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Have you guys been following [ profile] merlin_art_fest??? Cause it’s fabulous. Master list is HERE. And here’s a bunch of recs:

this hole where you and i will sing by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Warnings: Implied character death
Summary: OP requested fanart for the ending scene of this hole where you and i will sing, a gorgeous and heartbreaking A/M fic. I thought I couldn't possibly pack so much emotion into one illustration, so I tried my hand at a comic :) If you haven't yet, please read the fic first because the comic won't make much sense by itself. Hope you like it, OP! And I hope the fic author de-anons too, because it was seriously the most moving fic I'd ever read. ;_;
[Maggie's note: I haven’t read the fic because ANGST!! but the art is gorgeous]

Verbum sat sapienti & Libertas parta by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary:It was a remarkable tale. Emrys Ambrosius, sentenced to the arena as damnati ad gladium, miraculously defeated three would-be dispatchers. After the pollice verso, he was made a proper gladiator and has been the crowd's (and the god's) favourite ever since. But this?! What started off simply as wish of good luck from one warrior to another ended up in a philosophical debate. And, mehercule, it was inconceivable that Artorius Caputo Draccus, son of the Caesar and as such, Imperator Destinatus, Legatus legionis, Primi Ordines of the Legio quarta, Centurio of the Legio quinta, had just lost a battle of wits to this fatuus!

Love and Magic by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, NSFW]
Summary: Some outdoor magic sex... and voyeur butterflies!

Love, Once and Future by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary: Love is eternal.

Arthur Arisen by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary:Merlin had sworn to serve his King until the day he dies... and so the immortal sorcerer waited. Over a thousand years pass, feeling like an eternity, before... at last... Arthur returns from Avalon.

Sleep well, my king. One day you'll rise again. by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary: ne day the Once and Future King will rise again but now it's time to say goodbye... That night Merlin saw a sign that made him sure the prophecy will be fulfilled - he's not afraid to say goodbye anymore

Gentleman by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary: Merlin and Arthur Victorian Style

Healing Gwaine by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Gwaine/Merlin, NSFW]
Summary: Gwaine doesn't die but is severely physically and emotionally wounded. Merlin patiently restores him back to health and heals himself too (and of course finds love) in the process.

That Which Makes It Whole. by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary: Post-reveal Arthur & Merlin, fighting on back to back.

At Bletchley Park by anon @ [ profile] merlin_art_fest [Arthur/Merlin, WS]
Summary: Arthur is an intelligence officer at Bletchley Park, stationed there after being invalidated from active service due to an injury. He teaches new entrants at the Inter-Service Intelligence School, and he's immediately captivated by one of the newly recruited cryptanalysts, Merlin, a mathematics professor from Cambridge.
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More [ profile] hs_merlin

Hush, hush, Now's our moment by Anonymous Merlin/Arthur [WS]

Post-it Note Romance by Anonymous Merlin/Arthur [R] (10k)
Summary: Merlin has never had a secret admirer before so he’s fairly certain this one has the wrong guy.
Adorable from the first post-it note to the last. This fic does contain some bullying and humiliation of the typical high school sort, I guess. The fic's header on LJ warns for that, but if you read directly off A03 you miss the warnings.

Out of the Darkness by Anonymous Merlin/Gwaine [NC-17] (3k)
Summary: A leaky tent on a school camping trip leads to sleeping bag sharing. First times, frottage and fluff.
Everything the summary promises. Sweet Merlin and Gwaine friendship with bonus sleeping bag sharing frottage. niiiiice.
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Steampunk 1
by Lenxen1984 Merlin/Arthur [WS]
(thank you, penny for pointing this one out!)

Wrapped in Crimson by [ profile] achelseabeeMerlin/Arthur [NWS]

These Endearments Speak My Heart by [ profile] planejane Merlin/Gwaine [NC-17] (3k)
Summary: Gwaine whispers sweet nothings before he pulls down Merlin’s trousers.
This fic has a glorious depiction of a first time blowjob. I love Merlin’s shy innocence coupled with his eagerness to finally have a first time. I think one thing that I adore so much about Merlin/Gwaine is the match of Merlin’s humility with Gwaine’s easy way with compliments that helps Merlin overcome his insecurities.

