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The [ profile] hp10k_showcase finished posting with the A Master List of Fics and Art.

Now I give you my final set of recs. All my pervious recs for this fest can be found under my 10k recs tag

Title: Guide those that through their councils
Author: [ profile] annafugazzi
Pairing(s): Harry/Ron
Rating: PG13
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 7,706
Summary: Harry's first time out of the British Isles left something to be desired. In fact, as the locals would say, so far it sucked.

This is a lovely contemplative piece. The setting is a rather horrid one: Ottawa in the very early spring. You can't get much uglier or uninspiring than that. Next to this dreary background, Ron and Harry relationship is so lovely. You truly get a sense of how much they care for each other. This is not burning passion and ripped clothes, but a sweet devotion and understanding of a solid relationship. Harry is having a quarter-life crisis and Ron, a true friend and confident, helps him through it.

Title: In Search of Power
Author: [ profile] sesheta_66
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None
Word Count: ~10,300
Summary: "There is no good and evil, there is only power ... and those too weak to seek it." ~ Lord Voldemort

Oh, a lovely crime mystery! The first scene draws you in immediately as Ron stands helpless to what is happening to him, then the author slips you the backstory and the mystery. Draco's flirting does a wonderful job at lightening the fic and bringing a sexy comedic twist. An all around great read.

Title: And Save Me From Bloody Men
Author: [ profile] blamebrampton
Pairing: Draco/Harry (story quite Draco-centric)
Rating: R – mild gay sex, language
Warnings: Largely set in a dystopian US of the sort favoured by James Cameron (though without Terminators), slight case of the Margaret Atwoods.
Word Count: 10,000
Summary: Draco Malfoy once watched others fighting to stop the world falling apart. This time, he’s not just watching.

The alternate universe that this fic is set in is mind-blowing and hauntingly believable. Cruelty born out of fear deeply disturbs me and I thank the author that is fic is only 10k, and that the pace is fast and the horror almost fleeting in the rushed feel of the story. I could not have read a slow, aching, detailed account of this world. It would have gutted me. Instead, I read it in one sitting, mouth gaping from beginning to end, shocked and completely in love with the brilliance of it.

A finally the collections of prettiness!
Raitala's HP10K Showcase art

Oldenuf2nb's HP10K Showcase art

So that's it folks. I've had a blast, I hope you enjoyed it.

If anyone out there is interested in giving this type of writing exercise a try, I highly recommend it. Gather a group of friends, pick a theme or whatever contraint you like (we chose awareness causes and short stories). Give yourselves a deadline, share your stories among yourselves first - giving concrit and beta and britpicking or whatever talents your group has to offer - then when you are ready, share the result with the rest of fandom. Best of all, have fun. ♥

10k recs

Apr. 2nd, 2009 04:07 pm
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Three fantastically funny fics for you! This batch of 10k are a blast. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy – you won't be needing any tissues, unless it's from laughing too hard.

Title: Between Conspirators
Author: [ profile] mahaliem
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating R
Warnings: None
Word Count: 9894
Summary: Someone tries to recruit Draco to help kill Harry. Fortunately (?), Draco has a plan to stop the mysterious would-be assassin.
This fic is a wonderful read. The one-liners are to die for. And there one Scorpius moment which killed me DEAD. I could just eat this clueless!Harry. nom, nom, nom.

Title: A Tale of Two Tents
Author: [ profile] who_la_hoop
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: A strong PG-13
Warnings: Epilogue-compliant(ish!), much silliness, incompetent fist-fights and a distressing lack of jokes involving the words and phrases 'tent' 'your pocket' and 'or are you just pleased to see me'. I couldn't even fit in a pun on the word 'camp'. How rubbish am I?
Word count: ~10,350 (alas, even when I try to write a short fic, I still can't get it to fit in one post! :D)
Summary: When Scorpius and Al take their parent's rivalry to a whole new level, Hogwarts is forced to intervene. Or, how Harry and Draco went camping, encountered mud, and managed to survive with all their limbs intact.
Camping, rain, annoying teenagers, magicless tents clearly bonding-camp hell on earth. Scorpius's biting wit and Al's classic!Harry 'use your fist because you can't think of a snappy comeback' is a lovely look at the next generation being exactly like the previous, only muddier. I giggled my way through this very clever fic.

