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boo. have a cold. feel awful. *sneezes*

so... I have a get shit done plan this week. it involves me being strictly Merlin-minded this week. I have to get my [ profile] merlin_holidays fic done and I'm itching to get writing it. So a ~hiatus~ of sorts is called for. *closes twitter and tumblr tabs*

To get me in the Merlin writing mood, I think I'll spew out a few thoughts. (they aren't happy ones... keep scrolling if you are looking for squee)

ugh. so i have some basic fundamental issues with 5.5... i really really detest the concept of killing someone for something they might do in the future. it disgusts me. i hated it when it was mordred as a wee little creepy boy and i hate it even more when mordred is a sweet thing that everyone loves (including merlin!) and yet merlin is honestly ready to kill him because the dragon told him so. fuck that. there is no honour is defending arthur's life by killing a boy who has shown only love and respect for arthur. saved him twice over. fuck visions. fuck destiny. fuck the dragon. i don't believe in that shit.

merlin's decision was wrong on so many levels and 'not giving us a magic reveal' is actually one of the LEAST of my complaints. the episode itself was well structured enough and certainly a better quality than many a merlin ep, and the acting was stellar on all counts. completely breathtaking. but it was also awful. it left me feeling awful. it left me with no hope for the future. any resolution and true understanding between merlin and arthur i can't imagine finding believable. i don't trust the writers to pull it off.

i do understand that maybe merlin's choice was meant to be wrong, but i think the writers want us to believe it was wrong only because it didn't succeed. it me it was just WRONG. the spirit with which it was done was wrong. nothing, nothing about that decision was right.

the only thing i will concede is that magic has no place in camelot. >.> and what i mean by that is that only person to ever do good with there magic seems to be merlin. the three ominous ladies in this ep seriously creeped me out. would i want to agree to their terms? fuck no. you don't get to come into my kingdom and hold peoples lives in the balance as you demand i respect your religion. what exactly are the merlin writers doing???? are they trying to say that magic is evil? that magic corrupts and manipulates? that people with magic aren't peacefully fighting for their right to co-exist, but demanding through threats and blackmail that their way is the only way and must be embraced. because dude, i'm not into that. and for that reason alone, i'm glad merlin made the choice he did.

magic ~like that~ has no place in camelot. a conversion of the kingdom to the old religion actually gives me chills after the way those three zealots were talking.

so yeah... 5.5... an interesting episode that could have been brilliant. instead it left me wondering if i'll ever look forward to another merlin episode again. i seriously doubt it. (i'm well spoiled for the next few). i know a lot of people feel differently. i respect that. i'm not a fan of feeling like characters and relationships are broken beyond repair. i like tv that makes me happy.

i don't even know were to start. the above is already so negative... ugh. sometimes i feel like criticizing merlin is like picking up a toddlers drawing and mocking their use of crayon. i want to like it for what it is.

i actually really liked seeing morgana and gwen together. loved it, tbh. is this the first merlin episode since S1 that actually passed the bechdel test???? i don't mind that it was all torture/mind games ... they spoke to each other. that was cool. i really liked that gwen was refusing to eat, refusing to drink. she'd rather starve to death than be a pawn. i approve, bb. too bad the (gasp!) twist is that you weren't strong enough.

i really which we'd had more exploration of gwen's weakness in this. why the screaming and the laughing??? you know what would have been horrifying? her seeing arthur actually say cruel things. see arthur talk to one of his knights about how he's embarrassed by gwen. how when gwen makes a suggestion in council he blushes for her. how he looks at the land he could have gotten marrying mithian and knows he made the wrong decision. have her see the knights agree with him. days and days of that... yes, she would learn to hate him, not trust anything he says.

idek... too much screaming for me.

i did love queen mab. omg... I LOVED HER. she stole the episode for me. *goes back to rewatch her tiny tiny scene*

also loved Arthur truly freaking out over being lost in the forest and losing precious time and merlin using his magic to lead the knights. that was cool.

so ... anyone want to bet whether or not we'll get any explanation about morgana's capture? or will it be like the awesomeness of agravaine and the lost plot of how the uncle came to be?

okay. i'm done. debbie downer is out. off to go to the happy place of writing fanfic where all this can be ignored and/or fixed.
merlin fandom... i love you smf no matter how badly these last few eps are disappointing me.

i'll close this off with link to the Teen Wolf Fall Harvest Round Up Week 1 . Guys - seriously awesome fic and art have been posted so far. And plenty of rare pairs! And the one gen (lydia-focused) is so gorgeous.

anyway.... also here's insta-rec for you before I disappear:
Love Comes in Spurts by talktowater
Derek/Stiles [NC-17](26k)
Summary: Stiles has always had sort of a hero worship thing going on with Scott's step-brother Derek so moving into a house with him freshman year was basically fulfilling a childhood fantasy. Discovering how Derek was putting himself through college, well that was a whole other fantasy that Stiles didn't even know he had.
Unexpectedly good porn industry AU. I'm not always a fan but this had way way more going on than just porn-as-easy-plot-device-to-get-dick-in-ass.

ty kayoko! <3
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Busy weekend was busy.

Also I am sick. Boo.

But I have thoughts on Merlin 4.10
Spoilers )

In other news… [ profile] merlin_holidays starts in about 13 and a half hours… \o/
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so - I decided for the first time to go completely spoiler free. Which means my reactions is OTT with no chance to really absorb the story that is being told and 'numb' myself to the bits I didn't like or talk coherently about the stuff I did like.

BE WARNED - nonsensical typing while watching reaction to 4.09 after cut.

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w/e... Merlin 4.06

cannot help myself from posting - SPOILERS )

sorry that was totally incomprehensible. I'm a little excited. Off to re-watch with Mr. M.
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Merlin Prompt Fest @ [ profile] merlin_muses

Posting has begun!!!

This Trailer for Merlin [spoilers, but also TALK OF PEEING. ajgdfkljgdfkgjldfjgdflgjdfgjfkld - SHOW, I LOVE YOU]

And this clip from Merlin 4.02 - [SPOILERS and AWESOMENESS]

I had a dream last night that was a coda to Merlin 4.01 - I need that machine that takes fics out of my head and types it into my laptop, Dear Fandom geniuses, please get on that!

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