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This is custom rec for [ profile] ineffably_roma. Her request was fun, but it took a while. *g* She said: I'd love to see a custom rec for a story for the smutty_claus fest (het). I won't list a pairing but if you see something that might interest you. Go for it.

Here you go, lovely. Hope you enjoy.

A Love Song Like the Way It's Meant To Be by anon @ [ profile] smutty_claus
Pairings: Scorpius/Rose, Harry/Pansy
Summary: As Rose tries to find a way to tell her family she's in love with the son of their old enemy, she is heartened (and a bit weirded out, honestly) to discover that her uncle is shagging someone so much worse.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 29,600 words
Warnings: None! The kids are 19 and the grown-ups are forty-something. Harry and Ginny are divorced, so, no infidelity, but all Epilogue kids do exist.

I'm reccing this to you for sooooo many reasons! First this is a great fic, and I'm really reccing it like mad to everyone who enjoys het and next genners!

It has fabulous women: Pansy is sex on a stick and Rose… awe, Rose is studying to be an Auror! Bless her little heart – why aren't there more Auror!Rose fics out there??? Auror!Rose FTW! She is a delightful mix of both Ron and Hermione. Also, her being an Auror-in-training isn't just an "author needs a career for Rose, insert misc career here" it is an actual plot point, and says something about her character.

Also! Scorpius is a doll! He and Rose are this amazingly adorable couple together, funny and sweet and romantic, which is an amazing juxtaposition with Harry and Pansy who are absolutely filthy delish together.

It's long and plotty and romantic, with a great cast of characters. In other words, it feels perfect for you and I hope you find a quiet moment over the hols to enjoy it.

ILU, Rom
Merry Christmas.
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This is a recipe for [ profile] chantefable who requested: fish dish with no wheat, tomatoes, milk/cream, or potatoes involved; I hope this suits. It was incredible hard to think of something that fit all that. I cheated a little. LOL.

Lemon Sole & Carrot Bundles )
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Title Miraculous
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: Sometimes love goes beyond everyone else’s understanding.
Rating: G
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Warning: none
Word Count: 300 (exactly!)
Author's notes:Written for [ profile] absynthedrinker’s request: Harry/Luna, Miraculous, and 300 words.
Thank you to [ profile] ella_bane for the quick beta read. :D

Miraculous )
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Title Teddy’s Couch
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: It was here – late one Saturday night, drunk more on the company than the Firewhiskey – that James had realised he was gay.
Rating: R
Pairing: James/Scorpius, Teddy/James (unrequited)
Warning: none
Word Count: 300 (exactly!)
Author's notes:Written for [ profile] besamislabios’s request: James/Scorpius -this pic and 300 words. It was a sequel to another fic Teddy/Scorpius/James 208 words - rated R, heartache (also written for [ profile] besamislabios) I assumed she wouldn’t mind me continuing in that verse. :)
Thank you to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for the quick beta read. :D

Teddy’s Couch )
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Title Under the Tree
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: Harry and Scorpius get ready for their first Christmas with their families.
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Warning: Scorpius is an adult
Word Count: 218 (exactly!)
Author's notes: For [ profile] nursedarry, who requested H/Sc, First family Christmas, 218 words.
Thank you to [ profile] snegurochka_lee for the quick beta read. :D

Under the Tree )
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[ profile] valinorean requested a custom rec: any next gen centered fic but with H/D in the background. Surprisingly, there are a lot like that. Quite a few AS/S fics have hints (or more!) of H/D, but I opted for something a little different.

Scorpius Malfoy's Very Bad Week and Teddy Lupin's Month from Hell by [ profile] snegurochka_lee [NC-17] (25k) and (53k)
Pairing(s): Scorpius/James Jr./Teddy and permutations, Harry/Draco
I really hope you haven’t read these only so that I can proudly claim to have pointed you to two fabulous Next Gen fics. :) They are both ridiculously hot. Really, totally, unbelievably HOT. They are also a great examples of what Next Gen offers in terms of being able to build excellent characterisations rooted in canon, while still having a lot of freedom. Lee loves to build a great cast of characters in her fics, so there are lots of faces in this fic some of Harry’s gen, and many next gens all having their own issues and opinions on both the H/D and the Scorpius/James Jr./Teddy mess. The H/D play a fairly minor role in the first fic, but shows up a bit more strongly in the second. I hope it hits on what you were looking for. :D

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double gifting again today because I won't be around this weekend.

