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oops. sent my husband this women's heart attack psa video saying: fyi, stuff you should know. I get an email back: OMG WHAT THE HELL YOU OKAY DO I NEED TO COME HOME???


I kinda forgot that he left this morning early and barely saw me and i had to get this kids ready and off to school alone.

um. no honey I'm fine. I promise if I'm having a heart attack I WILL ACTUALLY TELL YOU THAT not send you a video you may or may not watch for hours, hoping you'll get the hint and call me an ambulance.
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We are all still sick around here and actually WORSE than yesterday. FML. Getting no writing done today. again.

Anyway - random observation of the day...

When I very very first entered Merlin fandom I was asked:
So are you a Merlin girl or an Arthur girl?

I remember staring at that question for a long time thinking... WHAT? WAIT. WHAT?
I have to choose? People choose?????

Then after a while of being in fandom I grew to accept this weird culture of Merlin fandom that seems to assume fans could be sorted into two groups. And yes, I know many fans of Merlin/Arthur don't actually fall on either side. There are lots of us who like both characters equally. But for me the fact that the question is even asked... idek.. it's still weird to me.

Yes, there is always the shipper question. Who do you ship, is like the universal question after hearing 'I just fell in love with a new fandom' but are there other fandoms beyond Merlin that asks you to pick which half of your pairing you are more in love with?

When I entered Harry Potter fandom, no one asked if I was a 'Draco girl' or a 'Harry girl', in Teen Wolf fandom no one says 'so Stiles or Derek??? which sort of fan are you?' (In TW it's usually 'sterek? y/n?')

Do I just think of characters differently? :/
I guess I'm just not the sort to 'stan' any particular character (as much as I love certain ones more than others). Just like I'm not the sort to have an OTP (as much as I have strong preferences when reading and writing). Why choose? I don't wanna!!!

/random observations brought to you by the fevered mind of one who should stay off tumblr because it gives her weird thoughts. (thoughts she will never post on tumblr because that place is scary)


In the wise words of [ profile] chantefable:
Why choose when it's BLOW JOB FRIDAY and you can celebrate both characters with a quick ficlet?


Nov. 22nd, 2012 01:25 pm
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on a personal note:
this week sucks. i'm still sick. my kids are sick. eldest is home and coughing endlessly. we just got back from the dr's and yay! no pneumonia. awesome. except we have to watch him very closely now because it could easily slip into pneumonia. :/

fandom wise:
[ profile] uni_merlin is posting i haven't had a chance to look at anything fics there yet, but a few are tempting me.

Also THIS ART. You Make Me Crazy When You Arthur/Merlin [NWS, crossdressing]

You can see all the works in this fest at Uni_Merlin Works on AO3

I'm going to leave you with this:
(by [ profile] gealach_ros (the original, if you haven't seen it)

looks at his face! he is so proud of us! ♥

Happy Thanksgiving, you people in that country below mine!

oh! and this: Sevenly's charity this week is the National Autism Association I'm a bit in love with these shirts.
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So... my 'little project' that was eating up all my time is done. I'm thrilled that I managed to actually post a WIP and finish it. 30k posted in 15 chapters over exactly one month. Which was only possible because my beta, my brit-picker and my sewing-picker were amazing. <3

So, that's done. :D

And this week's pthon is done, bonus done, voting done.

And for the first time in almost a year, I have absolutely no fics at all on the go. NOTHING. Not even a plot bunny or a maybe I should write... or there's that fic I owe...

Of course there are still two more weeks of pthon so I guess I'll wordsmith those 2 x 750 words to death. ._.

but yeah... such a weird feeling! but also fucking amazing. fests are fabulous but they are also shackles that chafe after a while. It healthy for me to be commitment-less I think.

I did however pick up one of these the other day:

kink bingo card image cardset1-677.jpg || row 1: | scars / scarification | watersports | caning | pervertibles | collars || row 2: | mechanical / technological | teasing | genital torture | penance / punishment | breathplay || row 3: | confined / caged | worship | wildcard (icon #50 contains: nippleplay / tit torture, electricity) | animal play | silk velvet feathers furs || row 4: | in public | body alteration / injury | tentacles | uniforms / military kink | vanilla kink || row 5: | dressup | painplay (other) | gender play | spaces scenes and settings | sensory deprivation
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I feel like a random post this morning. Let's number it.

