Mar. 13th, 2013

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Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts by zosofi
Stiles/Derek | 38k | Pg-13
Summary: Derek is fifteen when he dies. He's been fifteen for six years when he meets Stiles.
And then suddenly... suddenly things start looking up.

In Other Words, Baby, Kiss Me by primroseshows
Stiles/Derek | 61k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles has simple goals in life. To successfully complete his secret radar project without getting fired, to get a cottage on the Moon, and to untangle his mess of feelings for Moon Station 3 deputy, Derek Hale. Heck, he'll even settle for two of the three.

Broken Sundown by olavina
Stiles/Derek | 19k | NC-17
Summary: Punk rock star Derek Hale is irritated when his new roommate in rehab turns out to be squeaky-clean Stiles Stilinski, the drummer for the hottest boy band in the U.S. Not even his favorite gay romance novel can distract him from what follows. Rock star AU, angst and addictions, alpha!Derek, mates.

Promises, Promises by blue_fjords
Stiles/Derek | 5k | PG-13
Summary: In which the makers of Dove's Promises are trying to tell Derek Things. Important Things. And Stiles likes what they're saying.

The Dirtiest Thing You Know by Nanoochka
Stiles/Derek | 17k | R
Summary: Not to be a girl about it or anything, but Stiles always expected his first time to be something tender and slow. Special, and with someone he cared about. That isn’t how it happened.

Motivation by the_ragnarok
Stiles/Derek | 2k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles gets a workout.

Politics of a Scandal by qhuinn (tekla)
Stiles/Derek | 17k | NC-17
Summary: The one where Stiles is the hottest new media consultant in the business and Laura Hale desperately needs his services. She's about to launch a campaign for Governor of California and her brother, Derek, is a media nightmare waiting to happen.

Safe Space by JenNova
Stiles/Derek | 5k | NC-17
Summary: Three times Derek caught Stiles jerking off in the Jeep on the Preserve.


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