Mar. 10th, 2013

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[ profile] hd_fan_fair has announced the 2013 theme:

Harry/Draco Book Fair

What a 'book fair' means:

For H/D Book Fair we'd love for you to come up with prompts, write stories, create arts or record podfics that are inspired by one (or more) of the
over 100 books mentioned in canon
or the books found at Pottermore.

That can mean that one of the books makes an appearance in your story/art. It can mean that a location, an incident, or a character from one of the books play a part in your story/art. Or it can mean that a spell, potion, and/or item featured in one of the books has a vital role in your story/art.

Creating your story/art may take a bit of research and creativity to discover or invent the content of lesser known books mentioned in canon. Or you just go with one of the books that we all know - Moste Potente Potions, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Hogwarts: A History, Quidditch through the Ages, for example – and create a story/art that in some way involves this book. You may also write an adaptation of or a cross-over with any of the books mentioned in HP canon.

Check out the H/D Book Fair Rules with example prompts.

Fest Timeline:
Prompting: May 29 through June 7
Claiming: June 12 through June 28
Fic and Art due: August 31
Posting starts: September 26
Big Reveal: November 1

Come watch the comm!


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