Mar. 25th, 2013

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I had things to do this morning. SO MANY THIS. However, I booted up the old laptop this morning and discovered this and so basically I had to shift my priorities around (will spam you later with other stuff):

Originally posted by [ profile] gealach_ros at [pimping] The Wanking Comment Fest

YAY, [ profile] alby_mangroves is hosting:

>> The Wanking Comment Fest <<
Any fandom, any rating, any character or pairing as long as there's masturbation.
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I have so many recs to give you guys, it's actually a little overwhelming! So here's a bunch of AMAZING FICS and I might spam you with more later today.
Sterek Comic by slashpalooza

Somebody That I Used to Know by PercyByssheShelley
Stiles/Derek | 10k | R
Summary:Stiles and Derek have been together for months.
The trouble is, they weren't yesterday.

As soon as I read the summary I got all excited. An Alpha pack who can play with memories, trying to fuck up Derek’s shit? This scenario had to be played out and I love what the author did with it. I don’t want to give away too much but I will say that this premise is beautifully done, and Derek’s unreliable POV was perfectly written. One of my favourite fics to come out of this fandom.

Don't Speak by fatale
Stiles/Derek | 68k | Pg-13
Summary: The Alpha pack has been systematically attacking Stiles and his friends for months, testing their strengths and weaknesses. When one of the Alphas goes after Stiles and he's injured, he awakens in the hospital later to realize that something's wrong. Very wrong. How is he supposed to deal with the fact that he's lost the ability to communicate with his dad and his friends?
Without his ability to talk, his sarcasm, and his wit, what does Stiles even have left? Enter Derek, the only one who seems to make it better.

This was a WIP (now complete!) that I was waiting, impatiently, for it to finish so I could rec it. Stiles having to deal with his voice being taken away is amazing and heartbreaking to read. It's a great character journey for him and for the entire cast of characters.

When the Dust Settles (I'll Still Love You) by mysecretashes
Stiles/Derek | 23k | NC-17
Summary:Stiles had imagined his first time many different ways, but never like this.
This is a fantastic (and crazy hot) Fuck or Die, but with a twist. There’s plot and complicated feelings and aftermath and all kinds of supernatural shit happening. It’s a great well rounded fic that takes a deeper look at an old trope and how it could potentially mess up two already vulnerable people.


Only To Find I've Come Alive by FireEverything
Boyd/Isaac/Erica | 3k | NC-17
Summary:It starts when she says yes, even though she knows she should be saying no.
I love this author’s work so this was an automatic click for me. I went into expecting threesome porn, instead i found a fantastic character study of Erica! WIN! This is a wonderful look at Erica’s POV from pre-bite through to the bitter end. (yes, I’m bitter). Anyway, great look at her new found strength, her disillusionment with Derek and the dynamic of three virtual strangers (her, Boyd and Isaac) all thrown into the chaos of Derek’s life.
Spot on canon characterisation in everyone.
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Fall by sociallyinept
Derek/Stiles | 8k | NC-17
Summary: Derek learns to let go of old ghosts as he builds new memories.
I just clicked this fic on a whim and yeah.. it’s awesome. I really loved the description of Derek’s journey. It’s a beautiful quiet fic, all in Derek’s POV as we see the memories of his past -- what makes him who he is. And see his future, the slow healing as he finds himself again. It’s a wonderful read. Hello new author who I must stalk now.


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