The Right Track by [ profile] nympha_alba Merlin/Arthur [R] (6.3k)
Summary: After the break-up with Will, Merlin is depressed and a little lost, and the daily commute to London doesn't help. But he likes his job at the bookshop with its weird patrons, and there's a blond bloke on the train that he happens to spill coffee on. Sometimes that's where things start.
This is a tender, healing fic. Quiet in a lot of ways, but very romantic. Merlin’s lost after an unexpected break up and has to reevaluated himself and his life and doesn’t know where to begin. But when Arthur happens to catch his eye on the train one day, he find a bit of sunshine in the clouds and something to look forward to in the midst of his troubles.

The Unspoken by [ profile] kerryblaze Merlin/Arthur [PG-13] (3k)
Warnings: Canon Future fic. Major character death (not Arthur or Merlin) that occurred in the past. The events of the past are dark and depressing. including mention of infant death.
Summary: After Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, he pretends nothing has changed. Merlin is frustrated and at a breaking point.
As the warning mentions, the character deaths do occur in the past, but they are hard to read and tug at the heartstrings (and do not in anyway read as gratuitous or manipulative, which I really appreciated). The characters are still grieving here and the toll the last few years has taken on them hangs very heavy on Arthur and Merlin though they cling to their banter like a lifeline. Despite the darkness of their backstory, this fic is wonderfully hopeful and it made for an incredibly heartwarming tale which left me very satisfied.
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Tied by [ profile] magnolia822
Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (2k)
Summary: Merlin has been the prince's manservant for only about a week when he first sees it . . . the odd swell at the base of Arthur's cock.
KNOTTING!!! and such delicious knotting at that. It was written for my prompt, so I’m totally biased. This little fic left me breathless and begging the author to make it a series.

How to Say I Love You in Six Days by [ profile] dreamdustmama Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (9k)
Summary: High School AU. Arthur keeps trying to tell Merlin how he feels, but everything just keeps going wrong. Until, of course, it finally goes right.
Dorky highschool Arthur always entertains me and in this one, he's plain adorable. Merlin is completely clueless and Arthur, bless him, is trying his best to give him a clue. A fun bit of fluff when you need a smile.

Gasp a Secret by [ profile] eldee Gwaine/Elena [NC-17] (7k)
Warnings/Contents: D/s, light BDSM, impact play (spanking), first time scening
Summary: Gwaine's friends are aware that he's a kinky bastard, even if they don't know all the explicit details. When he meets Arthur's new friend Elena, it turns out she's not just curious but willing and wanting.
I love the set up of this fic. The way Gwaine is so open about his lifestyle and yet guarding his partners secrecy. And the way he treats Elena's curiosity with caution wins lots of points for his character here. Great dynamic between them and extremely hot.

And a couple finds via my favourite search on A03. Both authors have only written one Merlin fic and they are both charming.

The Tale of the Teapot by Moorishflower Merlin/Arthur [PG-13] (8k)
Summary: A mysterious rabbit, a sick prince, an errant spell, and Merlin. Just another week in Camelot.
I’m not sure when this was originally written, but it feels like it was written during S1 when Merlin wanted nothing more from Arthur than for Arthur to see him and be his friend. The result is a really charming fic.

Millions of Peaches by Dira Sudis (dsudis) Merlin/Arthur [PG-13] (4k)
Summary: "I know what this is, Merlin."
Again, another fic that feels like it was written during S1. Merlin just wants to make Arthur smile. Who can fault him for taking risks?

more to come later this weekend.
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So, today was supposed to suck. I had all these meetings booked that were all over town and soooo much driving and so much to do to prepare for each meeting and rush to be home in time for the buses and shit like that.


Thank you, freezing rain. I managed to get the kids off this morning (only took me an hour's drive -- buses were all cancelled) and Mr. M has to worry about picking them up.

So instead of spending the day driving around, I'm at home under a quilt, laptop on my lap and you people to talk to. :D HELLO THERE. I should make a nice pot of tea, yes?

