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paint the sky with silver lining by Anon @ KMM’s spring fever fest [NC-17, D/s] (8k) Arthur/Merlin
Summary/Prompt: Arthur gets off on being helpless, Merlin gets off on having the once and future king at his mercy. Merlin uses his magic to bind Arthur to his bed, and tease him until it's too much.
This fic was stunning. Absolutely stunning and perfect. Very hard to rec it without gushing. I love D/s and sex magic, but beyond that, this fic has a soul. It’s spot on characterisation, not despite the kinky stuff, but because of it. The writing, the dialogue, the characterisation and the kink each made my eyes roll back and my breath come short. *stuffs this fic into re-read drawer in nightstand*

Teenage Dream by [ profile] tourdefierce [NC-17] (13k) Arthur/Merlin
Summary: "Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight."- Katy Perry
Teenage Dream is a perfect name for this fic, because that's exactly what it felt like. A wild ride of school and friends and alcohol and sex, sex, sex. Both Arthur and Merlin were a riot and hot as hell and the cast of friends was perfect. Though Gwaine straight? Really? Great read and hugely entertaining.
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Morgana Was a Friend of Mine by [ profile] winterstorrm [NC-17] (7k) Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Morgana
Summary: Morgana's got her sights set on the new kid; not Merlin though – as far as he is concerned, Arthur Pendragon and his perfect face and perfect ass can take a hike.
Awe. Heartbreaky Merlin always gets me were it hurts. I really liked the sulky teenager characterization. Loved how Merlin's best defense is a good offense (and the slamming of a door). Good highschooly times with bonus evil sister. :)

Palm to Palm by [ profile] jasmasson [PG-13] (6k) Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Merlin's lyrics probably aren't as good as Shakespeare's verses, but then Arthur's no Romeo.
An Arthur who sings? Sings Merlin's obscure indie shit? This was such a lovely fluffy romance. Left me smiling like a silly thing.

The Undiscovered Country anon @ KMM Spring fever Arthur/girl!Merlin
Summary: When Hunith comes before Uther to ask him to help Ealdor, one of the noblemen in the crowd recognizes her. After the audience, he pursues her and Merlin back to Gaius' chambers, and Hunith is forced to explain to Merlin how she knows him. The nobleman, a close friend of Uther's, is her former lover... and Merlin's father.
This is a complicated fic to rec. The fic is a fascinating non-linear retelling of all of S1 and part of S2. The deviations from canon are sprinkled through out the fic as you read along. The main changes are that Merlin's a girl (born that way!) and is Arthur's maid servant. But Merlin is definitely still Merlin and BAMF and cheeky, just… in a dress. LOL. But beyond the gender swap the main plot is that Merlin's father is actually a nobleman which leads to Merlin being suddenly not a servant any longer. The author chose a fascinating way to tell a complex story, making the 'rewriting' of the main events of the Arthur/Merlin relationship less 'been there done that' and more 'this could have gone this way, if only'. It was a great read.

In other news! [ profile] hs_merlin's Guessing Poll is up! Kisses and maybe drabbles to anyone who guesses me right (without having been privy to my ramblings on the subject).
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Maybe Love Is The Reason Why by anon @ the KMM Spring Fever fest Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine, Merlin/Will [NC-17] (20k?)
Summary: [mine] Will wants Merlin to move in with him. Gwaine and Arthur are not pleased.
A lovely fic about Merlin doing a bit of soul-searching and trying to figure out which way his relationship with Will is heading and whether he really wants that to happen. Meanwhile his roommates are giving him the cold shoulder and he's clueless as to why. Loved the characterisation of each the boys. Great OT3 fic. :)

This one is an older fic and I don't remember who recced it the other day but THANK YOU for the rec [ profile] hardticket!!

This Fast, Unreasonable Spring by [ profile] hermette and [ profile] i_claudia Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/OCs, past Merlin/OC [NC-17] (26k)
Summary: Merlin was looking for something uncomplicated. Arthur was just looking to get paid. Neither of them expected to find the other.
Arthur is a high-paid escort who Merlin can afford once, just to nurse his broken heart. But once is no where near enough for Arthur. I adore rentboy fics, especially ones like this - that deal with trust issues and self-respect and 'where do we go from here' realistically. (or as realistically as a rentboy will ever get and still give you a happy ending).


rosebud with a flush by [ profile] yue_ix Merlin/Gwen [WS]

A Sketch of Colin by [ profile] dudufactory colin [WS]

My Number 1 by anon @ [ profile] hs_merlin Merlin/Gwaine [NWS]
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ALL Arthur/Merlin

In the closet by [ profile] tindu [NWS]
UNF!!! Such a hot moment, with Merlin biting his lip to keep quiet and Arthur's hand sliding into his pants. Definitely a delish closet scene.

