May. 6th, 2013

marguerite_26: (TW- Team Spark Stiles)
an awful curse by leah k (blinkiesays)
Derek/Stiles | 6k | PG-13
Summary: Isaac is asleep in a chair. The angle of his neck makes Derek wince in sympathy.
"Isaac," Derek says.
Isaac snaps awake immediately.
"Where's Stiles?"
"Stiles?" Isaac asks.
Jesus. It's not like they know more than one.
I went fic diving last night and came across an absolute gem. I have no idea how I missed it, but given that it's got 2k+ kudos, obviously I'm the only one who has! I love fics where people’s memories have been fucked with and they struggle to discern what feelings are real or manufactured. Fantastic read.

I can smell it on your skin (I bet I can taste it in your blood) by brokentoy
Derek/Stiles | 10k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles’ cover is blown the day Derek gets hit by Allison’s arrow.
Broke my heart before fixing it again. Great Stiles tries to get rid of his pesky crush type fic

Fling by the_ragnarok
Stiles/Derek | 7k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles hates spending heats alone.
Very very hot A/B/O 'verse fic. Stiles is an Omega who is just looking for someone to help him out during heats. So like an A/O-with benefits type arrangement? IDEK. hot though!

By The Hour by janonny
Stiles/Derek | 16k | R
Summary: The one where Stiles thought Derek was a hooker who needed feeding, and Derek thought Stiles was interested in him.
Totally cracky, but I found it hilarious


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