May. 14th, 2013

marguerite_26: (TW- Team Spark Stiles)
In the last few weeks the [ profile] mating_games has been an absolute gold mine of well crafted short fics, and to my delight so many rare pairs! \o/

I’ve listed a handful of my favourite non-sterek fics from this fest so far. Mind the warnings! some of these are absolutely filthy. ;)

Want by theaeblackthor
Kate/Laura; Derek/Laura (unrequited) | 1.2k | Nc-17
Summary: "Kate," Laura says, by way of a greeting. She knows it's stupid, she knows it's wrong, but she just can't help herself. There's no love in her voice, she's like an addict that needs another fix even as she hates herself for it.
Kate's wearing a short skirt, and-- fuck, one of Derek's t-shirts. Laura can smell her brother on Kate from all the way over here.

Might Fit Like This by cheese
Allison/Chris | 1k | Nc-17, non-con
Summary: Once the dust settles on the death, fear, and pain of the past couple of years, it's just the two of them. And that's exactly what Allison wants.

Triad of Trust by eldee
Allison/Scott/Isaac | 1.4k | Nc-17
Summary:This is not something that Allison ever thought she'd do, but now that it's happening she's excited, though more than a little nervous. It's not just about sex, but a show of trust, and she doesn't want to mess it up.

A Wolf and his Boy by calrissian18
Scott/Stiles | 744 words | R
Summary:Scott knows that even with all the time they've spent apart, he's never stopped thinking of Stiles as his best friend. He's realizing that Stiles hasn't thought of him that way for a long time.

your lipstick (stains) by itachitachi
Lydia/Jackson | 753 words| R
Summary: When she pulls away, Jackson knows she's left a smear from the way she eyes his mouth. He licks his lips.

Into the Fold by olavina
Peter/Isaac | 750 words| Nc-17
Summary: Isaac is neglected in Derek's pack, but Peter wants him for his own.

A Drop of Novelty by Udunie
Peter/Stiles | 1.2k | Nc-17, WATERSPORTS
Summary:Stiles didn't think that Peter would do anything about the Thing.
He might have been a bit naive.

And if you want to read more from this fest, you can check out the Mating Games reveals Collection to find everyone who has de-anoned and reposted their fic to AO3.


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