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Ok, RL is kicking my ass at the moment. BADLY.

Sorry to anyone I've left hanging. :/ will be back on Tuesday with a better head on my shoulders.

For now:

1. FIC Rec: When the Clocks Stopped This fic is amazing!!!! Fascinating and clever, with interesting concepts on time travel and the effects (I'm a HUGE fan of time travel with consequences!!!) Also the Harry/Draco dynamic is EXPLOSIVE in a very old school kind of way, which I adore! And it has quite a cast of characters both original and canon that give the plot a lovely depth. Fabulous fic. Enjoy!

2. [ profile] hd_career_fair ends tomorrow!!! (no, really. it does. Yes, I know it looks like the mods have been clinging to this fest and not wanting it to ever end. You are not wrong. :P)

3. [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest sign up close tonight!!! GO SIGN UP! The response have been so enthusiastic! It looks to be a great fest!!! Woot!

4. Lastly:


Ok... back to RL. Oof! Got a few pumpkins to carve! o.O
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too many things in my head at the moment to post on one thing!

1. If you haven't yet, feel free to throw in your two cents on the Next Gen Kids Canon Guide I will be repost the completed Guide er… after my hols is in beta. :D

2. Also, if you haven't yet… SIGN UP for [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest and put all that great canon info to good use!

3. Original Slash Rec. I finished reading [ profile] janedavitt & [ profile] alexasnow's Bound and Determined. and then I read it a second time. :D Srsly. I quite enjoyed it. The BDSM was well done. I loved the dynamic between the main characters. It had an interesting look at the details of how a sub and dom who don't know each other learn to trust each other. Also: 'flailing, naïve youth' meets 'established, respected dom looking for something fresh' is nnnngh and ED kink? Yes, please. ♥

4. Hols is written and in massive edit mode. YAY! No more mindlessly typing crap in!

5. Silhouettes in Sunsets is effn gorgeous. (H/D, PG-13 – based on Tom Felton's Magical Luthier prompt.) It is so lyrical and dreamlike… something quite out of the ordinary.

6. Oh! And [ profile] _aurora_sky_ drew Harry/Scorpius as Batman/Robin nnnngh!!!! jfsldjl! *loves*

7. [ profile] hp_darkfest starts SATURDAY!!!!! Woot!!!!

8. OH!!! And [ profile] lavillanueva's Harry/Draco Knifeplay!Fic jfsdljfdkl!!!jfklsdjkl1!! SO DAMN Good. and only 1.5 K

9. Reserved for the next thing I remember I wanted to say.
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Two of my favourite fics of the [ profile] hd_career_fair were posted this morning!!! It's like my b-day all over again. YAY!!!!

No Animagi, No Polyjuice, No Sparkling Vampires (12k)
Great title, y/y?!?! It's based on the prompt I threw together for last year's St. Patrick's day Career Fair pimp post. Harry is a pub owner, hiding from life and Draco makes an unexpected and unwanted appearance at said pub. This is wonderfully done, great dynamic between the boys and really fun OCs. With a background of Lucius/Hermione!!! Woot!!!

Normal Does It (26k - oof! right? But it's the weekend!!! and this just flies by.)
Another pirate fic! *rolls around in swashbuckling love* Draco is on a quest, and he needs Harry's help. Both Harry and Draco have layers of secrets in this fic which are a joy to unravel. The plot is great pirate escapade following an old map and meeting nefarious creatures along the way. Being chased by other ships and not knowing who to trust. A really well done adventure. OH! and totally not AU, it's EWE, but it's holds to all of DH.

And I haven't broken my vow to give up reading for a bit! I read these two ages ago. Now go, read and stare at the beta credits and try to guess who wrote. We all know that's what you do. ;)

I now have 2hr sans kids. I am off to work on my hols. :D

ETA: !!! NEED Harry/Draco art - NWS Wow. That's just... intense. *shivers*
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I am so behind on comments... and yet I keep posting... lallala... forgive me?

