
Stiles blinks, “You’ve spent the last twenty years in therapy?”
“I had some emotional issues,” Peter admits.
“That’s… hilarious.”

This fic is canon + 20 yrs. It's a great story of redemption -- which not easily achieved by Peter, but amazingly believable here. But is Peter worth the risk of forgiving and trusting him? It’s great to see each characters struggle with that question, particularly Stiles whose feelings about a ‘reformed’ Peter are very complicated. It’s a fascinating look at a much older more mature pack. Loved everything about it.

NEW!Apparently Sex Pollen Is A Thing or Hunters Are Dicks With Too Much Time On Their Hands by ladyoneill
Stiles/Peter | 28k | Nc-17, non-con
Summary: The Alpha Pack's been defeated, junior year has started, and Stiles, accompanied by a formerly dead ex-Alpha, finds himself chased through the woods by Hunters. When they're caught, they're shot with arrows laced with sex pollen, and before the night ends Stiles is no longer a virgin and is mated unwillingly to a wolf over twice his age. Can they make their new relationship work or is it all just going to be horror and really great sex?
This is a rare beast: a long Peter/Stiles fic! I don’t think this is fic for everyone, so I’ll give some warnings. The initial catalyst is Peter being given some sex pollen thing and basically forced to rape Stiles. It’s not an easy read, but both Peter and Stiles are victims at that point. However, during the rape, Peter (out of control) bites Stiles and voila! they are mated which comes with all kinds of wolfy-rules about such things. So the fic is basically about Stiles dealing with the fact that he is now mated to Peter against his will. Some of it made me very uncomfortable because I have issues with helplessness/forced submission, but I think the characterisation of both Peter and Stiles in the situation were well done. And Scott as well, he was the voice of the reader going: this is not right. The way the others ~accepted things was unsettling. Stiles does not give in easily although there is ‘no way out’ of the mating and such (reader just needs to accept that as that’s the entire premise of the fic) but in the end Stiles is pragmatic. Note: the author does slip in the occasional epithet and the word ‘cum’ … But I am reccing it because I did enjoy it even if it walked the line of some of my squicks, and I know many of you share my kinks. so. The best part for me is that the sex is always hot and Peter does do his best to make Stiles enjoy the sex that they are ~forced to have.

Attracting Alpha (series, 2 finished fics, one unfinished) by FauxHeart
Peter/Stiles [R] (4k)
summary: Derek and Stiles have a small talk about Peter and certain pedowolf tendencies.

Beware the Dark Pool by AuntieClimactic
Stiles/Peter | 7k | R
After, when Stiles was trembling, stretched out naked on his bed, breathless and anxious from what they had just done, he turned to Peter, thoughtful.
“What were you like? Before.” He asked.
Peter smiled.

Woah. Peter in this fic. Holy shit. This is a backstory + future fic that has Peter as a sociopath even before the fire. The look into his mind is both disturbing and compelling. He is unapologetically immoral. And yet I couldn’t love him more. The fic has two chapters, the same basic story told in Peter POV, then in Stiles POV. But both POVs are worth the read to understand Stiles motivation as well.

cocaine heart by 1001cranes
Peter/Stiles; Peter/Stiles/Derek | 8k | R
Summary: The One Where Peter Turned Stiles Instead of Scott.
the fic that made Peter/Stiles/Derek my OT3. Perfection.

NEW!Getting Schooled by veterization
Stiles/Peter | 23k | NC-17
Summary: Mr. Hale is a pretty creepy English teacher, Stiles thinks, but he also happens to have a great ass.
This is a classic "age-disparity teacher/student wrong, flithy, hot, omg... they are going to get caught what are they doing never stop" type fic. Peter is quite morally grey but more on the happy to seduce an underage boy, and the less serial killer type of ~grey. If this is your kink, it's a delicious read.

Kryptonite and Prey and Scratch by Llama
Stiles/Peter | 2k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles has his own 'superpower', but sometimes he forgets the implications of that.
This is an awesome pervy Stiles/Peter series. I hope there are a dozen more fics to it because I'm in LOVE. Peter has knowledge that Stiles wants -- just how much is Stiles willing to trade for information. Bruise kink. Predator/Prey kink. Dub con. HOT AS FUCK.

Less Defined by FireEverything
Peter/Stiles | 8k | Nc-17


Stiles calls the shiver he gets a chill, because to call it anything else is… well.
There are variant definitions of wrong, but most people would agree on this one.

