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Shared Destiny by ~ enednoviel Merlin and Arthur [WS]

And yet another big bang rec (yes, I'm still poking my way through that list!)

Mykonos by [ profile] flypaw Arthur/Merlin [Nc-17, warnings] (140k)
Summary: Future AU. After a seeing-stone washes up on the shores of Ealdor, the last Island left after the great floods and rising Ocean, Merlin sees their salvation - a Sky City named Camelot. When he wakes up on the shores of the Sky City, Merlin starts to realise the New World is nothing as it was fabled. It is then that Merlin begins his journey to meet the 'dragon' that called him there, realising that nothing in Camelot is what it seems. Together they begin a revolution against a blind king and the foundations the New World was built on, uncovering even deeper secrets that were thought to be buried with the Old World when the land sunk.
I really love this AU. It’s a futuristic dystopia with the Earth being swallowed by water, and Merlin stuck one of the only bits of land left. This fic is very grand in scale, taking Merlin through a journey of discovering his own magic, discovering a world beyond his simple island, starting to believe in himself and understand the seemingly insurmountable tasks that lay ahead of him. To begin with, this is very much a Merlin-centric story (It is about 100k before Arthur is even mentioned). But the story as a whole is about their combined roles in saving their people. A really fascinating read of complex world-building with a good amount of Merlin and Arthur’s destiny with benefits.
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The Ivy Crown by [ profile] dayari Merlin/Arthur, Gwaine [NC-17] (251k)
Summary: [Post-S3 crossover with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle.] Merlin couldn't have picked a worse time to finally tell Arthur about his magic. In the wake of the battle against the immortal army, a strange visitor disrupts the court, calling himself the Green Knight and proposing a test of the court's integrity. Although Uther turns him away, several of Camelot's northern allies end up mysteriously beheaded over the next few months, and Arthur, Merlin and the knights set out to investigate. They encounter more than they'd bargained for on the way—a reckless young boy, a lady in search of a husband, a centuries-old fairytale that holds more than a grain of truth... and a challenge that ends up being more than just a game.
First – I don’t know the tale of the Green Knight, and I think the fic reads very well with very little knowledge of that story. Second – as a lover of word economy, it's very rare for me to ever attempt to read a fic this long and even more rare for me to finish it. The author was very clever at keeping the story interesting, the characters' relationships deliciously engaging without giving in too easily or so much push-pull in the UST that the reader goes crazy from the lack of payoff. Speaking of UST – The Arthur/Merlin dynamic in this really spot on. Their entire relationship in this fic is basically a reveal fall out and it’s wonderfully done with lots of tension and emotions and both of them wanting things to be back the way they were but not able to find the way. Oh! And the sex (and there is some, eventually) is brilliantly hot. Outside of the M/A I adored the characterisation of each knight and the OC's. Gwaine and Leon especially really came alive in this fic for me. Great storytelling all around.
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still working my way through [ profile] paperlegend fics...

What You Mean to Me (Right Now) by [ profile] wanderhomeagain Arthur/Merlin [NC-17, warnings] (37k)
Summary: When Arthur Pendragon lost his leg his leg below the knee after an auto accident three years ago, he shut everyone out. Now with the help of his sister, some meddling kids friends, and a bastard of an ex-boyfriend who has the temerity to get off with someone else, Arthur begins to learn that he can let himself enjoy life in the company of others, especially the new pharmacist Gwen sent him to see.
This was a delightful h/c. I enjoyed the exploration of Arthur’s struggles, his self-image issues caused by his amputation. I think the author treated the matter with respect, and paired it well with Merlin who is sensitive and caring, but also not without his own scars. Very good read.