1. I am Justice. I always have been. Since I was a little girl playing with big sis's tarot deck. I didn't need to take the meme. I did anyway and yeah... I am Justice. :D

2. Working on hols all day, and will remain behind on comments. *hugs status quo, change is bad*

3. ART REC: [ profile] pink_mint drew a lovely threesome of sketches that I adore like jfsdkjfklj!!! If you haven't clicked on them yet: Harry (nnngh! such a mischievous little grin!), Draco (nnngh!! he looks all feral, and yet young. I can't tell you how much I love this Draco), The Kiss (Such a sexy kiss, they look like they are just falling into it, slow motion and sensual. incredibly passionate for such a 'simple' sketch)

4. Scratching the Itch at [ profile] hd_career_fair. Model!Harry and Model Agency guy!Draco - very sexy and sweet and funny. Harry is adorable and yet also sizzling hot. Draco is afraid to get burned. :D

5. [ profile] accioslash has an interesting poll on recs, here.

6. See [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest banners HERE
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OMG!!! Best. Birthday. Ever.
Starting like 10 minutes ago when I logged in. *beams*

*twirls you*

Conversation earlier this week:
Mr. M: what would you like for you b-day?
Me: er? a hot cup of tea and peace and quiet???
Mr. M: *shrugs* ok. I'll take the kids for the afternoon and come home with dinner, if that's what you'd like.
Me: *blinks* *gets teary* REALLY??? OMG! That is better than the porn machine printer you bought me two years ago.


And my lovely co-mods posted two of fav fics from the fest today!!! OMG! *squishes them* (both the co-mods and the fics.

My official recs of them before I round around in my flist for the afternoon:

Title: Greeting Expectations
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Pansy/Blaise
Summary: Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy ask Harry, who's currently unemployed, to discover why Draco has apparently gone Muggle.
Warnings: Rubbish art on the front of the cards. Artists and those good with photoshop – hide your eyes! Also, some of the characters do not like Astoria. The opinions of these characters don't do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author.
Word Count: 16,124
ahahhahahahha!!! *dies* This fic is so DAMN funny. A sweet, witty fic that just makes me smile every time I think on it. God, the cards!!! Hahahhah! Have you ever seen the movie Crazy People? This fic totally makes me think of it. Greeting Cards by a deadpan witty Draco. And they're pretty! (and cleverly embedded in the fic! YAY LISA!!!) No question in my mind that this fic will be a crowd pleaser.

Title: Light as Iron, Singed as Pearl
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The owner of the elite BDSM club M had not gained his reputation as the most coveted Dominant on the scene by taking on just any riff-raff submissive who asked. It would take an unexpected letter to convince him to accept a new client, but it might turn out to be the biggest mistake he ever made.
Warnings: BDSM. EWE.
Word Count: ~13,800
jfskjlsd!!! hfshj!!! What? you want coherency? Ok, how about I ADORE this approach to BDSM. This is not a fic about how people get off on pain (which is a perfectly fine way to write a BDSM fic). but this one makes it all about power. How freely given power is so fucking hot on both side. There is no... 'beating' in this fic for those of you squeamish about BDMS. No whips and chains and blood. Just a fantastic dynamic of two people who are trying to figure the other out and find out if their corresponding kinks can actually work together given their pasts. jfsjkfdsjl!!! also? so fucking hot. LOL. did I mention that already? The writing is spectacular and the charaterisation spot on. *shoves this fic in back-pocket to keep for always.*


Oct. 9th, 2009 09:08 am
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1. [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest is returning early 2010. That means sign ups will be in a couple weeks and fic will be due February-ish. More on this later. I am the official towel boy of the fest! *accidentally walks in on mods in the showers* *ogles*
If you are not already, be sure to watch this fest for updates and see if you can be tempted into joining. Next Gen kids are just too much fun. (slash, het, gen, and of course cross-gen are welcome)

2. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!!! Happy Oktoberfest, beer drinkers!!! Busy, busy weekend ahead. (sadly without any actual beer drinking)

3. Draco's Post-War Prophesy. Do I need to rec this? I'm so thrilled that fandom kind of exploded with love of this because I ADORE it muchly. MacGuffin Prophesy!!! Yadda, Yadda!! OMG! My lovely Artist, you own me.