In other news:
I updated my Gwaine rec list last night All about Gwaine... . I added in the last six months worth of recs that I'd posted.
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[ profile] merlinreversebb Recs:
I haven’t had a chance to read many of the fics in this fest, but the art... ah, man. The art has been really stunning. I don’t even know where to begin reccing the art other than to say, go through the entire fest and click everything.
Turning Page by [ profile] mightypretty Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (25k)
Summary: When Merlin, best loved singer/songwriter in the UK, tragically loses his parents in a car accident his life is turned upside down. Depressed and alone he's ready to give up and leave it all behind, but then he hears a voice.
This fic has warnings for: Mentions of depression, self-harm and suicide. The fic begins with Merlin already deep in depression over the death of his parents. I find grief hard to read, and this was no exception. There was no quick fix for Merlin’s issues, but healing does come with the help of Arthur – who has his own painful past to deal with. It was a beautiful story, heartbreaking but a good journey through it all and it left me happy and not wrung out. This fic was inspired by the beautiful graphic by [ profile] sallyna_smile

Art Prompt Title: # 2001 by [ profile] mangacat201
Characters/Pairings:Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, light Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Morgana discovers Merlin's magic in a dream and, in revealing him, changes the course for Camelot.

[ profile] merlin_games recs:
Note about my [ profile] merlin_games reccing: I am entirely neutral in the competition aspect of this fest. All the anon entries of this fest are anon to me as well. I was not involved in modding, writing, betaing or cheerleading any of the entries, if that matters to anyone reading.

Masquerade Ball anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Canon] Arthur/Merlin [WS]
Summary: Merlin needs something to wear to a masquerade ball. Gaius finds him a costume that Balinor once wore to a ball when he was still a member of Uther's Court.

Memorable Mustang by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Modern AU] Gwaine/Merlin [WS]
Summary: A comic page without words - Merlin and Gwaine's first date starts off poorly, but in the end they seem don't care.

Knowing by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Modern AU] Arthur/Merlin [Nc-17] (3.7k)
Summary: Merlin's had a funny feeling for weeks now. He's about to find out why.
I really enjoyed this little adventure with Merlin the thief, and his role slowly being revealed together with the mystery of Merlin’s magic acting up. Also a nice splash of porn (voyeurism and loo sex! Two of my favourite things) to make the whole thing delish.

The Seventh by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Historical] Percival/Merlin [PG] (4.5k)
Summary: Nobody ever knew how Percival felt about Merlin. But he made sure to show the sheriff in whatever ways he could.
A nice period piece, set in the old west. The fic is a character study of both Merlin and Percival far more than a fic that follows a plot. The author did a great job drawing both, but Percival especially so not only did he feel very real (more real than we get from canon, even) but also using the time period and setting as a way to understand the characters and the complexity of their feelings.

The Spirit of Familiarity by anon @ [ profile] merlin_games [Team Reincarnation] Arthur/Merlin [G] (5.8k)
Summary: In each of his incarnations Merlin has magic but untamed magic requires guidance and in Merlin's case that comes in the form of a more than Familiar Spirit.
Reincarnation fics never fail to break my heart. They are full of hope, naturally because there is always a second chance, yet it’s still hard ‘living through’ the ache of lives gone by. That said, I really liked this interesting look at Merlin and Arthur finding their way to each other time and again in so many different situations, both the form that they took and they reason for their lives.

Merlin Recs

Feb. 2nd, 2012 07:25 pm
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How Lucky You Are by [ profile] hermette Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (3k)
Content: underage (Merlin is 13) and hints of D/s
Summary: There’s a lot Merlin needs to learn.
My comfort zone with underage is usually around 15. So... Merlin is 13 in this. What made this work for me is being in Arthur’s POV and feeling his panic and indecision at Merlin’s age and innocence, together with Merlin’s naivete at what his curiosity was doing to Arthur. I was with Arthur all the way as he squirms and forgets to breathe and holds back on going further through this perfect balance of wrong and hot. That balance is a little different for everyone. So. Click with care, but it has my two thumbs up and begging for more. soon.

