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[ profile] alby_mangroves is hosting a

Write-together comment fest!
The rules:

- start a new fic by posting a comment - I'll post one to start us off
- keep a fic going by posting a reply to the comment
- ideally each instalment should be no more than 50 words. I'm thinking basically a para per comment, but it can be as few words as you like
- make it as porny/funny/angsty as you like, just know that it might not stay that way

All fandoms, all pairings welcome, anon posting welcome.

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Another little pthon fic.

No Pirate’s Life for Me by marguerite_26

Merlin/Arthur | 1.1k | R

Summary: The screams still echoed in his head so Arthur took another drink. Around him the crew were laughing, even drunker than Arthur had managed, though he’d been at it for hours.

The booty had been glorious. His father had stood at the helm, his gold tooth glinting in the setting sun, telling everyone to drink their fill and dance to the sound of the gold coins below deck as they rolled with sway of the waves.

The rum turned sour in Arthur’s belly as he reached for his cup with blood stained hands.
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I’m reposting my little ficlets from the 2013 Merlin summerpornathon over the next couple of weeks. This is the first:

The Omega Run by marguerite_26

Merlin/Arthur | 1.3k | NC-17

Warnings/Content Notes: Canon AU, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, knotting, fuck or die, sex pollen, underage… you know, the usual.

Summary: Arthur immediately recognises what he has stumbled upon. He has heard rumours of the barbaric practice still occurring, but he hadn’t believed it could be on Camelot’s soil again. Omega Runs have been banned from this land for more than twenty years, but this couldn’t be anything else.
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Sign-ups for [ profile] merlin_holidays begin Sept 24 at 10 am Eastern

Sign ups open tomorrow at 10 EDT!!! First come, first served for writers spots, so if you are looking to sign up BE READY.

proxy sign up are welcome.

artist spots are unlimited.
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I love Rent boy fics. LOVE THEM. However, this morning I got overwhelmed and tweeted:

All these fics with Stiles needing to turn tricks to pay for his dad's hospital bills is like a giant add for universal health coverage.
Everyone needs to move to Canada. D:

which prompted: #ifTeenWolfwassetinCanada

and a whole lot of amazing ideas spammed my timeline. So, twist my arm and here we go.

The 'Oh Canada' Comment fest.

So prompt away! Any fandom, any pairing!

What would the popular tropes be in your fandom if it were set in Canada?

Give me all the Poutine!shop AUs, all the trips to Hôtel de Glace... you have to know that EVERYONE looks good in a Mountie uniform.

ART, Gifs, Fic - whatever you want to contribute, eh?

Now Pimpable:


[ART] Arthur and Merlin as Snowbird pilots by [ profile] amphigoury
[ART] “The Screech-In” by [ profile] amphigoury
Hockey-Player!Arthur/Merlin by [ profile] cb_eaglemaniac
Merlin/Arthur - Arthur obsessed with Anne of Green Gables by [ profile] oflittleuse
Merlin/Arthur - 'The Last Saskatchewan Pirate' done as 'The Last Camelot Sorceror' by [ profile] kattale
The One Where Merlin's and Arthur's Tongues Get Acquainted by [ profile] emjayelle
Pulling On A Line (Merlin/Arthur) by [ profile] fuckyeah

[Teen Wolf]
Derek would be the grumpiest mummer who ever lived and the only sober one. by [ profile] medie
Stiles/Derek, hitchhiking by [ profile] twisting_vine_x
Capp U! (Stiles/Derek) by [ profile] thecheekydragon


Jan. 23rd, 2013 03:54 pm
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WHAT THE FUCK. Colin Morgan won an NTA for Best Actor in a Drama.



(ahahaha... that hair... he's filming rn, so I'll assume that's why??)

ANYWAY - if you missed it:

And LOLOLOLOL at everyone being all: wait? Merlin's Irish??? ahahahahahhaha

ALSO Bradley being all proud /crying

Post-award interview with Radio Times
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The episode commentaries are out for the last block of Merlin eps. And oh, boy. are they OUT. *cough*

Can we have a Merlin/Arthur gif party celebrating Merlin and Arthur basically becoming canon?



ETA2: My excerpts of the transcript, if you don't want to read the whole thing
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So... MERLIN....

Thoughts on 5.13 )

so... I was wondering if anyone has decided to run a fix-it/reincarnation fest? If it would encourage ppl to write, I might be interested in hosting. BUT if people are already writing and drawing and inspired then a fest is not necessary. If I were to do one it would be prompt based (with an option to write your own prompt) and self-posting (ie: not anon). SUPER CASUAL. Any thoughts?

Yay. Covered. Check out [ profile] fuckyeah`s [ profile] merlin_redux!