Title The Twelve Days of being a Manservant over Christmas
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: The tale of Merlin’s first Christmas in Camelot
Rating: G
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur (in my mind, it's Uther signing this after too much mead)
Warning: none
Word Count: 600 (mostly of the same words over and over)
Author's notes: [ profile] dysonrules's is a dork who wouldn’t give me a proper request so she gets this. :P
Thanks to [ profile] hermette for giving it an eye. <3

On the first day of Christmas Prince Arthur gave to me... )
Merry Christmas, Cheryl! *snogs you under the mistletoe*
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This is the first gift that I wrote up this year because I was just that excited LOL, but I’ve been holding onto it because [ profile] snegurochka_lee wasn’t done writing all her hols fics until like 3 days ago and it wasn’t fair to rec her fics when she had to write.

So her request was complicated but so interesting!:
I would love a custom rec! Something you read that I don't read tonnes of? IDK. Draco/Hermione? Something you used to read before we met and started reading the same stuff? lol. OR, okay, go ahead and rec me the fic that will convert me to Merlin. :D In general I haven't got much into the AU stuff, so, let's say... knights? Round table? (IDK where canon is at). Merlin being magical? Arthur finding out and protecting him from persecution? Rope bondage? La, you know me.

Lee, I was tempted to rec you HP stuff... but really, I just email you that all the time without guilt. I do feel guilty (a little) when I rec you Merlin, so I’m going to take full advantage of your offer. ;)

I decided to give you a few recs for you to choose from or read them all. They are all under 15k because while I’d love you to read a 30k Merlin fic, I know that’s just not going to happen. ♥

Because you are closet romantic, I suggest:
PAVLOV PENIS by derryere [R] (7k)
Summary: In which Merlin is hot for Arthur's bed, Arthur's hot for the laundry and there's this big fucking heatwave all over the place.
Fabulous fic. Funny and sweet and full of this soft, gentle pull between Arthur and Merlin that just sits so right with me.

Because you are a kinky bugger, I suggest:
Until the Pieces Fit by anon [Nc-17] (14k)
This fic comes with warnings for dub-con and homophobia. Personally, I’d add humiliation and non-con to that list, just to be safe. I had to read this twice to enjoy it. It was overwhelming on the first read, hot and uncomfortable and very challenging for me. Second time through, I was able to see past my own issues with humiliation as a kink and really love what the author did here. Not necessarily a characterisation of Arthur I fully understand, but still an amazing read.

Because you have a wonderful sense of humour, I suggest:
Backfire by [ profile] oxoniensis [NC-17] (8k)
Summary: In which there are giant ears, a curious cat, backfiring spells, a stick figure Arthur, some unfortunate truths and some very welcome ones.
OMG! This fic is killer funny. There is something about the author's humour that just struck a chord with me and *brusts out laughing* yeah… this fic is just adorable. I giggled and snickered and guffawed my way through it.

And because I wanted to rec you one that was a great ‘magic reveal’ moment – because when I first got into Merlin that’s what I needed to read, I suggest:
Some of Us Look For the Way in Opium by [ profile] mellacita And the remix: Sometimes We Gamble (The Poppy's Not the Only Way To Nowhere Remix) by [ profile] itachitachi
Summary: There are two truths you should know about Arthur Pendragon. He does not do drugs, and he does not gamble. One of these truths is a lie.
I know I read the original fic back in that blur of first days of inhaling every Merlin/Arthur fic I could find and I don’t know if I comment or ever recced it, but it was damn brilliant. Lovely concept and a fun, fun story. The original is in Merlin’s POV and the author just nails his struggles at ‘handling’ a poppy-high Arthur for 7 nights straight. The remix is the mirror image of the fic through Arthur’s POV. Excellent premise as the POV completely changes the readers experience with the fic and ultimate build to the climax. I read them back to back and thoroughly enjoyed the comparison. The dialogue was naturally repetitive, but the fic being turned on its head more than made up for any ‘I just read this!’ feel. Regardless of how you choose to read them they are both fabulous reads. Enjoy.
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Title Palmistry
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: At a festival Harry stumbles on a strange young boy who insists on reading his palm.
Rating: G
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Warning: Scorpius's age is whatever you want it to be.
Word Count: 42 (exactly!)
Author's notes: [ profile] leela_cat's request was for a ficlet: Harry/Scorpius, palmistry and 42 words.

