May. 12th, 2013

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Flower by scoutshonor
Stiles Stilinski/Deucalion; Stiles/Derek | 14k | Nc-17
Summary:There’s a split second when Stiles doesn’t recognize him, when he’s just a taller, older man with sandy hair and broad shoulders, wrinkles just at the corners of his eyes.
I really liked that this started out as a simple ‘Stiles wants someone (anyone) to have sex with’ fic and he somehow stumbles into a relationship with Deucalion. It was oddly believable. And not nearly as angsty as it could have been. I really appreciated that Stiles was treated with respect the entire time, even while he played a very dangerous game.

The Art of Dying Well by kinneas
Stiles/Derek | 40k | Nc-17
Summary:"You said we're friends."

"Whoa, way to hold what a guy says in the heat of the moment against him," Stiles replies automatically, but... that's not what he wants to say, not at all, not to the quiet contemplation that is Derek Hale on his living room sofa. So he adds, "I guess, yeah."

Derek doesn't speak for a long moment. "Then it's inevitable."

"Wow," Stiles whistles, "you are the biggest downer."
This fic does a fantastic job keeping everyone very true to canon characterisation. It takes place right after S2 ended, with everyone dealing with the Alpha Pack, the rift between Scott and Derek, the huge question mark around Peter and Stiles being really done with life threatening situations.
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Title: Scott, Stiles and ComicCock
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Scott/Stiles
Word Count 1.4k
It starts mid-fuck scene. Sonja’s pornos always do. None of this credit shit, it’s like a Bond film -- Bam! Right into the action. It’s one of the (many, many) reasons she is their favorite porn star.

She’s on her knees, blowing a guy in a Batman suit. He’s apparently saved her from having her purse stolen and she’s very grateful. Enthusiastically grateful.

Author Notes: Written for a Movie Night Bonus Challenge at [ profile] mating_games.


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