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[ profile] hp_kinkfest
Prompt Submission: December 12-16 noon EST, 2012
Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: December 20-31, 2012
Posting: begins January 31, 2013

Get your prompt ready!

Kinkfest Round 4 Pimping Banners
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In case you've fallen behind on [ profile] hp_kinkfest, my lovely co-mod makes the best roundup posts:

♦ Weekly Roundup Week 1 ♦

♦ Weekly Roundup Week 2 ♦

I love this time of year. *rolls around in all the kink*
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest
Prompt Submission: December 6-11
Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: December 13-20
Posting: begins January 24

Pimping Banners
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest 2011 starts posting January 25!

Please remember that in this fest YOU are responsible for posting your own fic. As of midnight (your own time zone) on your assigned posting date, you will have access to post to this community. You may post anytime during that 24 hr period. Once your day is up, your posting access will be removed. If you missed your window and would like another opportunity to post, contact the mods at and we will assign you a new date (at the end of regular posting).

Once you have posted at [ profile] hp_kinkfest, you can post a link to it on your personal journal.

Posting Calendar

(hint: switching to 'WEEK' view makes reading easier)
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest
Prompt Submission: December 9-13
Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: December 14-20
Posting: Begins January 25
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Title: Snakefood
Author: [ profile] vaysh11
My own prompt: How could a chaser/chubby dynamic play out between Draco and Harry?
Kink Showcased: fat admiration, feederism
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry's a bit heavier when he comes back to Hogwarts after the Christmas holidays.
Warnings: PWP, excessive use of fifth year canon details
Word Count: 10,000
This is one of those fics where I'm going to say don't let the kink scare you away. I had no idea what I was getting into when vaysh explained her premise, but this was not at all what I expected. This is Harry in that tumultuous 5th year, finding something really special with Draco. Beyond the kink, the fic is about solace, about escape from the painful existence the soon-to-be war has forced them into. And the kink… I adore the 'bookends' of this fic in Harry's POV, framing the fic and bring the psychology of the kink to a higher lever. Weight gain is a complex topic, full of guilt and shame that may make this fic a difficult read for some. But this fic deals more with the rebelling (raging?) against previous deprivation and the contentness of being 'well-fed' than about gluttony.

Title: Shattered
Author: [ profile] femmequixotic
Prompt Number: 161 submitted by nonconcurrence
Kink Showcased: clumsiness
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: One damned accident involving one too-lucky curse, and suddenly you'd think he was five again, with their Harry, be carefuls and their quick Levitating charms ready the instant the potion gives way and his rebelling hands lose hold of whatever's in their grasp.
Warnings: EWE
Word Count: approx. 7500
It's Femme, it's fabulous! Heart wrenching and beautiful. I think she picked the perfect frailty for Harry in this. Clumsiness would be an incredibly difficult thing for Harry to deal with. And not Bella Swan 'lack of grace', but a true lack of control that makes it difficult to live, half hidden and yet embarrassingly obvious. Malfoy's art and magic behind it is just gorgeous. Also? I am in love with Harry/Draco sex in which lots of things get broken. :D A secret kink of mine. :D Sex and shattered glass, nnnngh!
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest has posted a poll for readers and participants of the fest, and even for those that opted not to follow the fest.

Kinkfest was a very different sort of fest. Please head over there and tell us what you thought!

More recs to come tomorrow! A boat load of goodness was posted late last night. :D

oh!!! And the masterlist of awesomeness:

KinkFest Masterlist
7 - art
83 - fic

holy crap, you kinky ppl you!!!


Feb. 24th, 2010 12:26 pm
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Too many great fics are being posted and I can't keep up! I'm reading everything totally out of order.