[ profile] gwaine_quest recs:

The Way To A Man's Heart (And All That Jazz) by [ profile] leashy_bebes Arthur/Gwaine [Nc-17] (9k)
Summary: Arthur learns that sometimes blind dates – even unexpected, unwanted ones with Merlin's friends – work out. Eventually.
I loved this take on Merlin the matchmaker, because it was interesting to see the trope turned on its head. The matchmaking fails right off the bat, not because the usual trope of the hate each other, but the kiss of death: Arthur and Gwaine decide to become friends. And all Merlin’s efforts only serve to complicate what might otherwise happen naturally.

The Cinders, The Violets, and the Gooseberries by [ profile] junkshop_disco Merlin/Gwaine [R] (4.4k)
Summary: As a travel writer, Gwaine has developed a gift for summing up towns in 500 words, but Camelot and its chocolatier won’t stay out of his notebook, even when he’s supposed to have left the place behind.
This is based on the film Chocolat. Where Merlin opens a chocolate shop and Gwaine is the newcomer to the town that falls in love with the chocolate - and with Merlin. The prose in this are just stunning and Merlin is this alluring, mysterious creature who communicated through chocolate and knowing smiles. I fell in love and so did Gwaine.

The Devil’s Food by [ profile] rufflefeather Arthur/Gwaine [R] (3.8k)
Summary: Arthur fails at cake-baking, Merlin is a cat and Gwaine does things with frosting.
This fic was hilarious and adorable. Anyone who has watched My Drunk Kitchen will appreciate the brilliance of drinking rum while struggling through a recipe that you don’t really understand while sober.

Merlin Recs

Jan. 5th, 2012 10:08 am
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I haven't been able to keep up with my flist in the last week so if you recced something for MErlin holiday, can you give me a link? I'll add it to the List of Merlin Holidays Recs.

some more merlin holidays recs...

You'll be the king and I'll be... by anon @ [ profile] merlin_holidays Merlin/Arthur [NWS]

Make It Better by anon @ [ profile] merlin_holidays Merlin/Arthur [NWS]

My Fucking Perfect Arse by anon @ [ profile] merlin_holidays Gwaine/Arthur [NWS]


Spartacus and the Open Taxi Door by [ profile] fuzzytomato02 Merlin/Arthur [PG-13] (9k)
Summary: Merlin works in a coffee shop, is a literature student, lives with Will, flirts with Gwaine, is friends with Gwen and has a stunningly normal life. Until Arthur walks in and changes everything.
A fun, romantic modern AU that left a huge smile on my face. This smitten Arthur is pretty adorable.

The Spirit of Christmas by [ profile] tourdefierce Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (22k)
Summary: This is the story about how Arthur the Elf got his groove back.
This fic was crazy cracky fun. Completely insane and original and I had a blast reading it.

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by [ profile] venivincere Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (3.6k)
Summary: Rocks fall. Everyone... dies? Well, maybe the Little Death.
A sweet and sexy fic that slips right into *waves hand* some moment in canon.

ALSO! The guessing poll is up! GO GUESS.
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Blind Submission by [ profile] amphigoury Arthur/Percival [WS]

First Light by [ profile] reni_m Arthur, Merlin [WS]

U + Me > by [ profile] shan_3414 Gwaine, Merlin [WS]

Wait by [ profile] eldee Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (10k)
Warnings/Contents: established bedroom D/s relationship (dom Arthur, sub Merlin), bondage and sex toys but no painplay.
Summary: It’s been a couple of weeks since Merlin and Arthur have had the chance to get together for a night of play.
This was so much of everything I love about D/s play. Dom!Arthur with his quiet authority, and sub!Merlin with his struggles to give over control warring with his desire to please... yeah. This was delicious. They are established, but still new enough to each other and their roles that it’s practiced but still fresh, Merlin knows what’s expected but it’s still an effort to comply at times. I loved the choices the author made in both the play and the characterisation. Hit all my buttons just right.

Painting By Numbers by [ profile] junkshop_disco Gwaine/Merlin [NC-17] (18k)
Summary: Since he fell out with a Painting By Numbers kit at eight, Gwaine has been incapable of painting within other people’s lines. Luckily he’s about to meet Merlin, an art student, who’s equally keen on making a splodgy mess of life.
I read this fic like this --> ♥_♥ the whole time. It’s incredibly romantic with nice touch of humour and yummy sex. Incredibly heart warming for a cold winter’s day.