The Five Kingdoms by [ profile] misswinterhill Merlin/Gwaine [NC-17] (81k)
Summary: It was meant to be a solo quest — Merlin struggling to find ingredients for a spell to save King Arthur’s life — until Gwaine was sent to check on him and decided to stay. Now he’ll follow Merlin to the four kingdoms of the elements and back to the mortal realm, meet his own destiny at the Green Chapel, and become the willing champion of the most powerful sorcerer to ever live.
There are a lot of ‘Quest’ fics out there, and this one without a doubt deserves the title ‘Epic Quest.’ Everything thing in this fic is done on a grand scale: amazing adventures, fascinating OCs, humour and pathos and triumph over adversity. I really appreciated the friendship and love between Merlin and Gwaine that went far beyond sexual attraction to being true partners in every sense and the Arthur factor was dealt with handily. Vague Spoilers: While Arthur was absent for the majority of the fic, he is still a specter between them (certainly from Gwaine’s POV) and not ignored to serve the plot. But rest assured that by the end of the fic Arthur is standing tall and proud with Merlin at his side. And Gwaine where he should be at Merlin’s side. Smiles all around.
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Psst!!! Steampunk fans!!! Check this one out, and you don't need to follow Merlin to enjoy this fic.

Beat Your Heart In Time With Mine by [ profile] peasnbeanstalks Merlin/Arthur [R] (40k)
This is a non-magical, steampunk AU. The writing is gorgeous, the world building is everything I could want from a steampunk fic. I loved the mystery of the town, it was eery and disturbing in a Doctor Who episode kind of way - like everything is normal and yet you ~know~ there is something off about the town. Also Merlin and his obsessions with fiddling with things, clocks and gears and trains and how everything works - the whole characterisation worked for me. As did Arthur, who was brave and cocky and there was a lot going on beneath the surface but Merlin's POV only gave us small glimpses of it. Wonderful crafted fic.

and I'm going to rec for a second time the gorgeous art accompanying this fic by [ profile] sweetestel because I think the art itself is a perfect rec for this fic.
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World is on Fire by [ profile] aqualillium Arthur/Merlin
Summary : 4 pieces of art for the story by vesperdivum! (AU Fahrenheit 451)

[gorgeous - and I want this fic soooo bad now!]

beautiful scene from Men for All Seasons depicted as comic by [ profile] amphigoury Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine

[I adore amph - might have mentioned that a millions times now, and I adore all the emotion she put into this scene, which is one of my favs from the fic]

Men for All Seasons by [ profile] new_kate [R] (56k) Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Reincarnation story set in 1940. In Albion's hour of need Arthur is brought back from his rest in Avalon. He learns that the world is at war, and that the enemies have dark magic at their disposal. With the help of the mysterious Vril society the invaders are about to gain air superiority and become unstoppable. Only Merlin could fight the new magical threat, but Merlin has been missing for a long time...
This is a magical historical AU, taking place during WWI. I love the original take on reincarnation of this fic. There is something very right about the land calling back Arthur every time it needs him, and Arthur just jumping into battle, ready to die (forfeit the new life he’d given) to help his kingdom in a time of need. I also liked how the horrors of WWII are dealt with, not in gratuitous detail, but enough that the reader understands the importance of this war, and what is means to England as well as the rest of the world. Fascinating read.


Sign ups are open for the [ profile] merlinreversebb.
A Merlin challenge where artists make art that authors claim to write fics off of!

Sign Ups: Artist | Author | Fic and Art Betas

Art Recs

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catboy by [ profile] novemberlite [NWS!] Arthur/Merlin, implied
This is way hotter than Merlin with a tail is allowed to be. Ever. But now that I have that kink unlocked… UNF.

Art from Big Bangs

I'm so behind on reading big bangs and I don’t know if I'll ever be caught up, so I want to rec some art of fics I haven't read yet just so they get some appreciation while I fail at reading all the words fast enough.

These are all WS and of various pairings and characters depending on the fics they depict.