I'm going to lump all these into the dirtynaughtywrong pile. I'm afraid all my recs sound the same. :)

From [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest

Title: till by losing rendered sager
Pairing(s): Louis/Dominique, Louis/Hugo, Dominique/Lily Luna, Dominique/James Sirius, Teddy/Louis.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest (like woah), referenced past underage sex. Here are the ages I've used: Teddy: 26, Dominique: 21, Louis: 19, James: 19, Hugo: 16, Lily: 16. So that makes Louis/Hugo: (19/16), and Dominique/Lily Luna: (21/16); Minor references to drug use.
Summary: It's that time of year again: the Potter and Weasley kids' annual trek to the Burrow for the winter hols. While there, Louis makes a deal with the devil that goes very, very wrong.
Word Count: ~9,000
This is one messed up fic. Sexy and wrong and spine-tingling. Dominique plays a femme fatale with her brother Louis under her spell, constantly tempting him yet stays just out of reach. A naughty bet is born, to be played out at a their cousins while all adults – except for Teddy – are elsewhere. Hot and naughty with great characterizations.

From [ profile] hp_kinkfest

Title: Making an Impression Author: [ profile] nolagal
Prompt Number: 79 submitted by snarkyscorp
Kink Showcased: Bestiality-- Animagus
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): James/Albus
Summary: Albus had always longed to have his brother's attention and now, he finally does.
Warnings: Bestiality, Incest
Word Count: ~1200
Bestiality!!! So damn sexy. New found purring kink: will be in my bunk!

Title: The Beginning of Something Author: [ profile] chantefable
Prompt Number: 14 submitted by winnett
Kink Showcased: Bestiality (animal with a human mind: Animagus)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry's botched up Auror shift leads to an unforeseen disclosure.
Warnings: Animagus sex, anonymous sex, elements of non-con and dub-con
Word Count: 1316
WRONG. This is so, so... wrong. And yet… hahaha! I can't help but find it hot. but wrong. So, so wrong.

Non-fest rec:
Title: Hugo's Looks by Author: [ profile] asnowyowl
Pairing: Hugo/Albus Severus
Rating: NC17
Summary: Al thought he knew all of Hugo's looks
Warnings: 16 and 17 years old, rimming, cousincest, food smut. All mentions of 'fruit' that sound a bit cracky are meant to be that way. *nods*
This baby is several months old, but GUH!!! How did I ever miss this. Oh, man. Is it HOT.

Also! This week's [ profile] hump_day_smut entries are hot like burning. Kink: invisibility cloak
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From [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest

Recipient: gala_apples
Title: A Summons to Foolish Blood
Pairing(s): James/Albus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest (17/16)
Summary: James loves keeping secrets. Unfortunately, he hates when everyone else keeps them from him.
Word Count: ~5,700
Oh, man. This hit my incest!kink hard. It wasn't angsty, as I've often found with James/Albus. It was a great fic about brothers and brotherly love and understanding (almost in a twincest kind of way), but I loved that they didn't 'fall into it' like… a natural progression of being so close. This was written more in the style of an 'unrequited' love that I've never seen in brotherly incest. It was all kinds of squirmy goodness. Well written fic.

Title: Seven Conversations at the Leaky Cauldron
Pairing(s): Teddy/Lily, Teddy/Victoire, Rose/Scorpius, Dominique/OFC, James II/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Suggestive and Vulgar Language
Summary: Lily’s been in love with Teddy forever. As his wedding looms on the horizon, seven conversations in the Leaky Cauldron reshape their futures.
Word Count: 6730
My first Teddy/Lily! I've always wanted to read this pairing, the age disparity is pretty significant – especially with the older brother dynamic they have going on. So this had a nice bit of 'forbiddenness' about it. But mainly the complications here stemmed from the incestuous nature of the Potter/Weasley clan. The wizarding world is a small place for such a big family and it was great to see all the next gen characters get caught up in the mess that was Teddy/Victoire. And I liked the format of the 'seven conversations.'