The Hunt by [ profile] novemberlite Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (12k)
Warnings: knotting, rimming, rough sex
Summary: “Those Pendragons, they’re a different sort. Beastly, but clever. It’s said they’re drawn to magic--to power--and that’s how they find their... mate.”
I adore canon AU and this one is fascinating. I’ve never read knotting in Merlin fandom before but.. yeah. It’s totally going on my kink list. That said, the actual knotting is fairly short so certainly skimmable if it’s not your thing. But the plot is nicely done and something I haven’t read before and the sex (rough and feral) was everything I could ask for.

A Heavy Heart to Carry by [ profile] xthursdaynextx Arthur/Merlin [R] (12k)
Summary: When Merlin is captured and injured, Arthur must face up to his own feelings for his manservant as well as the many secrets he discovers are being kept from him.
When I first got into fandom, Arthur taking care of injured Merlin and ~discovering his worth is the first type of fic I sought out. Funny thing? A bazillion fics later – I still cannot get enough of this trope. This was a lovely read that satisfies that spot that canon always pokes at and leave me wanting – that part of me that screams: “Arthur, look at what is right in front of you and TRULY appreciate it and see Merlin for who he is.” Loved it, lovely h/c.

Reminder: List of Merlin Holidays Recs. If you are reccing for the fest, send me a link.

Merlin Recs

Nov. 4th, 2011 10:48 am
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you and i by [ profile] lyryk Merlin/Arthur [NC-17,warnings] (2.2k)
Summary: An anonymous encounter. Canon-verse.
Awe, man – this was one of the beautiful surprises from kinkspiration’s crossdressing round. This fic is packed with my favourite kinks, anon sex, crossdressing, D/s, bondage, toys, finger fucking... and all wrapped into a delicious package of 2.2k of panty melting goodness.

Good, Giving, and Gwaine by [ profile] junkshop_disco Merlin/Gwaine [NC-17, crossdressing] (4k)
Summary: If Merlin had known Gwaine was about to catch him looking at men in corsets, he’d have written to Dan Savage for advice on how to explain that ever since he can remember, he’s had a bit of a thing for men in ladies’ things.
I love everything about this fic. Merlin’s embarrassment at being caught looking at pics of guys in lingerie was so spot on, then Gwaine’s reaction to it was all *hearteyes* and sexy. And um... the sex? Those images will be in my brain forever. GUH.

Sweep the Ashes Dry by [ profile] significantowl Merlin/Gwaine [PG] (5.6k)
Summary: In which Gwaine is a private investigator who does his research, Merlin is a psychic who helps people no-one else can, and there’s much more going on in the Barrel & Stake than meets the eye.
This is a wonderful action/adventure for Merlin and Gwaine. A fun ghost story with the background of investigator!Gwaine being fascinated with psychic!Merlin while the two try to figure out what is really happening around them. I would love to see this turn into a series.

Merlin Recs

Nov. 3rd, 2011 01:48 pm
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A bunch of recs... more to come tomorrow, then I'm taking a bit of a break from reading/reccing so I can get some other stuff done.

Only Happy When it Rains by eppy7 Merlin/Arthur

The Most Sincere by [ profile] luisadeza Merlin/Gwaine

Before Dawn by [ profile] lolafeist Arthur/Merlin [R, plenty of warnings] (17k)
Summary: When Arthur stops his father's men from abusing a Druid captive, he sets into motion a chain of events that will bring him face to face with his destiny.
Regarding the Warnings: Please read the warnings on this fic. In the first part of this fic, there are some definitely uncomfortable bits that highlight Merlin's vulnerability, and I have this helpless/humiliation squick so I was fidgeting while reading. But the fic grows so far beyond that first hard-to-read scene that if you can handle some not happy bits in the first couple scenes (and I’m happy to go into detail if you pm me or leave me a comment), it's so well worth it just to see how both Merlin and Arthur grow from that first very unpleasant meeting. The fic is much more than the sum of the warnings: I love this AU. It has Uther as a warlord, not yet having captured Camelot. Arthur is 16(ish) on his first campaign with his father and overwhelmed by the brutality of it all, particularly the way his father’s men treat one captive in particular. In the events that follow, the reader (and eventually Merlin) can see Arthur’s heart and how he is a different man than his father . The humanity he learns in his adventure with Merlin (even though they are both young and hot headed and stubborn) prepare him to be the one to bring forth a new world.