The Hardest Way Possible by [ profile] lady_ragnell [PG-13] (12.5k)
Summary: Merlin's addicted to Craigslist, Arthur's looking for love in all the wrong places, and with a little help from their friends, they manage to get it together.
A charming modern AU with a bit of fumbling, awkward beginning for Merlin and Arthur. Featuring pining!Merlin and Oblivious!Arthur and lots of just not understanding each other and a full cast of characters who see right through them. Very fun read.

* * *

The 4 fics below are all short porny and delicious. They come with various warnings so ymmv, but for me all totally YUM!!! They were each a delight to read.

Breathe Your Breath by [ profile] eldee [NC-17] (2k)
Summary: Merlin had done it a time or five in his own privacy and couldn't help himself but to try it with someone else there. With Arthur.

Kneeling in Doubt While All Skies Fall by [ profile] nympha_alba [NC-17] (2.5k)
Summary: Sooner or later Arthur will have to tell Merlin that he knows about the magic, but he keeps putting it off - because the magic does things to him, things he can't explain.

Breathless by [ profile] tracy7307 [NC-17] (2.2k)
Summary: When Merlin is ill and has an asthma attack, Arthur helps him to breathe again.

Open-Mouthed by [ profile] mabonwitch Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Knights [NC-17] (1.3k)
Summary: Arthur and Merlin decide to share Merlin's talents around.

So.... ep 3.10 is playing on Space tonight! Anyone up for a re-watch. Anyone? It's defo my fav. lol.
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Hypothetically, Yours by anon @ [ profile] hs_merlin [R] (7k) Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Arthur and Merlin are best friends, and neither of them is a member of the Magic Club. All is as it should be, until it isn't.
The author did a wonderful job of Arthur’s POV in this fic. I love his curiosity about this ‘elusive Magic Club’ and his desire to keep that curiosity secret. I think it plays well with a side of Arthur that we don’t see much of in canon, but definitely could be there (I want it there!) where Arthur is attracted to magic as much as he fears it, but hasn’t quite figured out how to be honest with anyone about that. Also Merlin is basically sex on stick. UNF!

It Seems I Can't Let Go by [ profile] nu_breed [NC-17] (4.6k) Colin/Bradley
Summary: Colin is oh so very Catholic and not at all gay, thank you very much. He doesn't fall in love with blokes, he just really likes having sex with them is all. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, either.
This was fantastic. I was completely swept up in Colin’s tangle of guilt and desire. The raw fear of being young and in a small town and not as you should be. I loved the religious angle here, I think it played out well and realistically. And Colin’s denial of himself was brilliantly portrayed.

Also: don't forget to get your Daily Dork Face
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I am loving [ profile] hs_merlin! All those young cocks going off like rockets with a little dry hump. LOL. Never fails to make me smile.


The Yearbook Pages Arthur Will Never (NEVER) Publish... by anon @[ profile] hs_merlin Merlin/Arthur [PG-13]
♥___♥ This is just perfect. warm and fuzzy and so high school. awe, man! I adore it!

Azure by anon @[ profile] hs_merlin Merlin/Arthur [R - NWS]
Gorgeous colours, beautifully done.


Summertime, Starry Sky by anon @[ profile] hs_merlin Merlin/Arthur [PG-13] (9k)
Summary: During the summer before his senior year, Merlin notices that his friend Morgana's little brother Arthur isn't so little anymore.
This was the nail in the coffin of my attempt at not reading fic this week. The warnings read like my kinkwish list: rimming, tattooing, very light marking (scratching), underage, some light underage drinking The first scene had be squirming – Older!Merlin telling Morgana that her little brother was hot while Arthur splashes around in the pool. Soooo hot. shit. *fans self* And then Merlin gets a tattoo and my eyes rolled back in my head and I don’t think I breathed for the rest of the fic.

Never Ever Have I Ever by anon @[ profile] hs_merlin Gwaine/Merlin, Gwaine/Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (4k)
Summary: Gwaine and Merlin change schools to Camelot College after Ealdor College is shut down, and they take their dare challenge with them.
Fun, fun fic. Gwaine/Merlin make a hilarious casual couple. And the bits of cross-dressing (with no humiliation, btw, if that’s a squick) were really delish and Merlin crush on Arthur was adorable.


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