Oct. 3rd, 2012

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Yesterday’s Merlin awesomeness was fun wasn’t it? I figured in honour of it, I should do a couple recs:

Some Art recs:

Merlin Arthur winter scene by ~Star-Jem

MERLIN AND ARTHUR 02 in forest by ~DYKC

Merlin and Arthur by ~Nevheera

moonlight by ~PabutteGO

Fatherhood by ~lunatoic

Merlin and Arthur by ~MoritoAkira

Morning by ~barbitone [possibly NSFW]

And Fic recs:
For Your Information by anon @ KMM Merlin/Arthur, Uther [R] (~5k)
Warnings: bigotry and homophobia
Summary: [mine] After Arthur comes out, Uther tackles his lack of knowledge head on -- by getting Gaius’ nephew to teach him all he needs to know about homosexuality.
This fic is crazy funny. I was laughing out loud so often I was covering my mouth to not wake up my household. Uther in this fic is the best because he’d a perfect mixture of great characterisation, undeniable love for his son, and completely outrageous (and yet oddly believable) attempts to accept the gay lifestyle. He steals the show for sure, but Merlin and Arthur are no less delightful, so this fic is a win all around.

Thistledown by Violette_Royale Merlin/Arthur (90k) [NC-17, genderswap]
Summary: South-west England, 1140. Sixteen-year old Merlin is a novice nun. One day, she finds a wounded knight, and offers to hide him from his enemies. When she falls to temptation and shares a bed with him, the consequences are more far-reaching than she could ever have imagined, changing her life for ever.
I was tracking this devotedly on KMM until about halfway and it got to the point that the thread was impossible to read on my tablet. original mention of it here, back in July It’s now complete, cleaned up and posted on A03. The fic an epic adventure and beautifully told. Maybe not everyone cuppa, but it's totally mine. ;) You can tell the author is very devoted to the storytelling and in making girl!Merlin (and everyone else involved in this tale) a fascinating character. Thoroughly enjoyable historical AU with a ridiculous amount of hot sex.


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