Oct. 15th, 2012

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Been MIA. Trying to write... D:
Words are hard. Reading is easier. Reccing is the best. <3

A few rare pair recs for you, some Sterek later today...


Teen Wolf - Lydia Martin by ~Eneada [Lydia]

Jackson_Teen Wolf by ~VioletDragonSlayer

boydxerica by disco_mouse

bleed you dry by Menacherie
Danny/Stiles (some implied Peter/Danny/Stiles) [R, warnings] (5k)
Summary: Okay, so maybe Danny's type is Serial Killers.
Mind the warnings on this one. It is definitely different. Stiles is not just BAMF in this, he is sadistic. And Danny gets off on it. It’s definitely a journey into OOC-land, but Stiles does have moments of ‘can’t we just let him die’ in canon, so … it’s up to the reader how OOC they find it. I was really in the mood for something completely out of the ordinary. Also, it’s very readable, but it would benefit from a beta to catch a few typos/extra words.

Tastes Like Pack by marmolita
Scott/Derek [NC-17] (5k)
AU in which Derek lets Scott kill Peter. Derek forces himself to look Scott in the eye, even though his instincts tell him not to. “I’ll never be an alpha,” he says. “It’s not in my nature.”
This is a rare Scott/Derek, made even more rare with Bottom!Derek, Submissive!Derek. This really worked for me because Scott doesn’t take to the role of Alpha easily and Derek understands himself well enough to know he's not a good leader and not comfortable in that role. The fic takes its cues from Scott's first full moon in S1 (as this will be his first full moon as an Alpha), rather than the every day adorable puppy dog Scott. The whole scenario was hot.

Skin, Steam and Sweat by ShadowKnight
Isaac/Jackson/Scott [NC-17] (8k)
Isaac separates a brawl between Jackson and Scott in the men's locker-room.
Threesome happens.
Crazy, filthy, locker room threesome. Sexy competition like stuff. Isaac being awesome and ~showing Scott the way and Jackson not letting Scott have all the fun. Hot and delicious all around.

Green Eyed by queenitsy
Stiles/Erica, Stiles/Erica/Derek [PG-13] (7.5)
Five times Stiles and Erica made Derek jealous, and one time they didn't.
I loved this Erica. She was fabulous, and Stiles and Erica really worked for my as a couple. This fic has a surprising amount of sex and UST for PG-13, so warnings for fade-to-black, but the fic is plenty hot, if not explicit about it. I would love to see this type of Erica next season. (I'd love to see the threesome as canon, too but yeah.)
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Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. As always, my friends that live in my computer make my birthday unbelievably fantastic and save me from ever being sadfaced about my birthday. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to your comment/pm/email. This weekend ended up super busy with surprise visit from my sister! \o/ But I love you guys and will be replying asap.

In the meantime:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY marguerite_26 !!!!!! by [livejournal.com profile] amphigoury (LOL - is that the official title, amph????)
Rating: R, NSFW
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Actual contents: BDSM, Bondage (Tendrils of Magic), Sensory Deprivation (Blindfold), Dom!Merlin, Sub!Arthur
Interpretive contents: Non-Con, Dark!Merlin, Breath play, Magic!Tentacle sex

Everything I love in one pretty, pretty package. ♥_♥


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