VIDS: (or maggie wasted a lot of time today on youtube) )
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Something Else Entirely by [ profile] giselleslash Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin (and pairings therein) [PG-13] (3k)
Summary: Modern AU. Gwaine is missing something in his life and Merlin helps him find it.
This is a beautiful, quiet fic that really grabbed my heart and squeezed. Each character was wonderfully written, and their journey to find happiness together was really moving.

Last Friday Night by [ profile] bend_me_baby Arthur/Merlin [PG-13] (12k)
Summary: Arthur’s a hipster, but not really. And Merlin is his normal, happy self who happens to listen to too much Katy Perry and other trashy pop music.
This is a fun Modern AU that made me smile from beginning to end. Arthur is adorable, Merlin equally so. And together they are silly and wonderful friends with the sizzle of UST underlying it all. Fun read.

And from the LMAO Files:
The Hottest Boyband in Camelot and the accompanying song: Loosen Your Bodice.
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The Throne Room by [ profile] eloquent_toast Arthur/Merlin [NWS]
Summary: In the early hours of the morning, Merlin gives Arthur some pleasant memories for when he's tending to boring court business.

Catch a Falling Star by [ profile] thedeathchamber Merlin [G]

Play On by [ profile] giselleslash Arthur/Merlin [Nc-17] (17k)
Summary: Historical AU | 1900 | Arthur’s father passes away and he learns his inheritance is in ruins. He’s forced out of his home and into a rooming house where he meets Merlin and proceeds to pine over him. Also, Gwaine and Elena are ever helpful.
This is absolutely delightful. I adore Arthur in this setting. And Gwaine, and Elaine as well. Well… naturally Merlin too. Basically these four lend themselves beautifully to a 1800s - early 1900s settings with all the social etiquette and class structures that need to be adhered to (or torn to shreds). This fic is wonderfully done and a great read.

unraveled by [ profile] glimmergirl Arthur/Merlin [PG-13] (4k)
student/teacher, pre-modern fantasy/magic au; illness h/c.
Short and lovely glimpse at an type of AU that I don't think I've ever seen/ Lots of story packed into these 4k while still be a quiet 'moment in time' fic.

In Which Gwaine Gets His End Away by [ profile] mabonwitch Gwaine/Merlin [NC-17, age disparity] (2k)
Summary: Gwaine doesn't know what the spell's intended effect was, but seducing a teenaged Merlin sounded like fun to him.
dirty, naughty, age disparity, first time fic. FUN!

Hunger For You by [ profile] tourdefierce Arthur/Merlin [NC-17, WARNINGS] (5k)
Summary: This is a story about boys who love each other, who also love their dicks and what comes out of them. (I wanted to say ‘lovejuice’ but I refrained. Aren’t you glad?)>
Come play is pretty much a vanilla kink these days, but this fic takes it to a whole new level. Mind the warnings – this fic isn't for everyone, but while I don't always enjoy come play taken to an extreme, I really loved this and the relationship between Arthur and Merlin? Brilliant. Beneath the kink, this fic was really about them as a couple.

And.... this vid is lovely [SPOILERS for S4]

(also!!! Look - new icon! from this amazing set)
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Come Here To Me by [ profile] myashke Merlin/Arthur [NC-17] (20k)
Summary: When Merlin accidentally brings home a magical creature, his relationship with Arthur is forever change
This was a fun fic with lots of Merlin hiding something (badly) antics that could have been taken right from the show. The OC (Pen) is completely endearing, as is Arthur's reaction to him through out.

Suicidal Glasses and the Halloween Goose by [ profile] giselleslash Gwaine/Elena [PG] (3k)
Summary: Elena has to work Halloween night and Gwaine is smitten by the fact that she’s pretty much the worst bartender ever.
Hysterical little fic, Gwaine and Elena are adorable together, but the rest of the gang really steal the show. Very fun read.

