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You know what I would really love??? (bear with me here folks...)

A multi-fandom comment fest where the prompts are all based off old Buffy or Angel:the Series episodes.

Like Teen Wolf does Band Candy where all the adults in town start acting like their teenage selves... (Melissa/Sheriff right?? totally seeing it. Also Chris... yeah. maybe some Chris/Derek happening there)

Merlin Modern AU and everyone gets turned into what they dressed up as for Halloween

Or Something Blue. I want this bad. Someone making random wishes that get interpreted literally. Derek/Stiles thinking they are engaged would be awesome. (esp. if they announce it to everyone, oblivious to peoples' wtf reaction)

OR Smile Time --- Draco is turned into a puppet and Harry thinks this is hilarious. (esp because his hair is all messy and will NOT behave) or (obviously) Derek turned into a puppet >>>> anything ever. OR OR OR

Dopplegang Land. POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS... don't even get me started on Tabula Rasa....

Yes, I love tropes. I love the way BtVS used tropes, created new tropes. I want to see ALL THE FICS INSPIRED BY THESE TROPES.
What would you guys want to see???
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I don't know about anyone else, but I found last night's episode very … inspiring.

So much so that I need to write something and I want to read EVERYTHING that has to do with that ep.

Therefore I'm shamelessly stealing this concept from the [ profile] speedpr0nz community (and hope the lovely mods don't mind -- this is a tiny one-off thing).

The challenge:
1) Watch Merlin 4.04 (if you haven't yet)
2) Write or draw for up to 2 hours.
3) post the result here and/or in your own journal
4) betas are not required – this is just quick and dirty porn
5) porn is also not required.

The only thing that is required is that your entry was somehow, in some way inspired by Merlin 4.04 and that you only spent 2 hrs on it.

Feel free to post gifs or prompts (based on 4.04) to help inspire people. Feel free to pimp.

For reference purposes:

Warning: There will surely be spoilers in the comments of this post.

List of awesome stuff created for this fest

Arthur & Aithusa (G) by [ profile] yorkshirewench
We Have Nothing If Not Belief (Merlin/Arthur) PG by [ profile] jammeke
Revenge Goes Both Ways | Arthur/Merlin | PG by [ profile] reiya_wakayama
Everybody Take Your Places (Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Knights) NC-17 by [ profile] nu_breed
4.04 Coda (Arthur/Merlin) NC-17 by [ profile] marguerite_26
Proper Title, Due Respect (Merlin/Arthur) NC-17 by [ profile] gilli_ann
Another morning in Camelot - Arthur/Merlin, NC-17 by [ profile] lullabylily
Distractions Arthur/Merlin, NC-17 by [ profile] cas74
After the Waterfall, various pairings, NC-17 by [ profile] mabonwitch
Pull Down thy Trousers to Open thy Eyes - Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Merlin (implied), PG by [ profile] jedi_bria

List of more awesome stuff that was inspired by this ep totally outside of this fest but I am linking here anyways
Merlin/Arthur 4.04 gifs by [ profile] lil_lollypop36
The White Dragon of Camelot by [ profile] flypaw
Get That Happy Feeling by [ profile] lady_ragnell
Friendly Vengeance by [ profile] shutupeccles
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When we signed up for [ profile] summerpornathon, [ profile] novemberlite and I had planned to try to out-kink each other each week. We had a point system! And a judge!!! But p-thon prompt/time limit/desire to actually get votes restricted our ability to be as kinky as we would like.

But the thought was always there, bouncing around between us. So we’ve decided to do something else. Monthly or bi-week depending... We’re going to issue a challenge of a particular kink and a posting date. (no crazy point system or judging, I promise *g*)

And we asking any of you kinky little minxes to join us, if you’d like.

Round 1 Challenge:
Kink: Bestiality
Word Count for fics: 1-3k *
Posting date: Oct 18th
*really just a guideline. If you are inspired to go beyond that, it's perfectly fine.

Any fandom, any pairing.
Both Fic and Art are welcome.

On Oct 18th, post it to your own lj, cross post it to whatever appropriate comms. If people want to tell me that they posted, I will gladly post a masterlist of smut.