Palmistry )

I feel ridiculously guilty about this only being 42 words!!!! Leela, darling, you want another 42 from this same verse?

42 more )
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[ profile] hollys_tree wanted a custom rec: H/D with a strong Harry-Ron friendship. Not impossible, but actually rarer than one would think. I didn't have to go quite this far back - but I was fun to go digging deep for this in the hopes to find something she hadn't yet read. *crosses fingers*

Earthbound Spook by [ profile] cest_what (Harry/Draco) [PG-13] (58k)
Summary: Harry has no reason to like or trust Draco Malfoy. The fact that Malfoy has already died once shouldn't change that.
This fic is NOT Deathly Hallows-compatible. It was completed Oct 2007 (a post-HBP AU) and is an ‘HD classic’, imo. It takes place at Hogwarts during seventh year , Draco Malfoy apparently dead. The mystery plot unfolds from there. The Harry and Ron friendship is strong through out the fic and it’s really a lovely read. Enjoy.
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I'm double posting my gifts today. I'm sure that's against some December gifting rules, but life's about to get crazy(ier) so forgive me. :)

Title Charmed
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: Merlin hadn’t told Gwaine, hadn’t confided in him yet. Gwaine tried not to think about why that was; he wasn’t the sort to push.
Rating: G
Pairing: Merlin/Gwaine
Warning: none
Word Count: 250 (exactly!)
Author's notes: for [ profile] leashy_bebes who requested Merlin/Gwaine, necklace, and 250 words. Thank you to [ profile] lolafiest for the beta. <3

Charmed )
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Another custom rec gift! [ profile] isisanubis requested a rec of - Merlin/Arthur or Merlin/Gwaine: h/c with a happy ending. While I would LOVE to find you a Merlin/Gwaine h/c... there really aren’t many to pick from! *pokes Merlin/Gwaine writers* So I will rec you two of my favourite Merlin/Arthur h/c’s. They are both on my rec list, so you might have read them, but they're lovely so everyone should read them again. :DDD

Finding Home by [ profile] riventhorn [NC-17] (8k)
Summary: Written for kinkme_merlin prompt: When Gaius retires, a new physician takes over, one that quickly kicks Merlin out of his room and takes it for himself, Arthur finds Merlin sleeping in the stables..and it's winter.
This is such a wonderful ‘Arthur must take care of Merlin’ fic. If the image of Arthur finding a cold, shivering Merlin and wrapping him up warm and feeding him makes you squee, you are going to love this fic. I did.

It’s Only a Flesh Wound by [ profile] misswinterhill [PG] (3k)
Summary: Merlin underestimates how sharp Arthur’s sword in and slices his hand open, right up the arm. Arthur is definitely not worried by this, no, not at all.
This fic is the kind I might read over and over on days I need something to curl up to. It’s warm and sweet and full of emotion. The fic is told in Merlin’s POV just after he sliced his hand open, and the author just nails the POV. Through Merlin’s state of shock from the cut and blood loss, we feel how truly dangerous the moment is, how panicked Arthur is at Merlin’s injury and the tenderness between them that never make to his words even if his actions are screaming it. Really, really well done fic.

Hope you enjoy them, [ profile] isisanubis!
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Title Snowed In
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: Through the cave opening Merlin could see the snowflakes dance between the trees, thick and white against the black night.
Rating: G (pre-slash)
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warning: none
Word Count: 200 (exactly!)
Author's notes: for [ profile] lullabylily who requested Merlin/Arthur, snowed-in, and 200 words. Thank you to [ profile] lolafiest for the beta. <3

Snowed In )
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Drive-by gifting!

A recipe for [ profile] treacle_tartlet who asked for Pecan Pie. This is a super easy recipe that freezes really well. I’ve also included a huge recipe for pie dough (great for feeding an army! Or if you want to make pie dough only once every 6 months... )

Pecan Pie )
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[ profile] themostepotente asked for a custom rec of: A next gen pairing that contains any of the following; Scorpius, Teddy, James or Al. No incest, please. Plotty with some added rimming?

So... I know what Penny likes, I think - but so hard to find something I think she might not have read! *crosses fingers*

Flora and Fauna by [ profile] hollycomb Albus/Teddy [NC-17] (<20k?)
Summary: Albus learns a disturbing secret about his father and flees to Teddy Lupin's remote cottage to avoid the aftermath.
I really love the characterisation of both boys in this. Teddy certainly has a different spin on him and I hope you like it. No rimming, I believe but delish and a nice little plot.