Merlin recs

Oct. 7th, 2011 06:42 pm
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Yield by ~eppy [NWS?]
(ps: [ profile] waltzing_mice gives awesome art twit-recs. ty for keeping me supplied with pretty.)

Rescue Me by [ profile] eurydice72 Elena/Gwaine [PG] (3.2k)
Summary: Though Gwaine might leap to rescue a lady in distress, sometimes the lady prefers to do the rescuing herself.
Absolutely delightful little fic with one of my favourite rare pairs. Spot on characterization of both Gwaine and Elena and a realistic first meeting.

An Imbalance of the Humours by [ profile] agenttrojie Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin [NC-17] (2.5k)
Summary: Gwaine and Arthur have to refrain from … wasting their energy … in view of the upcoming melee tournament. Merlin is less than impressed, but it's all right, because Gwaine and Arthur have plans.
Delicious threesome awesomeness. Also a lovely, healthy, poly relationship fic for those of you who don't like insecurity and jealousy in your OT3.

No idea what to class this as but Meta/humour/hilarity seems right:
Merlin Facebook Recap 4.01: The Darkest Hour Part 1 by [ profile] cornflowercase (very spoilery!)

Merlin Recs

Oct. 5th, 2011 10:49 am
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Merlin Bound by ~ObsidianSerpent [WS] Arthur/Merlin

Withdraw by ~HgwrtsExchngeStdnt [WS] Arthur/Merlin

Rescued by [ profile] waltzing_mice [NWS] Gwaine/Merlin

Waiting for Merlin by *malanotte [WS] Gwaine

(also, if anyone has lj links to the DA links above – I’d be happy to change the links provided and it would allow me to leave a comment)


I Will Follow by [ profile] winterstorrm Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (3k)
Summary: When Arthur meets Merlin, his new priority in life is to keep him safe.
This is a wonderful glimpse at a Magical Modern AU with Merlin and Arthur on the run from the government. It’s quick and a lot is left implied, but I love the hints of backstory that we see and it leaves lots to think about. Would love to see a prequel AND a sequel to this fic.

Sharing Secrets by [ profile] leashy_bebes Arthur/Merlin [NC-17] (2k)
Summary: The boys are sharing a room (oh, okay, and a bed most nights) at uni. Arthur's having some much needed alone time and Merlin walks in on something he really doesn't expect to see.
Bondage! Informal and full of nerves and shame and hiding... Arthur’s secret is well played and Merlin’s inevitable reaction ... brilliant.

oh! and [ profile] merlingwainebar had a banner contest. I loved both the winner and the runner up. fabulous stuff:

/html fail x 10
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My muse has owned me these last few weeks. Either this stuff in my head gets onto paper rftn or it will disappear into the abyss, never to be seen again. So I've been doing nothing but writing, writing, writing.


However, it means that I've been horrible at replying to comments, commenting on fics I've read, replying to emails or keeping up on my flist.

My guilt. It burns. :/

I'll try to be better once I get that next sentence/paragraph/scene/entire fic out… heh.

But in the meantime – a few sizzling insta recs (also not commented on... *headdesk*):

Trinity by [ profile] leashy_bebes [NC-17, kink: branding] (3k) Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine
Summary: A triangle is the strongest shape, and Gwaine wants proof. Modern AU.

This fic made me fall harder than you could possibly imagine for this pairing. As much as I've always adored it, each character just SHINES in this beautiful sexy piece.

And two more short and kinkies that I loved recently:
A Primal Sort of Poetry by [ profile] lolafeist [NC-17, kink: fisting(off-screen)] (750) Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Merlin

See by [ profile] lolafeist [NC-17, kink:several - see warnings] (1k) Arthur/Merlin, OCs/Merlin

ART: (non_kinky unless you are into… um.. I'm not sure what? Puffy coats?)
chibi adorableness by [ profile] lil_lollypop36