Art for Beat Your Heart In Time With Mine by [ profile] sweetestel

Art for Britain Boys by [ profile] deathjunke

Art for (Love Or) A Feeling Like It by [ profile] chosenfire28

Art for Blue Skies over Bad Lands by [ profile] gwyntastic

Art for Werewolf of London by [ profile] amythystluna

Trailer for Shadows and Stone by [ profile] hmsharmony

Art for Seven Steps by [ profile] tindu

Art for Paroniria by [ profile] iichristinll

Art for When The World Comes Crumbling Down (I've got you to piece it back together again) by [ profile] thepowerofme

Art for Nothing Ever Promised by [ profile] feyuca

Art for Mykonos by [ profile] octopielovies

Art for Tinker, Tailor, Wizard, Spy by [ profile] the_little_owl

It only takes a minute to look at the art; take a second minute and leave some love. <3
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Straws In The Wind by [ profile] i_claudia [NC-17] (75k)Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Merlin meets Arthur when Arthur runs him over on the ski slopes. Everything goes downhill from there.
Beautiful Art by [ profile] chosenfire28
This fic was an amazingly quick read for 75k. I rushed through it, loved the story and the characterization of both Merlin and Arthur. I loved that they were faulted, but still likeable. I still understood where each were coming from and was rooting for them both the whole way. I like that their relationship was bumpy and complicated as any relationship with two people from such different lives and expectations would naturally be. There is some Merlin/Gwaine in this fic, which I know it's a concern for some of you (myself included), but I think it was handled very well. Also, the sex in this fic was panty-melting delicious. Yum!
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Worth Fighting For by [ profile] dreamdustmama Arthur/Merlin [NC-17, warnings] (47k)
Summary: In a world where magic is on the brink of being banned and sorcerers are looked upon as second-class citizens, Merlin Emrys does whatever is necessary to protect his loved ones and help those who are like him. Arthur Pendragon, despite his father's open hatred of magic, has never had a reason to care one way or the other – until he discovers that his sister Morgana has powers, and is working underground to rescue those being targeted by the government. Merlin fights with words while Arthur is forced to face the truth about what is really happening to those who use magic, and despite an earlier encounter, it isn't until a chance meeting between them one night that their worlds truly collide.
First: This is a prequel to Echoes of Yesterday. It is not at all necessary to have read that first; this fic very much stands on its own. I loved Echoes and recced it enthusiastically back in day. This fic does stand nicely on its own, but having read Echoes, there are plenty of things that made my heart jump in that ‘oh! That’s where that comes from’ moments which felt like icing on the cake. For those who have not read Echoes – this is a compelling Magical!Modern AU, with magic currently legal, but the people who practice it are oppressed. The depth of the world building, the complexity of the cast of characters, the execution of a clever plot is some of the best I’ve read in this fandom. One of my favourite things about Echoes is BAMF!Arthur with a kickass gun. It’s an image I always have in my mind as I think back on the fic and I love how this sequel takes us through the journey of how pampered, rich, non-political Arthur becomes the man I fell in love with in Echoes. This is a brilliant prequel. Now I’m off to re-read Echoes.

Art for Worth Fighting For by [ profile] amythystluna
This art is just stunning and so many wonderful pieces depicting the key moments of this story. I love this artist’s style, each piece really pops off the page to me. Also... EXCALIBUR!!!! ♥ I never thought of myself as a gun person but I love that gun.

As an aside: I loved Echoes, but I was wary about starting this one, worried about where it ended as Echoes begins in a bad place. This fic takes place 10 years before Echoes begins. Feel free to PM me or DDM about it if you want more info. I can tell you that this is not as angsty as the first fic, but as a prequel the ending leaves things...well waiting for Echoes to resolve the ‘big picture’ issues. It does stand on it's own, but I can't imagine finishing this and not wanting to then read Echoes.
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Masked by [ profile] pathera pre-slash Merlin/Arthur, minor Merlin/Gwaine [R, warnings] (53k)
Summary: Heroes are made, not born, and this is how it's done. Merlin is born with magic, but it takes more than that to become a superhero in a city that casts them as the enemy. In between balancing his day job as a personal assistant to Arthur Pendragon--who happens to be the son of a man leading the crusade against magic--and jumping off rooftops by night as the Warlock, Merlin has to try to keep his dual identity intact and stop a twenty-year old vendetta from destroying everything he knows. This is far easier said than done.
I think a lot of people might skip this fic because of the lack of romance. It is pre-slash (or really just Gen) But the Merlin and Arthur's friendship/destiny/budding bond is a key element to this fic and while there are no smooches, there are still plenty of element about M/A that I love. This fic is an excellent, entertaining read. I loved the authors style and humor as well as the intensity of the action scene. It was a very 'easy' 50k to get through and in stalking the comments, I see that the author does have a sequel planned. I'll be looking forward to that because I'm a not ready to leave this verse. Note on the Merlin/Gwaine for those of you that are concerned, it is a very minor part of the fic. let me know if you want spoilers.