So this fic is pretty much perfect. Brilliant Peter and Stiles dynamic. So much push-pull, mind games, power games, really really questionable seduction tactics. Author makes it clear that this is not a healthy relationship, and it’s all the better for it. I loved that while Peter was obviously in control and messing with Stiles’ head, Stiles isn’t simply a victim here. He played the game too, giving almost as good as he got. Super hot fic.

Loose Ends by FireEverything
Stiles/Peter, Derek/Stiles | 11k | NC-17
Summary: It’s always a dance of calculated risks.
This is a sequel to one of my absolute favourite Peter/Stiles fics (Less Defined) This next part is possibly better than the first. And the relationship of Peter/Stiles runs exactly as it did in the first (ie: completely unhealthy and a little scary and yet it works for them). Please note the warnings. There is character death in this fic. Let me know if you want to know who.

no moral compass, pointing due north by AuntieClimactic
Stiles/Peter | 4k | NC-17
Summary:Does he feel bad about how easy it is? Are “your mom” jokes at Scott’s expense beneath him? Does he worry about how creepy he seems as he deliberately brushes against Stiles? Nope. Not in the least. He’s come back from the dead only to be stuck with an incompetent group of hormonal teenagers with the worst communication skills Peter has ever witnessed. And he’s spent six years in a coma.
There’s comes a time when you either go on a murderous rampage or you learn to create your own fun, and Peter hates repeating himself.

our only pleasure we take furtively and squeezed like an orange to the last by Cerberusia
Peter/Stiles Watersports (3k) [NC-17]
summary: In a world where Peter stayed the Alpha and took on the Beacon Hills pack, Peter is driving Stiles home in the Jeep, and Stiles won't sit still. Peter smells him and just gets the usual odours of adolescence: sweat, deodorant, nerves and a touch of persistent low-grade arousal. He can tell that Stiles showered this morning and jerked off while he was in there, but he can't work out what's bothering him now.
WARNING: Watersports... really, hot watersports. w/o humiliation. but with drinking... so, you’ve been warned. brilliantly done

set all your regrets on fire by darthjamtart
Peter/Stiles (16k) Nc-17
I’m going to die, Stiles thinks, remembering the last time he saw Peter Hale standing over the trunk of a car. I’m going to die, and no one will make my father eat his vegetables, and he’ll die of a heart attack before they even find my body.
Peter kidnaps Stiles. Meanwhile, a series of gruesome murders has the Argents and Derek’s pack working together.
Great characterization. Witty dialogue. Interesting plot. AND Peter/Stiles. God, I love a fic that gives good Peter. There are warnings for dub-con here but it’s all pretty consensual, imo, and shockingly in character while consensual. So that’s impressive. While I would have enjoyed a few more thousand words to stretch out the ending, this was a really great read.

Shoots Black by cigsanddrugs (this has apparently been deleted. Leaving it here in case someone has an alternate link they can give me.) [COPY AVAILABLE HERE:] ty arekay_rk!!!
Stiles/Peter 7k NC-17
Summary: Stiles is addicted to this coffee(house barista)...
Mind the warnings, this is a dark one. But hot. Loved this manipulative Peter and Stiles knowing what is happening and just letting him... creepy, coercive, manipulative Peter.

Sinking In by FireEverything
Peter/Stiles | 1k | R
Summary: Peter isn’t used to being the one waking up groggy and disoriented in the course of their little games.
non-con tattooing. I had no idea it was a thing. But this is totally hot. Peter and Stiles make such a fun pair under this author’s hand.

NEW!Successfully Cheating Death (Twice) by veterization
Stiles/Peter | 20k | Pg-13
Summary:Turns out, Peter's resurrection wasn't as permanent as expected. Unfortunately for Stiles, he wants to see Peter live.

you know what this road is paved with by darthjamtart
Stiles/Peter | 1k | R
Peter's grip is bruise-tight around Stiles' wrist, reeling him in when he tries to jerk away.
A short, but wonderfully erotic alternate scene from the season 1 finale. Well worth the quick read.

Your Body (Is My Playground) by Cerberusia
Peter/Stiles [NC-17, human AU] (1.1k)
Summary: At thirty-plus, Peter is far too old to be hanging around teenagers' boozy parties. But he has his reasons. Like this: the Sheriff's son, all but passed out in a back bedroom…
Mind the warnings on this! This is not a fic for everyone. If the summary squicks you, don’t click... it’s everything the summary promises. But there’s also no ‘glorifying’ what Peter does here either. He’s a nasty piece of work and you are inside his head, but going into this fic knowing that, it was brilliantly done.

your last white lie (everything is not alright) by snowdarkred
Peter/Stiles [pg-13] (4k)
summary: Stiles says yes, and things go downhill from there.

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