Apr. 2nd, 2013

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I'm back from my week of insanity and have a few things to post about, but most importantly today is World Autism Awareness Day.

What is Autism?

Having a child with autism means your life is never your own ever again. And I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm proud of my son, of who he is, of who he is becoming. I want him to have the tools to deal with having autism but never take away what it is that makes him wonderfully unique: his sense of humour, his joie de vivre, his fascinating way of looking at the world.

Did you know: An estimated 1 out of 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States. (The numbers are very similar in Canada, though no recent Canadian stats are available)

24 facts about Autism
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In the grand tradition of the awesomeness of [livejournal.com profile] summerpornathon, there is now a Teen Wolf version!!!

Trust the Instinct and join us! Sign ups open NOW until April 11, 2013.


If you aren't sure what the hell this is, and frankly I GET THAT because it's not obvious unless you've participated in Merlin fandom's pornathon... It is an awesome writing challenge, very social and team oriented and not really very competitive. Mostly it's just LOTSA PORN == EVERYONE WINS.

You are split into teams, then given a writing challenge a week for 6 weeks. The prompt could be like: fuck or die! And you have a week(ish) to turn in 500-750 word fic with that theme. (any pairing!!! unless the challenge specifies otherwise. Like sometimes a prompt might be rare pairs or threesomes something).


The tight timeline and the fact that you need to submit ~something to get your participation points and it's anon often means you are thinking outside the box and the end result is that there's a lot of lulz but also GEMS. Every week there are standout fics that make you go: FUCK YEAH.

There are still fics I think back on and love from previous p-thon years even tho they are all < 750 words, there was always some serious brilliance. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS TYPE OF CHALLENGE.

Also - the whole team thing is super cool without being super competitive. You can encourage each other to write (and in this challenge DRAW for you artists out there) a little something every week while getting to know each other.

(((((*high fives TEAM LUST from p-thon*))))

anyway. just wanted to give you my 2 cents if any of you hadn't heard of this or were one the fence as to whether or not to do it.

It's a bit of a commitment. (Please don't be the person that signs up and never ever shows up) But if you want to stretch your writing/drawing talents in this new fandom and meet some pervy people this is any awesome way to do it.


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