Title: One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
Author: [ profile] geoviki
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Word Count: about 9,200
Summary: Secrets and imp magic make a bad combination, and Draco will never, ever forgive Blaise for any of this.
I love this charming fic. Draco and Blaise's friendship is such fun. Draco is imp-cursed into invisibility unless Harry can keep thinking about him. But how to make Harry think about him without having to explain the very embarrassing reason for the curse? Very well written, romantic, sweet and funny.

(trying to squeeze in all my recs before my house is invaded!)
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Casual HP fans on my flist? [ profile] swmbo? [ profile] zoniduck? There are plenty of you! If you are looking for a great laugh and something original, check this one out. It's a guaranteed entertaining read!

Title: Inconsolable, or How Harry Potter Stopped H8ing and Learned to Love Video Games
Author: [ profile] novembersnow
Pairing: Harry/Draco, secondary Harry/Ginny, tertiary Harry/Ron/Hermione (sort of)
Rating: R
Warnings: epilogue compliance, somewhat facetious treatment of addiction-related issues, gratuitous bandom references, and utter ridiculousness
Word Count: ~10,600
Summary: Harry Potter really sucks at video games. Draco Malfoy just sucks.

I don't follow video games. I had to read H8ing several times before I understood what it meant. *g* Don't let that turn you off. This fic is brilliantly funny and yet poignant and HOT. I'm chuckling to myself as I'm trying to figure out what else to say without being spoilery. Needless to say: go read, be entertained.

Title: Sly Quill
Author: [ profile] alisanne
Pairings: Draco/Harry. Other couples implied. Appearances by Ron and Luna.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None, EWE.
Word count: 9770
Summary: An anonymous person has been writing embarrassingly revealing articles. Harry goes on a quest to discover who the mystery reporter is, and in the end, discovers important things about himself.

Sly Quill is a devious and very well informed gossip columnist who plays with the fates of pretty much everyone. Harry become obsessed with finding out who 'sly quill' is and Draco happily helps him out. The UST is fantastic and the smut… yummy. A funny, feel-good fic and had me grinning all the way through.

Title: Pour Faire un Choix To Make a Choice
Author: [ profile] oldenuf2nb
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Warnings: EWE, Language, flangst, hurt/comfort
Word count: 9,601
Summary: Life is all about choices. Some, you can only make for yourself.

Ouch. Oh man, this fic made me ache. I'm not big on angst but this was such a good ache I could read this fic over and over. In the first scene we are thrown into Harry's heartache: an invite to Draco and OFC wedding. The backstory had me weeping and I don't think I stopped throughout the fic. But the best part is that while I was reading I never doubted that Harry and Draco were meant to be and could overcome this. The writing was a perfect balance of hurt and romance.

Title: Scenes From a Remarkable Marriage by Minerva McGonagall
Author: [ profile] sassy_cissa
Pairings: Severus/Hermione, past Ron/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, complete disregard for DH, character death (not Snape or Hermione), miscarriage
Word count: approx 8,600
Summary: To most people, Hermione Granger and Severus Snape were an unlikely couple. But Minerva McGonagall had been in a position to know them both well, and saw what others could not.

This is a well done Snape/Hermione. It's an AU, that does not follow DH at all. Hermione is needed to help with potion making at Hogwarts, leaving it open for her and Snape to get to know each other at a different level. When she finds herself in a very difficult situation, Snape offers his help and the romance truly begins. It is very sweet and romantic.

ETA!!! And many of these contain fabulous art by Oldenuf and Raitala! Srsly, fanatastic art in these fics. Woot!

Only a few more days of posting for [ profile] hp10k_showcase. Don't be discouraged about falling behind, every fic is worth checking out and there is no stress of trying to read everything before 'reveals'.
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Title: The Taste of Magic
Author: [ profile] romaine24
Pairings: Harry/Draco, mention of Harry/OC
Rating: R
Warnings: EWE , Angst
Word count: 10,050
Summary: Sometimes magic isn't enough.

