Jun. 21st, 2013

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Some non-sterek fics to start off with:

Getting Schooled by veterization
Stiles/Peter | 23k | NC-17
Summary: Mr. Hale is a pretty creepy English teacher, Stiles thinks, but he also happens to have a great ass.
This is a classic "age-disparity teacher/student wrong, flithy, hot, omg... they are going to get caught what are they doing never stop" type fic. Peter is quite morally grey but more on the happy to seduce an underage boy, and the less serial killer type of ~grey. If this is your kink, it's a delicious read.

A Shot In The Dark by tsukinofaerii
Gen; Sheriff & Stiles| 20k | G
Summary: Sheriff Stilinski wanted it stated for the record that he wasn't an idiot. He knew Stiles was up to his ears in something. There were too many nights sneaking out or in, too many coincidences, too many fumbled silences for him not to realize something was up, and it was escalating.
It wasn't any of the usual things, but when whatever it was landed his son in the hospital with a bullet in his leg, it was the last straw.
Fantastic Sheriff-centric fic. It's a clever, plotty fic told through Sheriff's POV as he finally has too much of Stiles lies and just can't accept them any longer. Wonderful read and packed full of Stilinki Feels.
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oops... it's been awhile. There are a bunch, some have my comments, and some don't for no reason at all other than I made comments at the time I typed up the link.

Bought the T-Shirt by the_deep_magic
Derek/Stiles| 6k |NC-17
Summary:Stiles needs some help with a thing.
Just the right amount of first time awkwardness and believable reactions and dialogue for both of them. A perfect happy non-romantic ending to gloriously hot sex.

Looked So Exposed by GotTheSilver
Stiles/Derek | 2k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles is still here, he can hear him pacing, words being mumbled in the echoing caverns of the loft, and Derek’s so tired, doesn’t know if he has the energy to deal with the questions Stiles will inevitably have.

'Linski's Late Night Antidote To Lame by WhoNatural
Stiles/Derek | 13k | Pg-13
Summary: Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan. Also there's this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

Parallax by uraneia
Stiles/Derek | 10k | NC-17
Summary: With the pack (and Stiles) starting college, Derek is bored. He needs a hobby--or a job. Which is how he comes to model for Alpha Studios. He just never thought Stiles would end up working there too.

Check by the_deep_magic
Stiles/Derek | 3k | NC-17, sounding
Summary: Somewhere, Derek’s convinced, Stiles has a checklist, one that he’s been compiling since he hit puberty, of every single sexual act he’s ever wanted to try.

Tangible Disasters by FireEverything
Stiles/Derek | 6k | R
Summary: Derek has spent years deliberately refusing to flinch from fire. He’s not about to break the habit.
A perfect ‘what Stiles and Derek did on their summer vacation’ fic. Fits perfectly into canon. I loved it.

nothing ever promised tomorrow today by preromantics
Stiles/Derek | 11k | PG-13
Summary: When Stiles jumps the last two stairs and turns into the kitchen he’s got his mouth halfway open around “Morning, Mom,” before his dad folds down his paper at the kitchen table to look at him.
Stiles is toggling between two parallel universes, never quite knowing which he is waking up in until he spots either his mom or his dad at the kitchen table and it might be driving him a bit insane. I love the way this story is told, at times heartbreaking but so so beautiful and very engaging. While this could have been a 30k or 100k fic, I found the sharpness of the ‘quick scenes’ storytelling very satisfying.

state of readiness by girlguidejones
Stiles/Derek | 40k | NC-17
Summary: After barely defeating the Alpha pack, Derek is determined to give his own pack members the one-on-one training they need to ensure each is ready for the next enemy. He sets out with a goal of eliminating everyone's biggest weakness, but if he thought his pack would let self-improvement pass their Alpha by, he's sadly mistaken. When Stiles is chosen to mentor Derek, things between them change forever.
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You have a few hours left. I'm joining again this year. It's the last one, I couldn't possibly say no! Even though it will be a busy summer and agjdflgjfdljgsldjfgldfgj dI WILL TRY. #fuckyeahteamlust

In other news: [livejournal.com profile] claudine is hosting as Merlin/Arthur CANON PARTY

It's a bit of nostalgia old time Merlin/Arthur fics set in the Canon Era. (back when Canon didn't make you burst into tears and run for the nearest fluffy coffee house au. People are talking about why they love canon era fics, and reccing all their favs. Such a happy, lovely post. <3

Give The Dog A Bone by La_Temperanza ([livejournal.com profile] fuckyeah)
Merlin/Arthur | 13k | Nc-17, bestiality
Summary: Canon AU, set after season one--When Merlin is hit with the spell intended for Arthur, he turns into a more incompetent manservant than usual. Strangely enough, Arthur's not really complaining.
This fic hit all my kinks. Merlin gets turned into a dog and is at Arthur's side 'all the time' *cough* yup, plenty of bestiality, but it's a sweet, fun fic too. Very much reminds me of early Merlin/Arthur fics when they were both still so innocent and just getting to know each other.


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