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The Ivy Crown by [ profile] dayari Merlin/Arthur, Gwaine [NC-17] (251k)
Summary: [Post-S3 crossover with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle.] Merlin couldn't have picked a worse time to finally tell Arthur about his magic. In the wake of the battle against the immortal army, a strange visitor disrupts the court, calling himself the Green Knight and proposing a test of the court's integrity. Although Uther turns him away, several of Camelot's northern allies end up mysteriously beheaded over the next few months, and Arthur, Merlin and the knights set out to investigate. They encounter more than they'd bargained for on the way—a reckless young boy, a lady in search of a husband, a centuries-old fairytale that holds more than a grain of truth... and a challenge that ends up being more than just a game.
First – I don’t know the tale of the Green Knight, and I think the fic reads very well with very little knowledge of that story. Second – as a lover of word economy, it's very rare for me to ever attempt to read a fic this long and even more rare for me to finish it. The author was very clever at keeping the story interesting, the characters' relationships deliciously engaging without giving in too easily or so much push-pull in the UST that the reader goes crazy from the lack of payoff. Speaking of UST – The Arthur/Merlin dynamic in this really spot on. Their entire relationship in this fic is basically a reveal fall out and it’s wonderfully done with lots of tension and emotions and both of them wanting things to be back the way they were but not able to find the way. Oh! And the sex (and there is some, eventually) is brilliantly hot. Outside of the M/A I adored the characterisation of each knight and the OC's. Gwaine and Leon especially really came alive in this fic for me. Great storytelling all around.
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still working my way through [ profile] paperlegend fics...

What You Mean to Me (Right Now) by [ profile] wanderhomeagain Arthur/Merlin [NC-17, warnings] (37k)
Summary: When Arthur Pendragon lost his leg his leg below the knee after an auto accident three years ago, he shut everyone out. Now with the help of his sister, some meddling kids friends, and a bastard of an ex-boyfriend who has the temerity to get off with someone else, Arthur begins to learn that he can let himself enjoy life in the company of others, especially the new pharmacist Gwen sent him to see.
This was a delightful h/c. I enjoyed the exploration of Arthur’s struggles, his self-image issues caused by his amputation. I think the author treated the matter with respect, and paired it well with Merlin who is sensitive and caring, but also not without his own scars. Very good read.

The Five Kingdoms by [ profile] misswinterhill Merlin/Gwaine [NC-17] (81k)
Summary: It was meant to be a solo quest — Merlin struggling to find ingredients for a spell to save King Arthur’s life — until Gwaine was sent to check on him and decided to stay. Now he’ll follow Merlin to the four kingdoms of the elements and back to the mortal realm, meet his own destiny at the Green Chapel, and become the willing champion of the most powerful sorcerer to ever live.
There are a lot of ‘Quest’ fics out there, and this one without a doubt deserves the title ‘Epic Quest.’ Everything thing in this fic is done on a grand scale: amazing adventures, fascinating OCs, humour and pathos and triumph over adversity. I really appreciated the friendship and love between Merlin and Gwaine that went far beyond sexual attraction to being true partners in every sense and the Arthur factor was dealt with handily. Vague Spoilers: While Arthur was absent for the majority of the fic, he is still a specter between them (certainly from Gwaine’s POV) and not ignored to serve the plot. But rest assured that by the end of the fic Arthur is standing tall and proud with Merlin at his side. And Gwaine where he should be at Merlin’s side. Smiles all around.
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A Fistful of Infinity and Starlight by [ profile] junkshop_disco Gwaine/Merlin [NC-17] (64k)
Summary: Uther’s insane, Morgana’s plotting a new assault on Camelot, and Arthur and his knights are clueless but supposedly in charge. In the midst of it, Gwaine finds himself harbouring feelings for a man who apparently has a destiny, and learns something new about magic: it doesn’t play fair, and serving it shakes everything you hold dear – whether you’re a sorcerer or not.
adorable art by [ profile] matchsticks_p
This is a brilliant read. Gwaine is just... spot on. I quite literally burst out laughing in a number of places because his comments were so so Gwaine. I loved the Merlin/Gwaine relationship and the way that Arthur remained, without question, a defining part of Merlin’s life – and not at the expense of Gwaine. But that Gwaine was there to love and support Merlin in his destiny and not lead him down a different path. Also the Gwaine and Arthur moments of conflict where at times hilarious and often heart wrenching. Great plot, great characterisations, great story telling. Love all around.


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