Jan. 16th, 2013

Merlin rec

Jan. 16th, 2013 09:17 am
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There is so much gorgeous art floating around tumblr that I hardly know what to rec here. But this in particular is just stunning. And D: I can't figure out if the artist's name is listed anywhere? but their work is amazing. The artist's name is Elna. :)

Paint the World Orange and Blue by ingberry
Merlin/Arthur [Nc-17] (17k)
Summary: Armed with pen, paper and mugs of tea, Merlin created a relatively successful series of graphic novels. Armed with determination, sarcasm and more tea, he signs a deal with Pendragon Pictures to turn his first novel into a film. Merlin's relationship with Arthur Pendragon starts with TWO (2) slammed doors and ONE (1) severely bruised ego, but that's not at all how it ends.
This is such a lovely romance. I love the premise behind it, Merlin having created something amazing and dear to him and now needing to give up some level of control over his work and let someone else (Arthur) bring it to life. Sweet and beautifully written.

ALSO! [livejournal.com profile] camelotremix sign ups are open. I think there's three more days to sign up. I'm very tempted, but still undecided.
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First! Happy birthday to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] fuzzytomato02! ♥ Hope your day is filled with all the best luck.

I Walked with You Once Upon a Dream by afullrevolution
Derek/Stiles | 8k | PG-13
Summary: Stiles has already seen his future and is confused about his past (it's all a bit like dreaming). Scott is just trying to help and Derek doesn't know what is going on, but is more than willing to go with it.
This fic is so fascinating! (thx to [livejournal.com profile] otta_ff for pointing me to it!) I can’t say enough about it. Stiles doesn't live in chronological order. Or maybe he's already lived through this life once??? Anyway, his timeline of what is happening atm is constantly messed up because he never knows what stage of his life he’s in. It’s like a mix of a story told backwards and an amnesia fic and jumping into an alternate universe all in one. Er. But better than that because the story is so well told and told through Derek’s pov as he tries to figure out what is happening with this weird Stiles kid who sometimes acts like he knows Derek WAY more than he actually does.

Promises aren't Meant to be Broken by korynnvictoria
Derek/Stiles | 12k | PG-13
Summary: “Thanks for saving me,” Stiles blurts out, staring up at Laura, wide eyed.
Laura grins. “I like you,” she says, “we’ll be friends.”

I love these AUs that just switch things up a bit (in this case, Laura and Derek are twins only a couple yrs older than Stiles). The trickle down effect of the change is really fascinating and makes a universe that I want to live in for a few hours.


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