And pimping...

looking so forward to this! while the h/d version of fandom games were tainted with wank, it did produce some of my absolute favourite fics in fandom. I think with the right mentality (fandom's for fun!) the games can be pulled off brilliantly. :D
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Living in Hearts Left Behind by [ profile] giselleslash [Nc-17] (36k) Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Arthur has been living abroad for several years, wanting to get as far away from his family and the expectations placed on him as possible, but the unexpected death of his brother brings him back home where he must confront the things that drove him away. He has to deal with the guilt of not being in his brother's life for the last few years, and how much he missed because of that, as well as coming to terms with the fact that maybe his father isn't the unreachable man he thought he was. Making everything more complicated is his brother's boyfriend, Merlin, who might just be his salvation if their guilt and sadness doesn't drown them before they even get started.
While this author usually rocks my world with her sexy fluff, this one is a great big ball of angst. It is an exploration of grief, of that guilt and awkwardness that comes from dealing with a death that is massive and complicated and there are no rules on how you are supposed to act (am I allowed to smile, right now? am I allowed to remember his faults?) - it was well done and something I could deeply relate to. The journey from grief to healing, acquaintance to friendship to love was beautifully done. The author also gives us a very different Arthur. He is broken and confused, the 'disappointing' second son who wants to break free from his father's expectations. The dynamic of this Arthur meeting and equally emotionally messed up Merlin and somehow finding peace in each other really worked for me.

With a gorgeous series of art by [ profile] waltzing_mice [Warnings for spoilers for the fic, also NWS]
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Destiny That Darkly Hides Us by [ profile] nympha_alba Merlin/Arthur [NC-17, warnings] (40k)
Summary: Historical AU with magic. It's 1913, the practice of homosexuality is unlawful, so is the practice of magic. When Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys meet as Cambridge undergrads, they are both hungry for a real and true connection without secrets. For a short time they believe they may have found it. But war breaks out and separates them, and it seems unlikely that they will meet again. After all, what are the odds?
I'm not big on war fics, or war films or really anything to do with war. I'm such a wuss when it comes to the grit and pain of war. So, while this is a historical AU in which WWI happens and affects the characters dramatically, I think it would be selling this story short by calling it a war fic. I would consider it more a journey of Arthur and Merlin's relationship through the many obstacles of school and the class system and politics and, of course, the war that all occur in the early 1900's. That said, the war scenes are incredibly powerful, depicted with respect and realism, yet fleeting enough that I wasn't drowning in the angst of it. There is a lot of wonderful things going on in this fic and in the end, I was left very satisfied on all counts, particularly beauty of the love story. And the writing is nothing short of stunning.

And the art just got posted! (Sorry for being too impatient to wait)

Art by [ profile] tindu

It is PERFECT!!! Perfect Art! and not spoilery, if you worry about that. :)
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Can I just rave about the art for this fic for a minute because [insert keyboard mash] the art is stunning???

ART for From The Ashes by [ profile] catsinthecoffee
That last pic in that post is possibly one of my favourite pieces of M/A art ever. So GORGEOUS.

now onto the fic...