From [ profile] hp_kinkfest

Title: In His Dreams
Author: [ profile] chantefable
Kink Showcased: slutty bottom!Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Al/Scorpius, James/Scorpius, Teddy/Scorpius, Teddy/James
Summary: Scorpius' dreams gradually come to life.
Warnings: multiple partners and possible polyamoury
Word Count: ~3500
There are many many slag!Scorpius fics. I love lots of them!!! But I've never read any quite like this. Scorpius's POV in the fic is fantastic. The entire story is 'tainted' with his interpretation of the world around him, which makes for a really fun read as you discover that the world is not how Scorpius sees it. Scorpius's delusions coupled with his dream-version of himself make Scorpius as a character really endearing despite the trope of slag!Scorpius. Cleverly done.

Title: I’ll Show You Mine
Author: [ profile] nursedarry
Kink Showcased: Scars/Tattoos — Harry being turned on by Draco's Dark Mark/Sectumsempra scar
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, 8th year
Summary: Whose scars are bigger and better?
Warnings: Slashy fluff. Fluffy slash. Flaffy slush?
Word Count: 3,007
An incredibly hot 8th year ficlet. As Harry and Draco in turn share their scars and their stories with each other it escalates to delicious flaffy slush. LOL. Nursedarry does a great job capturing the intimacy of the kink
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest !!! Well, there's no end to the variety of that fest. I must confess that I haven't been able to read every entry – and honestly I never believed that it was a banquet where you eat every course served. Much more of an amazing buffet were you get to pick and choose your favourite (and ignore those that are a bit too spicy(?) for your liking. *g*)

Here's just a sampling of some great fics:

Title: The Last Temptation of Draco Malfoy Author: [ profile] potteresque_ire (PIE!)
Kink Showcased: Chastity Devices
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Summary: Knockturn Alley beckoned Draco, its Darkness as irresistible, as irrepressible as the lust in his blood.
Warnings: Dub-con, Interspecies Erotica (Human/Snake), Cock & Ball Torture, Orgasm Denial, Rimming, Felching, Snowballing, Flogging, Infidelity. Slight Religious Overtone.
Word Count: ~13,500

First, did you see those warnings? Hahahhaa! No, wait! Come back! It's PIE! If you've never read a pie fic… well, you're missing an experience like no other. The writing in this is dark and dreamy and complex. The relationship between Harry and Draco is incredibly complicated. They are in love and bonded, but Draco is weak, does not trust himself, doesn't believe that Harry should trust him and goes to um… great lengths to ensure his fidelity. But it is those very lengths that are tearing the couple apart. A compelling look at chastity devices, loyalty, betrayal, trust and temptation. Also Interspecies Erotica For The WIN!!!!

Title: Locker Room Fun Author: [ profile] quixe
Kink Showcased: self-penetration
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/broom
Summary: Harry indulges in the Quidditch locker rooms with his trusty Firebolt
Warnings: inappropriate use of a broom
Word Count: ~1500

Harry/Broom! *flails* so delish! A fun little romp that had me absolutely squirming and believing that yeah, Harry totally could love his broom that much. LOL

Title: After the Party Author: [ profile] snarkyscorp
Kink Showcased: first time clumsy & overeager sex
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Ginny
Summary: Harry needed more than a splash of water, he realized, as the cool breeze slithered down under his shirt; he needed a bloody miracle to get through the night without dropping trou and shouting, "I don't care if I've never done it before—I'm going to fuck Ginny Weasley right here on the table, and there is nothing any of you can do about it!"
Warnings: virginity, dirty talk, rough sex, clumsy sex, multiple orgasms, facials
Word Count: ~6,300

Harry is wonderful here. Sexy and horny and nervous and desperate. A perfect flailing virgin who thinks everyone (ie: Ginny) will expect him to be perfect in bed, because everyone always expects that of him in every aspect of his life. A delish het first time.