4. It’s a Dirty Job. I thought is fic was DAMN adorable. This Dirty!confident!teasing Draco stole my heart.

5. The Homestead
This fic is tenderness. Pure, simple, and uncomplicated and yet neither boring nor dramatic or sexy. A very rare find in a fic. It felt almost delicate while reading.

6. Drink Up Thy Zider: A South Hams Pomona. The best I can do is give you a snippet. If this is your humour, than OMG, don't miss this fic. It is quite a read.

Draco was beyond speech. Pansy was nearly so, but only from suppressing laughter. 'So - I do hope I have this correctly - the Bishop is Sexton, the Rector is Vickers, the Curate is Warden? I hardly dare ask: who are your wardens?'

The Rector stared at her. 'Well, damn it all, of course Potter's one. Serves with Bell. If you want the whole establishment, I can give it out - I don't suppose this means you're at all a churchwoman, but one must live in hope. On strength, we've the wardens, Bell and Potter; the Tower Captain - we've a damned decent ring, of six, naturally, the standard "Devon ring" - is Graves; and the sexton is George Abbott. D'you want the sidesmen as well?'

'Oh, no,' said Pansy, her lips quirking despite her best efforts. 'As a point of idle curiosity, though - would the Archdeacon by any chance be named Dean?'

'Naturally,' said the Rector, 'though I'll be buggered if I can tell how you chance to know that.'

7. [ profile] hd_fanart fest is FABULOUS. I adored: Malfoy Season (NWS), Little Merman (NWS) , and Lakeside Lovin' (NWS) … just too many to name them all… fantastic fest so far. :D.


Oct. 5th, 2009 01:25 pm
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[ profile] faithwood wrote me Giant Squid Is a Dirty Slasher. WARNING: TENTACLES and finally the name of my journal has meaning!

then [ profile] dirty_darella was inspired by the fic to draw Tentacles. (warning: TENTACLES, wot? you might not know! Also spoilers for ze fic.)

hahahhahaha! Tentacle Porn! Is there anything better? No, really. I could sit here and say that the fic was total crack... but um, mostly I thought it was SO FUCKING HOT. Faith knows just how to push my buttons and nnnngh... yeah... Gritting his teeth, Harry reprimanded himself for panicking so easily; honestly, it was probably just some harmless creature or maybe even a plant. However, just as Harry successfully calmed himself, he felt another — firmer — touch on his thigh. Something caressed his skin. It moved from the back of his knee upward along the inside of his thigh, higher and higher until it almost reached Harry's buttocks. nnnnnnnngh... yeah. Like that.


Thank you, Faith! *gropes you*

And then this weekend we posted one of my favs from the fest at [ profile] hd_career_fair:

World on Fire, with Firefighter Draco and Therapist Harry. It is exciting and intriguing and yet... at times quiet, with lovely exchanges between Harry and Draco as they get to know each other. I love the motivation for Draco's career and the mystery of the girl in the yellow dress was both eerie and fascinating. :D Excellent fic.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIE!!!!! [ profile] potteresque_ire, I have nothing to offer but virtual smooches and twirls and tickles. But I adore you, my sweet. [insert here: clever and filthy and dark Harry/Draco with animated (slithery) pimp cane and light bondage.]

REC from [ profile] hd_career_fair
I've read about a 1/3 of the fics, and still have a bazillion to catch up on, so these recs will all come at a wonky pace and order but last night I read this one and fell in love.

Title: Stories from America
Prompt: #117 submitted by [ profile] dysonrules
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, implied Ron/Hermione, past Harry/OC
Summary: Harry has built a new life for himself in Florida. Draco is the journalist who stumbles into it.
Warnings: Er… it’s really long? Bit of a mystery plot involved. Several OCs.
Word Count: 17,800

[ profile] stellamoon? this is the kind of fic that you rec me with a note that says: curl up with this feel good fic and be entertained for an afternoon. It's well written and romantic, not too heavy on the angst or the fluff. Fascinating magic and well characterised Harry and Draco. A pleasure to read.


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