May. 29th, 2013

marguerite_26: (TW- Team Spark Stiles)
This Might Hurt by scoutshonor
Stiles/Derek | 9k | Pg-13
Summary: Back in Beacon Hills, Derek starts to let himself look. At first it’s just a habit, scanning over Stiles like he does Lydia and Allison, checking for injury and anger and discontent. But as the weeks go on, days bleeding into days, he starts to notice what’s happening: Stiles’ face is getting dim again, bland and faraway, not just his expression but his features themselves. Derek remembers him in Yosemite, the distracting curve of his mouth and the warm amber of his eyes, the slope of his neck and the fall of his spine, how he was mesmerizing, sitting drinking coffee in the clear morning light. Now he looks like he’s been wrapped up in a fine layer of gauze, a bad photocopy of himself, blurred at the edges.

Dude, My Heart by DeCaStDe
Stiles/Derek | 5k | NC-17
Summary: Derek chases a mugger, gets a concussion, and makes a total failwolf out of himself. Stiles and his Dad look after him, and Stiles 'takes care' of him.......

five times Derek and Stiles weren't actually boyfriends (and one time they were) by HalfFizzbin
Stiles/Derek | 3k | PG-13
Summary: In which Derek and Stiles are essentially a married couple. Except they're not actually dating.

Last Call by grimm
Stiles/Derek | 6k | NC-17
Summary: He doesn’t come to The Beacon to pick up people. It’s precisely the reason why he doesn’t go anywhere else. People in this neighborhood know him, know he’s not interested in being hit on, which allows him to have a drink in peace. Derek knows he’s good-looking, but the type of people it attracts disgust him. At least other werewolves can smell the unfriendliness on him and stay away, but that doesn’t stop everyone. He went to a gay bar with his coworker Isaac once and it was horrifying.

Road Trips Were Made For Emergency Playlists by mysecretashes
Stiles/Derek; Allison/Scott ; Allison & Stiles friendship| 7k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles and Allison end up at the same college all the way across the country, and every summer they take a road trip back home.
This is their last.

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies
Stiles/Derek | 50k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Outlaw For My Love by sullymygoodname
Stiles/Derek | 40k | Pg-13
Summary:The sheriff suspects something going on between Stiles and Derek. Stiles is pretty adamant that that's ridiculous (little does he know that Derek might actually be interested). Meanwhile, there's a new monster in B-Hills, an old friend of the Stilinski family is back in town, and Derek is becoming a responsible adult. No, really.


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