Title: Friday Afternoon Author: [ profile] chantefable
Kink Showcased: dirty talk
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Teddy/Al/Rose, Teddy/Rose, Al/Rose, Teddy/Victoire, Al/Dominique, Al/Scorpius
Summary: There are things Al just can't resist.
Warnings: dirty talk, possible voyeurism/exhibitionism, semi-public sex, bisexuality, orgasm denial, rimming, pegging, double penetration
Word Count: 2500+
smuttiest, smut in smutville. *g* Great fun, and totally hot.

Non-fest rec:

Title: Just Below the Surface Author: [ profile] frayach
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Word Count: 2,200
Rating: NC-17 (please read the warnings)
Warnings: This is a fantasy, but even so it is dub-con with age-disparity of 27 years
Summary: Middle-age can turn one's desires dark

So Frayach+H/Sc=One Happy Maggie! But I rec this with warnings. This is not a comfortable read. This is not a romantic, true love H/Sc. This is a dark, uncomfortable fic that truly bothered me for hours after I read it. Frayach's writing… God, it's a truly dangerous instrument. Scorpius is 17 here, but it reads like a dirty, dirty chan, imo – all stolen innocence and very dubious consent. *shivers* Fray does not shy away from a truly dark Harry – and fantasy or not, I just want to grab both my boys and snuggle them. Still – wow – an absolutely unforgettable piece of writing.

And Finally… [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest has begun posting!!! I can't wait to start reading! :D


Feb. 9th, 2010 09:32 am
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Busy day is busy! But I am so behind on reading and even worse on reccing! So here is a laundry list of some really fabulous stuff, in case you've missed any of it.

I cut the headers, so do read the warnings and such at the fic posts.

Two Things by [ profile] romaine24
This drabble (400 words!) is a showcase on how powerful so few words can be. It is a canon missing moment that grabbed my heart and squeezed. It's gen, but Harry/Draco centric and WOW, this has become my canon for that moment in time. This is all emotion, and subtly done. Everyone should take the time to read it, imo.

Fire in Winter by [ profile] sesheta_66
A short dark(ish) H/D fic that is a hot, hot, hot. Sesheta needs to play on the Dark Side more often. She absolutely nailed the dynamic of these two and canon!Draco that is beyond delish!

Of Cherries and Broken Hearts by [ profile] doubly2blessed
H/D – WIP - updated regularly - This fic screams FANDOM IS FOR FUN. *squishes it* I don't read WIPS and this one? WIP! And yet. I tried to resist, but she just kept posting and I couldn't take it any longer, Lord I was crazed, and when the feeling came upon me like a tidal wave I started swearing to my god and on my mother's grave… er… what was I saying? Oh yeah! This fic! Too. Much. Fun. Classic Bond fic turned on its head and funny as hell. And it's the funneh that stops my from DYING from the UST. The author is clearly having a ball with it, and that just makes my day every time I see an update. and then I want to kill her because GAH!!! Death by UST!

[ profile] hp_kinkfest recs: (gah! so behind on reading my own fest! *cries*)

Control Issues by [ profile] son_of_darkness, Kink Showcased: Breathplay
AS/S fic – 7k - I am so in love with this fic. I sort of always vaguely 'got' breathplay, but not my kink. I had a vague understanding of how something like that could be hot to someone. This fic made me believe. [ profile] potteresque_ire (who writes the most thought provoking comments, btw) said: Rather than wrapping the characters around the kink, as many is prone to do, you place the kink as part of the characters, as it should be. I agree totally. To understand Scorpius's kink, you need to understand Scorpius. Brilliantly done.

Orthrus by [ profile] lady_of_clunn, Kink Showcased: Bestiality for a partner’s pleasure
This is a dub-con with Narcissa and a beast. I have a bestiality kink. Wot? Don’t judge me!!! What I loved about this fic was that it was brutal. The author didn't hold anything back on the bestiality. There are no cute pygmy puffs in this one. *squishes pygmy puff porn* It is actually a hard read, while uncomfortably hot. There is a true separation of reality and fantasy to find this one hot. Luckily, I'm quite capable of that.