You don’t need to sign up/tell us you are writing/tell us you lost your muse. This is all very casual. We just want a MORE OF THIS KINK. But part of the point of all this is to post all these fics on the same day. If you are late, we understand. But we are aiming to be flooded with bestiality for day.

After the fics are posted, we’ll issue the next challenge with a new kink.
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Been thinking a lot the last couple days about how much people love recs (which is apparently A LOT!). :D

In HP fandom we have this thing called a ‘hot rec’, run through the [ profile] daily_snitch in which people email the mods when there have been three recs posted (publicly) for a fic.

It’s a way to tell ‘fandom at large’ that a fic is well liked and maybe worth a look.

I was wondering if something like that would work for Merlin? Like a comm that does nothing but hot recs. Yes, it wouldn’t post often, but it would post stuff that was REALLY liked, that people might not hear about if they didn’t have x,y,z on their flists. And all pairings welcome, so if you don’t follow Merlin/Morgana and don’t have a lot of shippers on your flist, you wouldn’t miss that OMG! SO GOOD! Fic that just got written.

How it would work...
People would email the mod *cough* whomeverthatmightbe *cough* with
Fic title, pairing, rating, author
Link to fic
Links to the three (public!) recs

The mod would then post to the comm (HOT REC, GO READ)!
Now clearly, the mod herself is not endorsing the fic. She will be just pointing to something that other people have liked well enough to rec.

Tell me I’m crazy and should do back to cleaning my house. :/
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So I had another one of those mornings where I wake up and think - 'Hey Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!' only there's no Ferb! WAIT! I'm going to change my laptop's name to Ferb so suddenly my life makes sense.

er.. ANYWAY!!! So this morning I'm all like: Dude!!! Merlin's needs more encouragement for multi-shipping! >.> Because I'm a total pairing whore. Anyway... This idea smooched in with a recent conversation with [ profile] lolafeist and [ profile] agenttrojie about their recent 'porn war' and about The One Plot, Many Pairings Experiment.

And I created: [ profile] hotknights - ahaha! can't believe the name wasn't taken already. *iz a dork*

Anyway - I'd like it to be a multi-ship comm, with the caveat that one character in the pairing must be a hot knight.

I think it'd be a good place to hold another little experiment with 'same basic plot' and 'go write what ever pairing you want'

I've also been thinking about an informal Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin fest where you can write any of those three characters in any permutation. hmm... maybe something like [ profile] hds_beltane? IDEK.

anyway! I'm just poking at the idea at the moment and I don't want to launch or officially announce anything until January but I need to SHARE. And gage interest? And see if anyone wanted to volunteer to make a banner/layout?

Should it be slash only? I'm sure it will be slash dominated but I'm not adverse to allowing het. What do you guys think? *pokes you*

ETA!!! Looks like my idea is HARDLY original. LOL. We've already got [ profile] camelot_knights which is... exactly what I described above: a multi-ship comm, with the caveat that one character in the pairing must be a knight.

So alas, [ profile] hotknights, lulz name and all will need to serve a different purpose or none at all. I'll ponder it over the hols. But I do still want to gage interest in that informal Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin fest. :)
And I will likely do another One Plot, Many Pairings but it'll remain in my own lj.

Oh, Ferb, what are we going to do today?
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Maggie cannot come out to play today. She will be getting her [ profile] hd_holidays fic to beta by the end of the day. You see, it's time she stopped procrastinating just because she is early. The fic is very close to being finished and has been for weeks. She now has a house all to herself for the next 6 hours and a large pot of tea. It is time.

Maggie will be back only when that infamous 'email with attachment' is sent off.

As this post is only another sneaky way of allowing her to procrastinate, she must end it now.

Be productive, darlings, in whatever it is you have planned.

Yours, in smut writing solidarity,
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This is a post for the lovely sisters of [ profile] marguerite_26.

Throughout December I invited a few friends on livejournal to comment with a favourite quote or line or moment, vid or clip from any of Harry Potter (movies or books), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series only), Angel (TV series), Firefly or Serenity, Dr Horrible, or Doctor Who.

I hope you can scroll through all these great reflections and feel a part of fandom even if they don't have the time or inclination to be on livejournal. :D

Enjoy. These were all comments made for you two in particular. ♥

I'll start with my favourite Doctor Who moment: EVERYBODY LIVES


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