1. I received my [ profile] hd_remix assignment this weekend and it sort of hit me that I'm remixing someone else's work!!! Someone else is going to be remixing mine. *flails* I don't know why it took me until I got my assignment to really get how cool that is. but HOLY SHIT! I've been all butterflies in my tummy since it hit me. And God, I look through all the list of authors and artists who are playing this round and I can decide whose I'm most excited about. *flails*

2. H/D LDWS week 5 is up and it's down to four awesome writers! go vote!

3. I want to take homeless!colin morgan into my house and lock him in my basement feed him and lick fix that nasty looking cheek.

4. My hubby bought me an early b-day prezzie. A TV!!! He says it's because our current TV is 23 years old and held together by duct tape. (I'm totally serious - ask bry). BUT BUT BUT!!! It's being delivered on Sept. 10th and I'LL BE ABLE TO WATCH MERLIN SERIES 3 ON IT. *flails*

5. I'm having a bitch of a time writing atm. :/ I think I'm going to have to stop reading Merlin BB fics. It's just... I get so lost in these long plotty fics that my own words just can't seem to form on the page. *sigh* But reading is so much easier than writing. And between that and [ profile] hd_fan_fair modly work, I haven't written anything in weeks. *cries*

6. In other news, [ profile] hd_fan_fair starts posting Sept 22 !!! WOOT! Are your bags packed?

7. You know who I am going to miss? fanon!Morgana. I've been thinking about it a lot. And really almost EVERY Modern AU Merlin/Arthur has an awesome Morgana. They are not all the same, of course. But they are more often then not pretty damn awesome. She takes Arthur down a peg, adds a bit of dry wit, is a lovely mixture of intimidating presence and confidant for Merlin, someone for Will to make outrageous comments about, and a dear friend and or lover for Gwen. BUT will she disappear after season 3? I fear she will. *holds her close while I can* (BTW - I am NOT spoiled from Series 3. Other than the obvious implied from interviews/trailers)
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1) I posted my first 'real' Merlin fic (5k!!! OMG!!! EPIC! and PLOT, too!) and it's been so well received I'm kinda floored. I ♥ Merlin fandom and your adorable squee.

2) First I was focused on getting that Merlin fic done, now I'm focused on getting my [ profile] serpentinelion Summer fest done and GAH!!! I'm so behind on everything. If I've been an arse and ignored your email and/or comment and/or fic you just posted I'm sorry, my organizational skillz have failed me in the last week.

3) Mr. M is home sick. Many of you know what this does to me. (ie: Drives me fucking INSANE) and makes it very difficult to work on IMPORTANT THINGs (like playing on LJ and writing porn) because when he's 'home sick' he 'works from home' and steals the computer from me. I hope our new laptop situation will improve this. We shall see. :/

4) OMG! FICS!!! You guys have been posting fics like MAD. Smoochfest and Dracobigbang and HDBirthdayBash just to name a few. *flails* I am so behind on reading and therefore reccing. unless I rec what I've beta'd [ETA: because it was good shit, not because I beta'd it. *headdesk*] but I want to READ! but first I need to get done my SL fic.

5) More Merlin recs are sitting on my harddrive, but I need to actually type up the 'why I am reccing stuff' and it's taking forever because I keep reading and adding to the list. :/

6) *waves at new friends* HIYA!!! (I'm not always this manic. heh.)

7) H/D bookshelf poll is climbing up to 400 participants!!! WOOT! GO ticky those boxes!!! it ends on the 15th.

8) Mr. M watched Merlin (1x3) with me (haha! he'll be addicted soon too) and he's all... OMG! those ears! can;t they do something about that? *iz dead* Colin, ILUSM!!!

9) Draco awards! Thank you so much to those who nommed and voted for me. I got an award for writing [ profile] faithwood het. twice. Clearly, I need to become her het!slave and get Draco off with Harry and random women X. Congrats to all the winners.

Ok... off to type in finished pornlet, and reply to comments, and not kill husband, and...

Cheers! Happy Tuesday!


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