Feb. 8th, 2013

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A Fever Moon by listedheart
Stiles/Danny | 4.6k | NC-17
Summary: Danny has only ever been human, and he’s pretty sure there’s meant to be some kind of rule, an unwritten moral code of the gay scene: you are not obligated to be every straight boy’s experiment, you should leave them to work through their confusion alone. The thing is, though, Danny is one of just two guys who are out and proud in the whole school. Beacon Hills is a small town.
A sweet and hot first time fic between Stiles and Danny. I loved Stiles taking Danny a bit by surprise.

Every You, Every Me by Saucery
Stiles/Lydia, Stiles/Peter | 3k | NC-17, NON CON
Summary: It's the new plan.
Found this in my never ending search for dirtywrong Peter/Stiles. It's quite different. The focus is Stiles/Lydia, but really Lydia hasn't been herself since she was bit by Peter. Stiles realizes too late that maybe he should have been a lot more suspicious about that. Warnings for Non-con, D/s themes, mindcontrol.

Kryptonite and Prey by Llama
Stiles/Peter | 2k | NC-17
Summary: Stiles has his own 'superpower', but sometimes he forgets the implications of that.
This is an awesome pervy Stiles/Peter series. I hope there are a dozen more fics to it because I'm in LOVE. Peter has knowledge that Stiles wants -- just how much is Stiles willing to trade for information. Bruise kink. Predator/Prey kink. Dub con. HOT AS FUCK.
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This afternoon was AN AWESOME AFTERNOON for Teen wolf rarepairs! \o/

Let me flail at you about these two fics:

Don't Bite by [livejournal.com profile] melusinahp
Derek/Scott/Kate | 3k | NC-17, non-con
Summary: Kate had Scott and Derek exactly where she wanted them.
I’ve always loved Kate for the pleasure she takes in the most carnal acts. This fic slips neatly into S1 canon with Derek captured and Scott trying to free him, getting captured as well. Kate takes full advantage of the situation. Scott is wonderful here, very righteous and as in canon, never wanting anyone hurt or killed and Kate uses that weakness to get exactly what she wants. It’s non-con (ie: Kate forces Derek/Scott) but it’s the sort of non-con that leaves a mess of embarrassment and guilt, but as a reader I didn’t leave me feeling wrecked like some non-con can.

Scratch by [livejournal.com profile] fluffyllama
Peter/Stiles | 1.7k | R
Summary: Stiles isn't waiting for Peter to visit him again. Not at all.
(Stands alone with minimal reading between the lines, but it follows on from Kryptonite and Prey, which I recced earlier today)
I’ve been loving this series. I clapped when this new one popped up because OMG YES! then I read it and it was even better than the first two. EVEN BETTER. Mind blown.


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