From The Ashes by [ profile] randomslasher Merlin/Arthur [NC-17, warnings] (42k)
Summary: When Merlin uses magic to save Arthur’s life, he is condemned to death, and Arthur is too late to save him. But when the grief-stricken prince, along with Morgana and Gwen, journeys to Ealdor to return Merlin’s ashes, a series of strange events leads them to believe the warlock may not be as dead as they thought.
I'm an absolute sucker for this kind of fic. Love rolling around in the angst that I know is going to get resolved. (thank you, spoilery smexy art) I also have a thing for guilt-ridden!Arthur who discovers gasp!toolate! that Merlin has magic. I also loved the S1 feel of this whole fic. Brings me back to happy times when I actually thought there was going to me a reveal in midway through S1. Very enjoyable read that hit lots of my buttons.
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Why We Fight by [ profile] pallorsomnium
Merlin/Arthur [NC-17, warnings at main post] (94k)
Summary: Canon!AU Fusion with Carol Berg’s Transformation. Age-old prophecies foretold the descent of Albion into chaos after the fall of Carmarthen. Only with the King and Warlock can Albion be saved. All his people believe that Merlin is Emrys, the Warlock in all the prophecies. But when the kingdom Carmarthen actually does fall, Merlin is taken as a slave and stripped of his magic. All hope for Albion is lost. Thirteen years later, Merlin is bought as the personal writing slave to the prince of the kingdom responsible for Carmarthen’s fall—Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. He soon finds himself caught in the middle of a plot to take over not only Camelot, but all of Albion.
This fic is a brilliant bit of storytelling. I read the summary and the warnings and I really was ready to skip because it's a fusion with a fandom I do not know, the warnings made me nervous and I found the summary overwhelming. BUT!!! Then I decided to read the first 'bit' and I was floored. It's a beautifully written, incredibly compelling, fast paced story. The plot is complex but not convoluted. I had no problem understanding the politics, despite the fusion (I just pretended it was original concepts in the author's head and that worked for me). It felt like a fully fleshed out original novel, but yet the characters were truly Merlin characters. Hmmm... not sure I'm doing it justice. But definitely, if you enjoy politics and world-building and a completely fresh look at Arthur and Merlin's journey towards uniting Albion and bringing Magic back, then I highly recommend this amazing fic. re: warnings, this is a slave fic and Merlin's treatment did make my heartache. There are part that were hard to read, but it was within my tolerance level - feel free to PM me if you want details.
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Champagne from a paper cup (is never quite the same) by [ profile] anna_zee [NC-17] (38k) Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Modern AU with magic. Arthur is a professional footballer on the verge of making history. Merlin is a medical student with special powers who's just been hired to work for Arthur's club. You know the rest.
Fantastic fic. So much fun. I love football star!Arthur so much, and I've always wanted to read a Merlin as football team medic fic and this is just... everything... absolutely everything I wanted. A bit of magic and massages and prat!Arthur being a prat and yet not able to keep his eyes off Merlin. I devoured it in record time because I just couldn't put it down. Brilliant stuff.
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The Magic Bean by [ profile] cassie_black12 Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (49k)
Summary: Morgana has a habit of getting Merlin into scrapes of one sort or another. But introducing him to her brother, Arthur, may have just set in motion the most eventful one yet.
This is a fun Modern AU. A nice mixture of heartache, humour, UST and friendship. Merlin here is a bit messed up from a previous relationship and has a hard time trusting; Arthur is a player who is hard to trust. Their path to understanding each other isn’t easy. A really lovely read.
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A Fistful of Infinity and Starlight by [ profile] junkshop_disco Gwaine/Merlin [NC-17] (64k)
Summary: Uther’s insane, Morgana’s plotting a new assault on Camelot, and Arthur and his knights are clueless but supposedly in charge. In the midst of it, Gwaine finds himself harbouring feelings for a man who apparently has a destiny, and learns something new about magic: it doesn’t play fair, and serving it shakes everything you hold dear – whether you’re a sorcerer or not.
adorable art by [ profile] matchsticks_p
This is a brilliant read. Gwaine is just... spot on. I quite literally burst out laughing in a number of places because his comments were so so Gwaine. I loved the Merlin/Gwaine relationship and the way that Arthur remained, without question, a defining part of Merlin’s life – and not at the expense of Gwaine. But that Gwaine was there to love and support Merlin in his destiny and not lead him down a different path. Also the Gwaine and Arthur moments of conflict where at times hilarious and often heart wrenching. Great plot, great characterisations, great story telling. Love all around.
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Fractured Fairytale by [ profile] fuzzytomato02 Arthur/Merlin [R] (47k)
Summary: Arthur does not believe in magic. At all. Which is bad for him since he’s been sucked into a parallel universe where he keeps running into people he knows who don’t know him. Even worse, his guide is a hapless kind of sorcerer, they’ve received dodgy directions from his morally dubious half-sister, and some leathery winged beast keeps going on about some kind of quest and destiny. Arthur will be lucky to get out of his current predicament alive much less be able to get back to his own life.
Beautiful Art This Way by [ profile] teaandtimecake