Clockwork by [ profile] tray_la_la Albus Severus/Scorpius, Albus Severus/Scorpius/Teddy [NC-17] (2500)
Summary: What you want and what you have can change from one moment to the next.
A fic filled with longing and jealousy and brilliantly hot sex. With rimming! yay! Heartbreaky, but I didn't think you minded that, Penny.

And jfdfgdgfdhgdfhgdfjkhg [ profile] merlin_holidays has begun posting and the first fic is ridiculously adorable and is inspiring me to get my Christmas tree up today. We'll be posting from now until the end of December something like 1pm GMT/1 am GMT... (9/9 EST).

also - I just realised that all my wonderful plans for spamming you in December means that I am shit at replying to comments. Be patient with me, yeah? *loves*
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So... I've posted three fics in less than 24 hrs, what's up with that? o.O This time, none of that PG crap from yesterday though. You get dirty smut today!

Title The Bet
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Summary: This is how Scorpius lost.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Warning: bondage, age disparity (Scorpius is an adult)
Word Count: 288 (oof! so hard to manage with this one!)
Author's notes: For [ profile] snarkyscorp, who requested: Harry/Scorpius - challenge 288 words.

Thank you to [ profile] vaysh11 for the fabulous advice.

The Bet )
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Title: Hello, Mary Sue (Goodbye, Heart)
Summary: Gwaine goes looking for trouble and finds it.
Rating: G
Pairing: Gwaine/Mary Sue [yes, you read that right]
Warning: none
Word Count: 600
Author’s Notes: Evil incarnate ([ profile] faithwood) requested Gwaine/Mary Sue, bondage for her Christmas drabble. >.>
She also likes to wrap her own gifts so, thank you for the beta, faith! <3

Hello, Mary Sue (Goodbye, Heart) )
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This is the first of my Holiday Gift posts. Giftees were given the choice of a recipe, a drabble or a custom rec. TBH, I had no idea how a ‘custom rec’ was going to work or if anyone would actually want such a thing as a ‘gift’, and oddly enough it was the most popular choice of gift. So... lets’ give this a try!

A little bit about the custom recs you will be seeing... I’ve taken into account the request and what I know of the giftee. With these custom recs, I did everything I could to pick fics that the giftee has not read (ie: checked through all the comments for giftee’s name). Now I’m just going to cross my fingers that this all works out. :)

Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words
Author/Artist: [ profile] lotus_lizzy
Characters: Charlie and Scorpius
Rating: PG
Warnings: mostly gen with a wee bit of angst (a little heartbreak before joy always makes it that much sweeter), and a whiff of pre-slash
Summary:A child’s imagination can be a wonderful thing, but it is often forgotten in favour of growing up.
Word Count: ~11,500
The request for this rec was A really good, not-too-long character study for Harry, Draco, or one of the next gen characters. I choose this one because it’s a gen fic that really is all about Scorpius and not about his progression to a HEA with someone else. It’s his rocky journey to adulthood, the friendships, adventure and heartache along the way. It’s also a wonderful tale of a child’s imagination and just how little we adults understand how critical such an escape can be sometimes. I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays, [ profile] magnetic_pole!

All holiday gifts come from the requests in this post.
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So... the holidays are coming.

I don't do Christmas cards (either sending or receiving) from LJ folks due to ... long story.

Last year I did recipes. One a day for everyone who signed up. It was so much fun! I would love to do that again, though I don't know if I have enough recipes! LOL.

And I've seen people offering daily drabbles. OH!!! That's so tempting.

Without question, my big commitment for December is reccing. I will be reading every hd_hols (depending on warnings) and every merlin_hols (depending on pairings) not to mention... all the other fests.

However recs just aren't the same as 'gifts' ... IDEK! I wanna give you guys something.

What if I let you pick? Is that crazy?

So... comment ON THIS POST with what you would like from me in December:
- a recipe (and tell me what kind)
- a tiny ficlet (give me pairing, one word and a number from 1-300)
- a custom rec? Something specifically for your tastes? IDEK how that would work, but I could try?

I will take the first 17 requests* and post from Dec 1-17. Though ... I may fall behind on these and post them throughout December... and in any order I feel like. LOL. *iz random*

*I'm doing 17 because Dec 17th is the last day my kids are in school.

ETA: I've got my 17 19. Sorry that I couldn't do more. :/


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