Romaine's ability to handle complex plots has always astounded me. The fact that she was able to do this one in 10k words is really quite amazing. This is another fic in the Showcase that uses their cause (in this case Environmental Issues) as a plot point. And she does an excellent job with it. The concept that magic is fading, being stolen from the world and the subsequent consequences gives me shivers. This story is incredible intense and rich in plot and emotion.

Also? Hi!!! Sorry, my posts are all recs these days, but *squee* amazing fic and I can't help it. Yesterday I went out a bought: 2 packages of printer paper, 2 ink cartriges, 1 writing notebook and a pack of pens. My fandom survival kit. :D
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Catching up on the weekend 10k posts:

Title: Founder's Ball
Author:[ profile] rickey_a Illustrated by [ profile] raitala
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco (and a dash of Luna/Susan on the side)
Rating: R
Warning(s): None, unless you need to be warned for a smidge of Femmeslash
Word Count: ~9930
Summary: Hogwarts has four houses and one representative from each is required for the rededication ceremony.

Waiting patiently for a 10k Showcase fic that doesn't make you cry? This is it! This fic sparkles with its magic. It is wonderfully romantic and beautifully told. Harry must choose from his fellow students, one from each house for a rededication ceremony. The four choices (Harry, Draco, Luna and Susan) are perfect embodiments of their founders and together they bond and heal Hogwarts for generations to come. The feel of this fic just sweeps me away with romance and magic and such powerful imagery.

Title: The Thread Measurer's Apprentice
Author: [ profile] sansa1970 Illustrated by [ profile] raitala and [ profile] oldenuf2nb
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~9,000
Summary: A mysterious letter saves Scorpius' life. When Draco discovers who sent the warning, a most unusual partnership is born.

This is a fantastic plot in the hands of a master storyteller. Harry's gift/curse creates so many moral dilemmas that the reader is left thinking long after about difficult decisions. I'm at a loss as to what else to say without being spoilery. A stunning fic that leaves you awed and happy.

I'll be back later to rec a [ profile] hp_springsmut fic! I am so behind on everything. *whimpers*
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Day three of the 10k showcase and yet another emo fic. *g* There will be happy, funny fic. Eventually. But until then, Pir8 has an amazing story to tell.

Title: Glass Half Full
Author: [ profile] pir8fancier
Pairing: Ron/Pansy
Rating: R
Warnings: Sustance abuse, filthy language, lots of smoking references
Word Count: 10,047
Summary: Twenty years after the battle at Hogwarts, it's not happily ever after.

This is one of the few fics in the Showcase that is written on the subject of the writer's chosen cause. Anyone that has struggled with Alcoholism or watched someone struggle with Alcoholism understands denial and knows that recovery doesn't come with any quick fix. This fic is Ron's journey through this all too familiar (to some of us) road to sobriety. Pir8 give a great characterization of Ron as insecure and stubborn. He wants to be loved and respected. In other words, he is perfectly canon!Ron and a look at how canon!Ron would be years later in the shadow of his wife and best friend. It is incredibly real, but it is not bleak. I found it powerfully hopeful.
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[ profile] hp10k_showcase has begun posting fics! And the first is a Next Gen fic with a fantastic illustration by [ profile] raitala.

Title: The Path of Least Resistance
Author: [ profile] snegurochka_lee
Pairings: Teddy/Albus Severus. Past unrequited Teddy/James. Appearances by Harry and Luna.
Rating: R
Warnings: Substance abuse. Grieving after a major character death. Albus is 18.
Word count: 10,900
Summary: Teddy had been clean for barely thirteen weeks the night Albus landed on his doorstep, reminding him of everything he'd tried to leave behind. It's hard to mourn a loss when you can barely acknowledge it's happened. It's even harder when you think you're responsible for it.

Frankly, this is one of the best fics I've ever read. Not just the best next gen, not just the best of snegurochka_lee's, but really one of those special class of fics that will stay with you for years. It is not light, as is obvious from the warnings. But through all the desperation and pain of addiction and loss, I found it hopeful. Teddy knows that the potions are going to destroy him if he doesn't stop. He is trying, and that gave me what I needed to get through this fic with my heart intact. There are also wonderful Luna moments that break the tension and bring a much needed smile. Teddy, Al and James are all fully formed and unique. An amazing example of what next gen can offer.


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