This is a fantastic adventure. While it is a fairytale, it is not sickly-sweet. It has a modern AU Arthur who lost a bit of himself when his mother died and never seemed to find it again. Then while reading a book, he falls asleep and finds himself in the Camelot canon world – as Camelot would be if there was no Arthur in it. The 'modern' Arthur makes his way through this new world meeting his friends and seeing them all in a new light, finally understanding them (and himself in the process). The Merlin and Arthur dynamic is perfectly delightful and the plot and gang of characters very well done. Excellent read. And gorgeous art.
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Here are a few Art only recs from [ profile] paperlegends while I'm working my way through the next delightful story.

The Rescue by [ profile] amphigoury Arthur/Merlin [PG]
Summary: Comic for a scene from a story that was to be a part of the 2011 PaperLegends Merlin Big Bang: Merlin rescues Arthur and his Knights from a cell.
This is a standalone art submission for this round. I love this artists work with comics and the pieces here are all stunning.

Art Post: End of Reign by [ profile] glenienGen, various characters [G]
Beautiful work at matching the canon look with a modern au look. I haven’t read the fic yet, but I love the concept portayed here. Well done graphic art.

Art Post: Now I Will Unsettle The Ground Beneath You by [ profile] goss Arthur/Merlin [NC-17]
This work is just breathtaking.
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Wicked Game by [ profile] winterstorrm Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Gwaine, Arthur/Others, Merlin/Others [NC-17] (42k)
Summary: Arthur's the King of Camelot…nightclub. He can pick and choose who he wants, and he does – often – no promises and absolutely no repeats. The night he chooses Merlin might just be his undoing.
With lovely art by [ profile] savagesnakes

This isn't a fic for everyone. Lots of promiscuity, casual sex and infidelity. Also plenty of heart-wrenching moments with one partner wanting monogamy and the other wanting an open relationship. It’s a really achy, sexy, filthy, deliciously angsty fic. I don’t always like these; in some fics, Arthur can be too cold for me to understand and I end up hating the character and just wishing Merlin with someone else. But this author 'sold' me on this Arthur with all his really fucked up views of relationships and love and sex. While I wanted Merlin to be happy, I also wanted Arthur to be happy too and I actually believed that they could manage that together (when they actually got themselves sorted). And that's what made all the heartache worth it.
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On Tethered Wings by [ profile] thuri Merlin/Arthur [R] (43k)
Summary: A dragon lord who doesn't know his power, a prince who doesn't know his heritage, and a broken king who doesn't know their destiny. What will happen, when the dragonriders of Camelot break free their bonds, and their mounts rise up once more?
ART by [ profile] lukita and ART by [ profile] randomslasher
This fic is an absolute gem. I don't know this author, but I peeked at the art and knew I had to read. (though the art is spoilery, so fair warning). I love the world building done in this fic, not a re-telling of canon - but a drastically different universe set during canon time. From Merlin and Arthur's very first meeting, and Merlin's entrance into Camelot we see that this is not at all 'our' canon. It's brilliantly done, with great depth to this 'tamed' dragon verse with lots of unexpected twists and I'm completely in love with it. And the art, both sets - are beautifully done.


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