Also, if you happen to read/write see/draw fic or art inspired by the merlin finale, let drop me a note here and i,ll start a masterlist for those of us (me) who need a few days to process it all before we dive in.
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thanks to [ profile] hardticket for pointing me to it! jafksdjgdfkljgdflj

Fingers crossed for Oct 1 first ep.

:D <----------- me rn.

All the bits of spoilers for the first ep everywhere are making be dance around the house like a fool while I'm trying get stuff done this morning. I need a TARDIS so I hop into October like rtfn.

Also THIS - whatever Something for the Weekend is... Bradley and Colin will be on it Next Sunday and everything is brilliant this morning.

ETA: OH! and here is B&C on Something for the Weekend last time (if, like me, you haven't seen it)
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Spoilers for Merlin S4 - not sure if they are really 'new' )

yes, yes... I'm supposed to be word warring... gah! lack of focus!
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Bradley James/his trophy are my new OTP.


Finally made it to bed after an amazing day. (Yes, the trophies are in bed with me) night all

I am so dead with how adorakable this man is.

Also, such pretty, pretty boyz, in case you missed them. Sorry - flocked now. Looks like someone linked BJ to that lj post. NOT ON PEOPLE. She's all locked up now.

Thanks to [ profile] ayalleda who attended the match today and took a bazillion pics which she has promised to share soon.

Where can I get Bradely/trophy slash??? WHERE? why does this not exist yet?
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by oOMathiildeOo

thank you to [ profile] myworldmytrue for bring it to my attention. You may have my first born. (he's a pain in the arse... sorry about that).
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If you are looking for pics and details of Bradley James' charity football match, there's a great post here:

Bradley at The Big Match 2011

Apparently: A "supporter"/viewer called Nick in the stadium apparently said Bradley used to babysit his kids years ago.

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For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, glomp fest is a way to celebrate those of you in fandom that do not get enough thanks. Writers and artists are blessed with a lot of feedback in this fandom, in exchange fests we are given the opportunity to receive gifts from other writers and artists that was made just for us.

But the readers, commenters, reccers and lurkers in this fandom make our world go round. This is a way to give back to you, in a way that we usually don't get the opportunity to.

So if your primary contribution to Merlin fandom is not as an author or artist and you'd like to receive something special about Merlin/Arthur or Bradley/Colin, just for you - sign up! don't be shy!

A few months ago, we did this in HP fandom and it was a HUGE success.
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Merlin Season 3 will premiere in Canada on Jan 15! YAY!!!

Typing update for the 3 of you that care: Page 58 of 58!!! I am DONE, BABY. Well the typing, which was my goal. Unfortunately, there are bits that look like: “Yes. In the war of... [insert boring something here]” and Geoffrey handed the parchment to Arthur [Arthur’s emotional reaction - details, important moment] LOL - just a bit of editing required.

Also I lost a scene - what the hell! I typed it all in, the entire fic, and then I was like, shit. I know I wrote a scene with X and Y. WHERE IS IT??? It took me an hour to find it, such is my organizational skills. (it was scribbled on the back of an outline)

Anyway! YAY! I'm looking forward to my favourite part - the clean up.

In less self-indulgent news, [ profile] merlin_holidays posted our Reveal YAY! What a great fest that was. I'm definitely looking forward to next year, though I wanna write next time!

So now that reveals are up, I'm going to add all the authors' names into my rec posts, then I hope to be able to update the big rec lists next week.

Hmm... You know - I might need to consider splitting those lists soon. :/ I'm afraid they aren't going to fit in one LJ post much longer. Maybe by size? Like under 3k in one list and and 3k+ in another... IDEK - any suggestions?
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Knight Shippings Week at [ profile] camelot_knights will run from Monday 3rd January - Sunday 9th January. Het, slash and polyship all welcome!


Monday: Prompts
Tuesday: Picspam
Wednesday: Squee/Discussion
Thursday: Arthurian connection
Friday: Kink Meme prompts
Saturday: Recs/pimps
Sunday: Free for all!

Click on banner for further information.

I haven't had time to play but it looks delish. *gropes knights*
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My kids have started to watch Inspector Gadget every morning.

For those that may not know (or remember) the basic premise of each episode is as follows:
With the help of his niece (Penny) and her dog (Brain), Gadget inadvertently saves the day, his nemesis escapes and his boss arrives to congratulate Gadget on a job well done. Gadget is left clueless as to what actually is going on and Penny and Brain's help remains a secret.

Sound familiar Merlin fans?

So... I'm seriously starting to wonder if it is in fact Inspector Gadget and not Superman that JCapps has watched too much of. :/

Needless to say this damn cartoon is endlessly annoying because I can't unsee the comparison and thinking of Arthur as Inspector Gadget is SO DAMN WRONG. *scrubs brain* (er.. that is my brain, not the dog Brain... I think I need more sleep and less cartoons). Hold me.


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