Pretty Baby by [ profile] literaryspell, Kink Showcased: Forced Feminization
H/D, 4k - This is another kink!fic where the true showcase is in the characters and not the actions taking place. It's all about trust and intimacy and pushing boundaries in play. It's not a 'comfortable' read because while Draco is ultimately turned on by this, he is not in fact 'comfortable.' This is more of a squirmy sort of hot fic that dances the line between squick and kink for me - and for Draco, too. Which is what really compelled me, the author shared Draco's emotions/reactions very well with the audience.


He Promised by [ profile] pink_mint
This was inspired by lavillanueva's fantastic H/D fic I Can Make You Promises and she captures the emotions of that fic so well. The bruises! The scars!!! I can just imagine Harry putting on his Auror robes and proudly knowing that they are under there, always.

Island Discovery by [ profile] stellamoon
Inspired by Of Paradise and Perfection by alaana_fair. Stella captures the soft beauty of 'paradise' so well in this scene. Harry and Draco look like there is no where on earth they would rather be.
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We are up!

We are posting!!!!

We are KINKY!!!

Two fics up so far and both are so delish. I think I'm even more excited about this fest then I was so many weeks ago. I have a hunch that the fics and art of this fest will take people by surprise. Already, we are seeing fics that take a different approach to 'showcasing' the kinks than I had expected.

I ♥ fandom!

Romance, Impossible by [ profile] chantefable Kink: Tentacle!love Rec: This fic has 'mythical' feel to it, like I was reading an ancient tale of how a squid fell in love with a girl... dark, creepy, erotic and romantic. Fascinating read.

We should all be Kings by ANON Kink: Random nakedness Rec: I loved the psychology behind this fic, Draco's motivation for loving/needing his nudity and just how Harry feeds into that. very well done.


Jan. 25th, 2010 03:24 pm
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Posting begins tomorrow!

The Posting Calendar

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We discovered during [ profile] hd_career_fair that a little OCD makes for the best mods. And now its proved again with this. My co-mod is clearly made of awesomesauce. :D

93 prompt claims for [ profile] hp_kinkfest and likely to be a few more as we know people want to claim a second prompt. Even with a likely high drop-out rate (We're guessing like 30%) that's still a whole lot of kink!fic coming to you in 2010. *bounces*

I'm very curious how successful our posting strategy will be. It makes the fest participants completely responsible. You know exactly when your fic scheduled, either it's ready or it's not. Either you post it or you don't. The mods aren't your mother, chasing you down and begging for your fic.

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen perfectly reasonable, right? *hysterical laughter*

The only sad face thing is that the mods don't get to read all the fic before everyone else! :P
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Go make some suggestions and temp writers and artists with your kinky thoughts at [ profile] hp_kinkfest. There is no limit to the number of prompts you can submit.

If you're looking for ideas, check out this list of Kinks, Tropes and Cliches or this list of paraphilias.
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest:
Prompting December 10-14
Claiming December 15-20
Posting starts January 26


Yesterday, my darling co-mod posted a: Hey! What's your bulletproof kink? discussion and the comments got me all *grabby hands* all over those kinks. I totally had in my head what I wanted to write, now I'm wavering. So many delicious ideas!

Please come out out on Thursday and submit and prompt, peruse the list, comment and discuss.

It is guaranteed to be tempting, with a little something for everyone. :D
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So, based on the enthusiastic response to my post saying What do you guys think of a kink fest? We now have a comm. (Thank you, Lindsay!)

[ profile] hp_kinkfest! Yes, indeed. Feel free to join or watch while we figure things out.

The basics:
This will be a kink driven fest, where the fics and art written/drawn will be showcasing a particular kink. It is HP fandom, only. But multi-pairing (anything goes).

It won't be an exchange fest. Likely a combination of write your own kink or opt to choose a prompt submitted by watchers. I posted a poll to figure out important stuff like interest and timing and such.

If you might be interested in participating: GO TAKE THE POLL.

And no, this is not what I intended to do today when I woke up this morning


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